caught by the fuzz in the stupidest ways (takes him back to the infinitentiary days)

this is one of my favorite pages from the voltron comics so far because of the paladins’ expression

lance has got that smile on that looks smug yet happy at the same time

hunk is extremely concerned about the wellbeing of lance once they get back to the castle

pidge is just. “yep. lance is hitting on allura. again.”

shiro actually looks scared of allura and is worried for lance in true space dad™ fashion

and then we have keith

“i am going to climb out of this lion and snap lance’s neck so hard they can hear it back on earth.”

Santino Palazzo from The Dreamboys is a stud! This guys looks like a million dollar man. Those well-built muscles must be hard as a rock in real life. Wanna touch? :) 

Santino seems like he’s very strong, must be from often gym visits. He can be there for hours, but I bet he could do some other things for hours as well.Very dark, delicious and delectable. 

Ripped beast Santino Palazzo is our dream guy today. No wonder he’s from “The Dreamboys”. He came straight from our dreams.

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Okay, Let’s talk about Katsumi Tamegai

She is an animation director for Sailor Moon, which means whatever episode she’s working on, she draws the key frames for. Her first episode, Episode 42, wasn’t all that great, as far as style, and staying on model goes.

Easily one of the most jarring styles in the first season of Sailor Moon. She continues to use this style for a handful more episodes throughout Sailor Moon R.

In Sailor Moon S, we begin to see a change in her art style.

Her style continues to improve in SuperS

So then what happens next? Well, Ikuko Itoh (and many of the core Sailor Moon staff) left Toei after SuperS. Katsumi Tamegai was promoted and took over Ikuko’s title of Character Design. She was also in charge of designing the covers of the home video releases.

So next time you decide to rag on Crystal for not being perfect 3 episodes into the series…

Just think that your dream hunk went from this

to this