Things I want for Voltron's season 3

Explanation on what happened to Shiro (let him be safe and sound)

Explanation on what happened to Kalternecker, the magnificent cow

More Lance screen time

On a filler episode Hunk makes the paladins go to a super new intergalactic food chain that everyone is talking about and the owner is actually the guy from the shopping mall episode.

Pidge finally finding her brother (the father can wait until season 4)

A flashback episode on how Shiro and Keith met each other (plus scenes of Lance being on the same class as Keith)

More Klance, we only had the two guys on a hot tub

Lance’s character development

More info on Keith’s galra heritage (and perhaps he turning furry, purple and having a tail)

More info on the past paladins

Allura’s rats are the main characters in an episode

Allura and Pidge bonding moment, I want Allura to be the big sister Pidge never had

Lance bisexuality turns canon

this is one of my favorite pages from the voltron comics so far because of the paladins’ expression

lance has got that smile on that looks smug yet happy at the same time

hunk is extremely concerned about the wellbeing of lance once they get back to the castle

pidge is just. “yep. lance is hitting on allura. again.”

shiro actually looks scared of allura and is worried for lance in true space dad™ fashion

and then we have keith

“i am going to climb out of this lion and snap lance’s neck so hard they can hear it back on earth.”

So I had my first Voltron dream last night. I don’t remember most of it, but I do remember Lance, Shiro, and Pidge floating in space. Lance and Shiro looked at each other for a a while, and then they whispered each others names and started making out in space in front of poor Pidge, and then they were back in the castle being a happy couple and the only one who was even a tiny bit surprised by it was Hunk, who spit out his food goo. That’s all I remember, but I just thought it was weird because I don’t ship Shance…whatever


Sleep circle I made for over my bed.
I used 3 viles of different salts. Black salt, sea salt, and fire salt.
3 viles of lavender flowers.
3 sachet spells. One for good sleep, one for sweet dreams, and one to prevent anxiety dreams.
Also threw a hunk of quartz that I made a magic net for.
Oh, and there are 3 sigils in the base.


caught by the fuzz in the stupidest ways (takes him back to the infinitentiary days)

Can you tell I’m a sucker for angst yet?

A scene from the amazing fanfiction “Sell Me Your Nightmares, I’ll Trade Them for Dreams” by maychorian. If you haven’t read it I suggest you give it a try and the prequel because dear god my heart.

  • Lance: "from now on we'll be using codenames, you can address me as 'Eagle One'. Allura, codename 'Been There Done That'"
  • Allura: "I beg your pardon?"
  • Lance: "Keith is 'Currently Doing That'"
  • Keith: high-fives Lance
  • Lance: "Hunk is 'It Happened Once in a Dream'"
  • Hunk: "wait what?"
  • Lance: "Shiro, codename 'If I Had to Pick a Dude'"
  • Shiro: "LANCE."
  • Lance: "Pidge is..."
  • Pidge: ...
  • Lance: "'Eagle Two'"
  • Pidge: "oh thank god"