‘At night, Lance dreams of blue oceans and bluer skies, while Pidge dreams of a lost brother.

At night, Hunk dreams of a galaxy too vast for a planet too small, as Keith relives a past he can’t remember.

And at night, Shiro is lost to his dreams in a field of static, endless white. (The lost paladin.)’

The complete set!! minus shiro  It was interesting to note how their outlook might have changed as they grew up? Click for higher res!

Might I just say @mortemistrata that I was a little unsure about this prompt at first, but I had so much fun writing this! 

“Good morning, Keith.”

Keith froze with one eyebrow arched. He slowly studied the brunet in front of him. “No ‘mullet’ this morning?”

“That would be rude,” Lance said, lips curled into a frown.

Keith’s face fell until he was matching the brunet’s expression. “Are you okay?” He zeroed in on small details, like the way Lance’s normally tan skin looked slightly washed out or the dark, bruised circles under Lance’s almost lifeless eyes.

“Of course.” Lance replied, tone even. “We should go before we are late to breakfast.”

Keith absently nodded, brows furrowed deeply, as he followed the brunet into the dining hall.

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anxiety-pidgeon-deactivated2017  asked:

ok ok for the langst thing, lance is having a bad day or something and someone (you can decide who) gives him a hug and he jus breaks down sobbing because it reminds him of his mom (going off of the moment at the party when he says he misses his moms hugs) sorry this is badly written bYE

*folds hands nicely* thank you for your ask


- Lets start with the leader of the group and space dad, shiro. He finds Lance sulking in the observatory with a look on his face Shiro hasn’t seen on the blue paladin before. He looks tired, but not just tired, exhausted. In every meaning of the word. Shiro himself is used to the feeling but seeing it on such a carefree positive soul hurts his heart. He walks over to Lance and sits down next to him, hesitant to put his hand on Lance’s shoulder, and only then does the blue paladin come out of his homesick trance.

With a quick plastered on smile and tired eyes, he greets Shiro and though his voice holds no annoyance, Shiro can tell Lance doesn’t want him there. Doesn’t want to burden him, or worry him with his own stupid problems. The ache in Shiro’s heart grows and he hesitates to get closer, he doesn’t know Lance that well but he knows he needs someone and its Shiro’s job and a leader and family member to reassure him. (Also Lance staring out into space reminded Shiro of a heartbroken puppy, needing love and affection)

He pulls Lance into a slightly awkward hug. But once he hears the paladin sob and bury his face in his shoulder, it becomes bone-crushing. Lance then clutches back and weeps while weakly trying to tell Shiro about everything, his homesickness, his insecurities, his feelings. Shiro can’t understand but he just rubs Lance’s back and shushes him. Promising everything would be okay and never letting him go.

- Next is Hunk, the yellow paladin had woken up early from a bad dream he cant even remember and decided he should just have breakfast early instead of uselessly trying to go back to sleep.

A giant empty castle is not only lonely but creepy too, so naturally, he decides to wake up Lance. They were close enough that Hunk wouldn’t be anxious about bothering him and he could make it up to him by cooking something if he really disturbed his friend’s beauty sleep. When he gets to his room he doesn’t waste his time knocking, knowing his friend would have Pidge’s headphones on to help him sleep. He opens the door and almost does a double take on what he sees.

Lance sitting up with his pillow crushed in his embrace, weeping into the fabric and shaking violently. Hunk assumes Lance had the same problem as him and had a nightmare and immediately acts. Grabbing a pillow with one hand and stroking Lance’s hair with the other, the yellow paladin had his friend in his arms, one arm cradling his back whilst the other still stroked his hair comfortingly.

He began to reassure Lance that they all had nightmares and it was okay to talk to him. He started listing the blurry details of the dream he had before Lance coughed out a sob, weeping hard enough to struggle breathing. Hunk tries to soothe him for a while and after a few minutes Lance’s sobbing calmed down to gasping breaths. His grip on Hunk’s shoulders turn harsh and tells him it wasn’t a dream. Hunk freezes and asks what it was that made him cry. Lance whispers, “Myself.”

- Now we have Pidge, working hard on her computer whilst everyone is sleeping. Or should be. After a few hours when Pidge’s eyes start to sting from staring at a screen for so long, the mice come to her acting more frantic then usual. She asks them whats wrong (as if they could answer) before she realizes two of them are missing. Assuming the worst, she gets up and asks the remaining mice to guide her to the others. They run off into the dark halls and Pidge certainly didn’t expect what she found.

Lance, curled up with tears in his eyes, quietly venting to the mice on his shoulder and in his hair (seemingly trying to comfort him) Pidge listens in to hear him crying over his family, and the way he talks of his siblings reminds her of her own. She realizes how much of a brother Lance has been to him over their time in space and clutches her sweatshirt as he begins to speak about his flaws and insecurities. She listens and listens and knows she shouldn’t but she can’t help but eavesdrop and let guilt fill her as she hadn’t been a good little sister to the blue paladin as he was to her.

At one point she cant listen anymore and practically collapses onto Lance, frantically apologizing and sympathizing with his longing for his family. She rambles and rambles, afraid when she stops Lance will yell at her for listening to things that weren’t her business. But sometime through her rant, Lance’s hand comes up to stroke her hair and she stops instantly. Looking up at the boy she saw tears pouring from his eyes, seemingly not affecting the growing smile on his face. A smile that showed…relief. They continue to vent to each other, crying in each others arms.

- And last but not least, Keith. Going off to the training room as he did everyday, he noticed something off, the sounds of metal clanging and laser shots came from within. Once he opened the door, he saw Lance training, but he wasn’t the same as the goofy paladin he argued with that morning. That paladin always had a smile on his face, tries to find a joke in every situation to lighten the mood but this paladin was not him. This paladin, let out an aura of frustration. His everything just screamed with anger, lack of patience, and spite.

Keith was snapped out of it when the gladiator landed a nasty kick to Lance’s side and watched his paladin fly back with a yelp of pain. He flinched when the blue paladin yelled out with frustration and practically growled, “End the simulation.” Keith was about to step in when Lance grabbed his bayard only to throw it against the wall with a shout.

Keith coughed in an attempt to grab his attention but it went unnoticed as his teammate picked his bayard back up and ordered the simulation to start again. Keith crossed his arms and waited, watched Lance hastily aim all around his enemy but only landing two shots. Usually the paladin kept his cool, was patient when aiming for the right shot but here he was, well, a lot more like Keith. Right before the gladiator landed another nasty hit, Keith took action.

“End simulation!”

Lance whipped around and saw Keith, arms crossed with an angry look on his face. Well, he almost always looked angry but here he was obviously thinking. Hard.

Probably judging how awful Lance was at fighting. And after a solid minute of silence, Lance couldn’t take it anymore.

“Don’t just stand there! Go on! Tell me what a fuck up i am!”

Keith’s expression dropped.

“When will I be good enough for you?! For anyone!” His voice wavered as he yelled at the ground. Then he gave up, and let the tears fall. Keith slowly walked towards his friend before letting a few tears of his own fall.

“You always were.” And he pulled Lance into a hug that was instantly returned.

Voltron Music Headcanon AKA Lance and Shiro start a band

• so one day Team Voltron (finally) has a day to rest and Shiro and Lance are just sitting in the common room.

• Lance absentmindedly starts humming the beginning to a song (I personally imagine that it’s Floral and Fading by Peirce the Veil. I’m just putting that out there.)

• Shiro starts tapping along to it

• Lance starts singing the lyrics and it is BEAUTIFUL.

• Shiro’s heard Lance “sing” to annoy Keith (He chased Keith through the entire castle singing MCR horribly out of key in a Heavy Metal voice, it was as impressive as it was hilarious), but in reality, saying “Lance had the voice of an angel” is an insult to Lance. Holy quiznak, Lance can sing.


• They finish the song and Shiro pulls a General Shang being all like “You… You sing good.”

• Lance: Thanks, Shiro!


• Lance jokingly tells Shiro that they should start a band.

• Shiro seriously thinks starting a band is a great idea.

• Lance mentions the fact that the castle wouldn’t have any instruments to use.

• “Hey Coran, would the Olkari be able to make musical instruments?”

• “Of course!”

• Lance secretly makes Coran SWEAR not to tell Allura or Keith what they’re doing.

• Shiro and Lance ask Allura to make a wormhole to Olkarion. When questioned why, Lance bullshits a detailed “explanation” as to why Lance and Shiro need to be there.

• Allura buys the whole thing and Lance and Shiro are off to Olkarion.

• “Lance, why did you lie to the Princess?”

• “Dude, you can TOTALLY use this as a way to woo her into falling in love with you!”

• “With me? I thought YOU were the one who wanted to be with the Princess.”

• “I like her and everything, but I KNOW you have feelings for her, so I’m gonna help you lock it up, dude! Bros before Hoes, right?” (In truth, Lance wants to woo Keith instead because he’s been pining for him for a while. Everybody but Keith and Shiro are aware of this.)

• “Whoa, don’t call her a hoe!”

• “Case in point!”

• They get to Olkarion and they describe the equipment they’ll need, along with additional instruments they want to have just in case (drumset, guitar, bass, mics, amps, etc.) as best as they can.

• Lance is surprisingly eloquent with the descriptions. The instruments the Olkari make are better than anything found on Earth. Lance tells the Gibson guitar company to eat their fucking hearts out

• Hunk and Pidge HAPPEN to be in the hangar when they return.

• Shiro freezes as the Green and Yellow Paladins spot him walking out of his lion with a fucking bass drum in his hands

• “Don’t tell Allura.” says Shiro looking like a deer in the lights of an oncoming bus

• “…Or Keith” adds Lance sharing the same expression as the Black Paladin

• Pidge and Hunk look at each other for a moment. “Why not?” Asks Pidge.

• Lance tells them the plan of forming a band to win the affections of Keith and Allura.

• “How about we join the band and help you?” Says Hunk.

• “Deal” says Lance and Shiro in unison.

• Pidge finds a completely soundproof room in the castle and watches the security cams so they won’t get noticed by Allura. (Keith spends all his time in the training room, so he won’t be a problem)

• They successfully metal gear solid all the equipment to the room without getting caught by Allura. They spend an hour in the room rehearsing.

• Lance is on Lead Guitar and Vocals (Lance’s guitar solos are what dreams are made of.)

• Hunk is on Bass and backup vocals (okay, listen to a song with vocals only and tell me the bass guitar isn’t important you fricks.)

•side note: they also sing lead vocals for Paramore songs, which they are surprisingly good at.

• Shiro is on drums. (Shiro sweats a lot when he plays, so he doesn’t wear a shirt. He also does that thing where he twirls one of the drumsticks while he plays with one hand. Because of course he can. Space Dad can do anything.)

• Coran calls Allura and Keith to the common room

• They start playing Dear Maria, Count Me In by All Time Low the moment Keith and Allura walk through the door.

• During the verses of the song, Lance gets up close and personal with Keith as he sings, hitting him with the smolder™ (he brings his fucking A-GAME. Puffed up chest, confident grin, the occasional hair flip, and “fuck me” eyes that gave a whole new meaning to “if looks could kill”.)

• Homosexuality, thy name is Keith.

• Shiro decides to wink at Allura, as well as mouth the words “dear Allura, count me in” during the chorus.

• rip allura

• once the song is over, Allura compliments Shiro and caNNOT STOP STARING AT HIS CHEST. She kisses him on the cheek and tells him she really enjoyed it and that they should do this more often. (Obviously, she doesn’t know that that sounds really sexual. OR DOES SHE?)

• rip shiro

• the space parents become a flustered, giggly mess. Shiro pulls her into a passionate kiss. Not only that but Allura is also pulled into his sweaty rock hard chest.

• rip allura part 2: electric boogaloo

• Keith starts violently making out with Lance, and they do that thing where they walk and make out at the same time until they get to the hangar, where Keith (who’s still getting all icky-sticky with Lance) knocks on red’s foot so she’ll open up.

• they “have a bonding moment” in the cockpit.

• Red is… Surprisingly okay with this development.

• they do the walk of shame™ back to the common room

• Lance [internally]: I have no shame. This is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me.

• when they return to the common room, everyone is applauding them. Because red and blue finally made purple. They finally did the mambo with their clothes off. They finally did the bedroom rodeo. They finally did whatever fucking euphemism for sex Pidge could think of.

• Hunk bakes Keith and Lance a “congrats on the sex” cake the very next day.

• this becomes a common occurrence within the castle (the performances, not the sex. Okay, also the sex. You get the point.)

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If smol!Shiro had a nightmare, who's room would he be most likely to go to? <3

Honestly, it depends on whose room little Shiro finds first.

Keith is already awake.

Maybe it’s the sound of his door swishing open that wakes him. Maybe it’s the patter of little feet, quick-step panicked in the hall outside. Maybe it’s the hitched breath from the room next door, caught in a terrified throat. Maybe it’s a noise cut off before Keith even fully hears it.

Whatever the reason, Keith’s already awake. He sleeps facing the door, so he doesn’t shift more than a blink, asleep one second and fully awake the next.

“Shiro?” Keith asks.

The little figure in the doorway sniffles. Shiro’s clutching the blanket from his room in his one hand, tiny fingers worrying the fabric close to his mouth and muffling his words so badly Keith almost can’t make them out.

“‘cn I sleep with you?” is what Shiro whispers. The panel of lights around Keith’s bunk just illuminate the wet tear tracks on Shiro’s little cheeks.

“Of course you can,” Keith says, softly, and rolls over to make room.

The barest whisper of “Lance?” from the doorway wakes Lance immediately. It takes a second for the shadow in his room to clarify through a sleep-fogged brain: Shiro, blanket gripped in his hand and to his mouth like it’s a lifeline. Easily three-quarters of the enormous blanket drag on the floor behind him. Like Shiro’s pajamas, it’s too big.

Shiro hiccups, stuttering. He’s shaking, little shadow quivering against the floor. “I - I’m - ”

“Come sit with me, chico,” Lance offers gently, and peels back his own blankets so Shiro can clamber in.

“Bad dream?” is what Hunk asks when Shiro finally wakes him, tugging again and again on his pajama sleeve until Hunk snores himself awake. Hunk’s a little harder to wake than the other Paladins, maybe: a fact he’s aware of, and something that’s never truly bothered him until just now.

Shiro nods, sniffling. He’s trembling, mostly visible in his shoulders and in the blanket clung tightly to his chest, covering his little mouth. Even so he’s absolutely dwarfed by all the fabric; how he got all the way from his room to here without tripping over the comforter is nothing short of a minor miracle.

“C’mhere,” Hunk says, quietly, and sits all the way up to pull Shiro right into his arms, blanket and all. “You can stay with me tonight.”

Consider, though: if this is a time where Shiro still doesn’t know where everything in the Castle is, a time when he’s awake and alone and too scared to try new doors. His little feet might carry him somewhere he’s already been, somewhere he does know, padding out into the hall with the blanket his only witness as it trails behind.

Pidge is sound asleep at her workstation, glasses askew, computer blinking coded text. Shiro doesn’t care about what the computer’s saying, or the project peeled apart on her desk. He just drags his massive blanket up into her lap and curls up with her. The blanket tumbles down over their feet, bulky and warm. Pidge mumbles something, maybe, and curls around him just as easily. She doesn’t wake. Shiro snuggles in, too, and slowly but surely calms down.

Coran finds them there the next morning.

All of this, of course, is assuming none of them hear Shiro and his nightmare first.

Day Four: Insomnia/Nightmares

Day four of @vldangstweek. It got sappy at the end lol

He never could sleep, not anymore.

He tried, he really did. Drank warm Yellmore milk, watched old movies, read older books, tried counting smeckledorfs jumping over the juniberry bushes. But none of it worked; if anything, he was left more awake each time.

The closest he got to rest anymore were short cat naps, in various places about the castle, sprawled over the couch snoring in the middle of the afternoon for a dobash or two, or curled up in the library. One time Hunk found him face down on the kitchen table snoring into a puddle of drool.

But Coran hadn’t gotten a full night of sleep since he and Allura had been woken from their cryostasis sleep.

Maybe it was because he had spent 10,000 years asleep. Coran figured that was enough to keep anyone going for at least a week. Maybe it was the need to fix the ship, keep it from falling apart, because it was “hella old,” as Lance had put it.

Or maybe it was the nightmares he had when he slept for longer than half an hour, the way he saw the faces of his husband and children screaming as their planet died, the way he had to watch fire rain down on his village time and time again, the teary eyed face of King Alfor, shoving him into a pod alongside Allura so that he could guide her when she woke. The way he could no longer smell juniberries, but instead smelled burning flesh and heard the sound of a kingdom crumbling at the feet of a maniac.

He wasn’t the only one who couldn’t sleep, he knew that. He found Pidge awake more often than not, weary over her laptop and bags under her eyes carrying more baggage than someone her age should. He would sit next to her when he ran across her, help her with what she was working on until she dozed off, and then would cover her in a blanket and go back to his rounds.

Keith liked to hit the training deck when he couldn’t sleep, taking down bot after bot with such fury that it kind of scared Coran. He spotted him, most of the time not even telling the boy he was there, just watching from the observation deck, making sure he didn’t hurt himself. Keith was good about leaving when he was exhausted, though, and Coran rarely had to intervene.

Hunk found cooking soothing when he couldn’t sleep, and he was fairly open to discussing his nightmares with Coran while he bustled around the kitchen, making better food than Coran could ever hope to. Hunk dreamed about the Galra attacking Earth, attacking his mothers, or coming back to Earth to find that everyone he loved had died. One time, Coran found him sobbing into a bowl of goo, and he sat there with the yellow paladin, hugging him firmly until he calmed down into a mess of sniffles and eventual soft snores.

Coran rarely ran into Shiro or Allura, though he knew from their weary eyes that they never got much sleep either. He had a suspicious feeling that they had started to keep each other company when they weren’t able to sleep.

Lance almost always found his way to the observation room, pulling up the hologram of Earth and staring out at the stars as they drifted lazily through space. Sometimes he would join Hunk in the kitchen, or supply Pidge with a juice box, or, even more rare, Keith with a sparring partner, but most often he was watching the stars. He never spoke about his nightmares, but Coran saw the tear tracks down his face more than once.

He never pushed.

Coran had grown to learn that humans would close up even more if pushed to share their emotions when they didn’t want to, so he gave them space. Ask once, receive a no, ask, “Are you sure?” and then don’t continue. Just be there.

He’d had all of the paladins ask him at least once if he was okay, if he slept, because they always ran into him in the wee hours of the morning when sleep should have hit all. He always said he was fine, joked about having slept for 10,000 years. He knew it didn’t work on any of them; they were all too smart, too empathetic.

If he was honest, he was glad they were perceptive like that. Those days when he would smell something that Hunk had accidentally burned, and he would flashback on his burning family, his dying friends, would freeze and be caught in his own emotions. The days when Lance would flirt, however subtly, with an alien, or whenever they went back to the Balmera and he saw Hunk with Shay, and he would picture his husband’s cobalt eyes in his mind, filled with terror and acceptance.

On those days, they noticed. They noticed when he froze, when he slumped, when he seemed to break, and they all paused whatever it was they were doing to bounce up to him, to clap him on the back, and offer to go do something.

They started finding him at night when they couldn’t sleep, rather than him wandering in on them. Keith, asking for pointers on footwork, Lance joining in to ask questions about hand to hand combat. Hunk, seeing if he would help him translate a recipe that he had found in an old Altean cookbook. Pidge, wondering if he could help her with some upgrades to the lions.

They found him, and as a group, or a pair, or a trio, or however many were awake, they would cluster together, be insomniacs together.

Slowly, Coran found himself able to sleep longer. His husband burning turned to his husband smiling, his children crying to his children getting swept up in his arms, giggles abound. Images of the paladins, playing with his kids, laughing, joking, Lance giving piggyback rides and Keith smiling at bad jokes that Hunk was telling, Pidge teaching the eldest one things that could probably get someone arrested.

The nightmares started drifting away, coming fewer and farther between, and Coran found that he could at least get through the day again, even when he couldn’t sleep through the night.

Welcome To The Paladins

The earth quake had been so sudden, with no warning before hand.
It only lasted a few minutes, the damage done was massive.
A large crack in the ground seemed to cut the tiny village in half right down the centre.
Most had the sense to evacuate, grabbing what they could before leaving their homes forever before they were swallowed by the earth.
However there were some that stayed.
Some who sat by the crack waiting for their families to return.
Hoping they would still be alive.
One such person was a young teenager, big for his age but still very young at heart.
He sat nervously at the edge of the crack waiting for his parents to come for him.
The hours ticked by and many families did return for their lost children.
Soon it was just Hunk sat there alone.
Night came all too quickly bringing an intense darkness along with it.
Hunk huddled in on himself shivering from both fear and the cold.
He was so very tired that he wasn’t even aware the ground was crumbling beneath him until he was already falling.
The impact has hard and painful with jagged pieces of rock shattering his arm.
Hunk screamed in agony clutching his limp arm as though that might ease the pain.
As he screamed he didn’t notice as the rocks started to flow around him, illuminating a crystal filled cavern dotted with specks of blood.
Hunks blood.
Hunk was duly aware of the light and if he wasn’t in so much pain likely would of stared in wonder as a woman’s form was created from the light.
She slowly walked over to him placing her hand on his arm causing the pain to fade away like a bad dream.
Hunk looked up at her and she smiled.
She couldn’t speak but somehow Hunk just knew her name was Bulmera.
She told him that he would die down here unless he accepted her gift and held out a small yellow crystal to him.
Of course Hunk accepted, taking the crystal with his good hand.
No sooner had he touched the cool surface did the change begin.
It felt like he was being wrapped up in a warm hug as the crystals from the ground joined with his skin.
It didn’t hurt.
In fact it felt safe, like home.
The change was slow, lasting days. Building layer upon layer of crystal like skin covering Hunks body.
However to Hu k it felt like mer seconds.
When the change was complete Hunk climbed out of the crack his body now unbreakable and shimmering in the sun light.
He didn’t say good bye to Balmera. He didn’t have to.
She was apart of him now and always would be.
There to protect him.
There to keep him from breaking again.

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Shklance for motivation? :D

Apparently I got this message a few days ago but I completely forgot what it was about? I’m sorry D: So I wrote a drabble for you instead. Hope this is okay!

Shiro let his feet do all the work. Automatic like a well-oiled machine, he ran down the flight of stairs as fast as he could. It wasn’t terribly far away, just three stories down. As soon as he was out of the building, he dragged himself to the wooden bench by the sidewalk, watching the empty road. It was nearly three in the morning, no cars would come up in this residential neighborhood any time soon.

Left leg shaking uncontrollably, Shiro let his head fall forward, hands coming up to hold his temples as fingers coiled tightly against his hair.

“It’s fine, it’s fine. I’m fine. This is okay. We’re- I’m fine. It’s okay.”

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Thanks, bro. 

Rating: T
Word Count: 1,600+
Pairing: Heith

“Can we get two beers?”

The bartender nodded and smiled before grabbing a couple of glasses. Amber-colored liquid poured from the tap into each glass, with bubbles collecting into white foam at their brims. She gingerly placed the cold drinks in front of two young men, both a few years shy of the legal drinking age.

They thanked her under their breath. One instantly reached over and took a gulp, while the other cupped the drink in his hands and looked down at it with guilty eyes.

Keith wiped his mouth with a sleeve and huddled in close to his friend to whisper, “Can you stop being so obvious?”

Hunk, who had been hunched over and making himself small, suddenly sat at attention and loosened the grip on his glass. “I know– I’m trying to be cool– But it’s hard,” he stammered.

“You can start by actually drinking your beer,” Keith suggested.

“Right, right.” Hunk brought the edge of the glass to face, hesitating as the foam touched his mouth. Keith’s smile twitched as he watched Hunk frozen in place.

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