“Once upon a time in a quiet town on an empty street there was a beautiful magic music box. And inside the music box lived a girl, a girl so innocent, so pretty, but so alone. And she would sit everyday on her pedestal day and night. And she would dream of the moment when someone would find her, someone with the key to the music box. And she would think ‘someone who would watch me dance forever more and maybe just maybe that someone would be my true love, and he would find a way to free me and show me the whole wide world, and maybe just maybe, we would live happily everafter’. And so, on that cold winter’s night in that quiet town on that empty street the girl went back inside her music box where she continues to wait for her true love. But she knows deep down in her heart that when the time comes that he’ll find her. And when he does he will love her until the end of time. But until then a dream will do just fine. So hold fast to your dreams, my darling. Never lose sight of your dreams. “