So, you wanna fly in your dreams...? Alright then, let's go!

First thing you’re going to need, is courage.. Without it, you’re going nowhere, fast.

Next, you’ll need to let go of the dead weight you’ve been carrying around with you. Oh, you know, your emotional baggage, old, worn out ideas, the stuff that no longer works for you, let it all be where it falls… Like the ropes of a hot air balloon staked to the ground, all that stuff is holding you down, keeping you dull and boring. Let it ALL be. It’s your time to shine!

Remember what it was to be the kid.. Life was simple then, you were free and easy. All you ever needed was right there within you, your imagination and creativity, always ready for the next adventure… Well, Sunny, they’re still within you, ready to go, waiting for you to decide to be like the kid again.

It’s just that simple. Courage, and remembering your imagination and creativity, easy. Oh, I almost forgot… The very best guidance that the Whole of Life ITself has to offer, is with you, right now. You are safe.

Have fun flying in Your DreamVisions, see you soon!


These are Pony ocs from my pony ask blog, just drawn as animal crossing villagers. This took longer than usual -cries- running low on spoons… But I hope you enjoy them!

Dream Flight is a squirrel because she’s the main character of the other blog and I run the Marshal blog so it seemed fair. (also mainly because my friend said I should draw her as a squirrel cause I drew Marshal as a Pony lol) Originally a unicorn in the blog

Analog is a bunny because she’s based off one of my friends and my friend’s wife is Tiffany so it seemed to make sense in my head lol, originally a unicorn as well.

Wind Painter is a tiger because they are my friend’s oc that I’m using and my friend loves tigers and wolves. (Wind Painter has one of the coolest designs in my book) and they have a wings book bag because in my other blog they are a pegasus. 

Review: Dream Flight for iOS, Android, OUYA | Indie Game Reviewer - The Best New Indie Video Games

Dream Flight by Jameson Quave is a soporific runner that promises to induce the wonder of flying inside a dream. But in spite of it’s rather fresh premise, does it fire the imagination? Read the full review…

Hello followers! Check out my first review for IndieGameReviewer.com! Let me know what you think!


Doing the April art challenge!!! Thank you @taaron12!!

I love that the first day of the art challenge is a unicorn since my pony oc is a unicorn!! for those who don’t know her name is Dream Flight and she has her own ask blog (PLUG PLUG PLUG!!!) lol anyways I haven’t draw ponies in forever so heres hoping it’s not too terrible 

For those who wanna join us in the fun click here for the video to the art challenge and in the description is a link to the pdf file and jpeg file for the calendar. Have fun everyone!!! :D


Halfdream — Dream Flight

One of the first tracks I’ve ever recorded, it still remains as one of my personal favorites. Download available on Bandcamp.

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Dreams and Demons

I have absolutely no idea where this came from, but it was the only thing my brain was willing to write, sooo ta-da. 

A little nsfw-y toward the end. Not terribly explicit.

Lightning couldn’t remember what had been in the nightmare, only the sense that she had been running from something. But in a moment it had changed, the horrible fear washed away by a warm, comforting presence. Wings of black and purple feathers encircled her and carried her to safety.

Her eyes snapped open, alert but unalarmed. It took her only a second to register the arm draped over her waist.


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