rules: write the first ten songs that come up on shuffle (no skipping) and quote your favourite lyric from each song then tag 10 people
I was tagged by @vollgayball, thank you soooo much, I love sharing music! ♡

1. phantom limb - the shins
So we just skirt the hallway sides, | A phantom and a fly, | Follow the lines and wonder why | There’s no connection.

2. daydreamer - young the giant
Open your eyes and breathe | Everything’s in its right place | But nothing in gold can stay | Just tell me you know my face

3. lonesome dreams - lord huron
I’ve been dreaming again of a lonesome road | Where I’m lost and I’ve got no friends | Just the rocks and the trees | And my lonesome dreams | And a road that’ll never end

4. heart - baths
Met in the night like it was wrong | Laugh at the life left now that we’re gone | I won’t go back | I won’t go back | I love you too much

5. boardwalks - little may
Cause’ we are not afraid of who we are but of what we have become, | And we are not afraid of what’s to be when this road has just begun, | So we will turn our backs and close the doors for the last time,

6. under control -  the strokes
We were young, darling | We don’t have no control | We’re out of control

7. the reeling - passion pit
And I believe in gentle harmony | How I loathe all this obscenity | Is the way my life’s got to be | By a single opportunity

8. wild - royal teeth
Don’t you think it’s time for you and me to make some history | Tell me now what you say cause we can take anything

9. salt - bad suns
So I ran ‘til I couldn’t & I screamed, until my voice was gone | I believed what I shouldn’t have, I don’t know why

10. origins - tennis
Sensitive heart, you’re doomed from the start | Meant to play the penitent part | Inquisitive mind, you’re destined to find | Tempted fate and knowledge divine

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