I have weird dreams...Randall Brown, Steven Moffat and “other stuff”

Tonight I dreamed – after writing Randall Brown fic whole day – no surprise there, about Randall Brown. 

And god gracious, … we were sitting in some sort of conference room, and then I came over and I leaned in kissing him, and first he was like “what are you doing” but then we started kissing, and quickly we were basically eating each other, and about to hit it off in the conference room. And I am not even sure if we were alone in the room…

Then I woke up. 


And last week I dreamt about Steven Moffat, – no! We didn’t hit it off – for some odd reason we were climbing in a wall ?? And he told me to sniff a metal plate that was there, asking me what it smells like. I told him it smells like metal, and he insisted that it would smell like perfume. For some reason he did some research for writing (I know nothing makes sense), and again I sniffed and said, no this smells like metal because metal can’t smell of anything but metal!

But he insisted, and I lost my nerve and said;

“It will never smell like anything but metal; I know that, I write too!” (basically I had done the same research or so)

He looks at me all like “yeah, you write? No chance!” and ask “You write? What do you write?”

And I got all flustered, not because I would have to admit it’s fanfiction but because it is fanfiction based on characters he had created. (note, we both still hang around on that wall)

And then the only thing I could say was: “Other stuff!” 

And he: “What other stuff?”

And again before I woke up, I yelled: “JUST OTHER STUFF!”

And that’s the stuff I dream about at night.

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you're like a dream(don't leave me)

by youngsxciety

“It’s you.” He blinks, almost dropping his cigarette

The other stares at him, confused. Liam almost laughs, of course he doesn’t remember him. He’s only seen him once, and no words were ever exchanged. It’s quiet, he can hear the loud music playing inside the pub, some heavy bass song he doesn’t know the name to and probably has no words. It’s dark, the night only light by dull streetlights, and it gives the gorgeous stranger a mysterious look. It’s fitting actually, considering he doesn’t even know the bloke’s name but his face has been haunting his dreams for weeks. His lips quirk up at the thought, taking another inhale and releasing the smoke after a moment.

“Oh,” Liam looks up then, meets those beautiful hazel eyes. He can see the realization in them and suddenly his heart his hammering in his chest. “I remember you now. You were the hot bloke who stared at me in the street a few weeks ago.”

It’s blunt, makes Liam’s cheeks turn pink and he’s suddenly glad it’s dark. “Yeah, I did.” He laughs, shrugging. “But you stared right back.”

or, one where Liam keeps running into a pretty boy whose hair constantly changes

Words: 1348, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

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Excuse me for a moment I think I gotta motivate myself a lil. I’ve been working really hard and it’s difficult sometimes to see results immediately but I gotta just keep my gonplei going.

You are your own motivation. Cheers.

Link: http://gofund.me/EnglandStudy

A bit about the campaign:

Hi everyone!

My name is Melanie. I’m currently in university and have decided to take a big leap and try to study abroad in England. Unfortunately, I don’t have the money to fund my trip. I have to pay for food, gas/transportation, housing, books, flight–everything. All of this can get pretty costly.

Because I will be on a student visa, I won’t be able to get a job to earn money while I’m in England. This means, that I have to be prepared with a lot of money so that I can by meals and a plane ticket, or at least pay my rent while overseas.

As a History major, I’m most excited to see the old streets of London, and the beautiful architecture that holds thousands of stories within its walls. I hope to also hear about the American Revolution from a different perspective than what I’m used to.

I am also minoring in Religious Studies. Since London is such a melting pot for various religions from all over the world and considering the amount of religious history that England holds, I think this opportunity would be a worthwhile experience.

I plan on applying for a second job over the summer to earn as much money as I can prior to my “end date” of January 1st. Any share, and any donation helps.


Mostly this money is going to be used for food, my flight over there, and if there’s still something left over, part of it is going to rent. It would be a dream to study over there, considering that I would love to live there some day. Thank you for your time and your support!

Link: http://gofund.me/EnglandStudy