an assortment of different movie quotes.

  • “i won’t fuck up my life, so you can find yourself.”
  • “the fact that you’re here means everything to me.”
  • “life moves pretty fast. if you don’t stop & look around once in a while, you could miss it.”
  • “i always meet the person first, to see if we understand each other.”
  • “as long as you can still grab a breath, you fight. you breathe. keep breathing.”
  • “smart & pretty. that right there is a deadly combination.”
  • “the more you care, the more the world finds ways to hurt you for it.”
  • “no matter how far, run for all you’re worth.”
  • “it takes a lot of courage to try & change your life.”
  • “you mustn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling.”
  • “yeah, it was worth a shot.”
  • “don’t you want to take a leap of faith?
  • "hope is a dangerous thing.”
  • “you’ve got a secret. something you can’t tell anyone, because you don’t trust anyone.”
  • “you will never be lovelier than you are now. we will never be here again.”
  • “we’re not meant to save the world.”
  • “you can’t just make somebody something they’re not.”
  • “you are allowed to feel messed up. it doesn’t mean you’re defective – it just means you’re human.”
  • “you couldn’t ignore me if you tried.”
  • “i’ve only really liked a handful of people in my life.”
  • “today it seems to me that my whole life was nothing but a string of failures.”
  • “i’m just tired, you know? i’m just fucking tired.”
  • “which would be worse - to live as a monster? or die a good man?
  • “on one hand, so what; & in the other hand, who cares?
  • “you got to stop taking yourself so seriously.”
  • “you do care. you care so much you feel as though you will bleed to death from the pain of it.”
  • “you sleep well because you know that you’re loved. i’ve never slept that well.”
  • “by the time we learn to live it is already too late.”
  • “have i told you how divinely happy i am?
  • “i can imagine anything, anybody, anywhere.”
  • "if we didn’t have any of the bad stuff, then how could we recognize the good?
  • “can you just hold me, please? you don’t understand. i just need you to hold me.”
  • “we get out now, or we die trying.”
  • “if you died right now, how would you feel about your life?
  • “the world’s either great or wretched, isn’t it?
  • “maybe i’m just being paranoid, but i gotta find out for sure.”
  • “you can only push someone so far, before they break.”
  • “you’re the closest thing i know to a superhero.”
  • “act like a bitch, get slapped like a bitch.”
  • “i think you severely overestimate your ability to break hearts.”
  • “i don’t want to win. i just want to make the world a better place.”
  • “i needed you in this life.”
  • “i knew this was going to be a bad day.”

Some people measure their success in wealth, that’s cool. But no need to look down at people with a different set of values. Be you homie. I’m chasing a different throne. I’m coming for what’s mine, unconventional or otherwise. The idea that the only valid dream or career goal in life must be associated with law, business, medicine or some other form of science is frankly outdated. It’s bizarre and narrow minded. It’s 2016 – such antiquated thought bears no weight or validity. Honestly, you have to find your passion and fight like hell to protect it. There’s no limit to how big you can dream and don’t you ever let anyone make you feel otherwise. And always remember: “You mustn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling.” – Eames (Tom Hardy), Inception (Nolan 2010).

Quotes For Bedroom Walls

“Wait for me somewhere between reality and all we’ve ever dreamed”

“I can’t fall asleep but I sure can dream”

“Chase after your dreams”

“Here’s to staring into the sun when you used to close your eyes”

“Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise”

“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one”

“Nothing is impossible”

“All good things are wild and free”

“You musn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling”

“Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you”

“Let’s make better mistakes tomorrow.”

“I hope you feel beautiful today.”

“Hello, gorgeous.”

“There’s more to living than being alive.”

“She ran away in her sleep and dreamed of paradise.”

“It’s not rocket science.”

“Eat diamonds for breakfast & shine all day.”

“Remember to breathe.”

“Good things will come my way.”

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”

“She changed her can'ts into cans and her dreams into plans.”

“There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.”

“The cure for anything is saltwater; sweat, tears, or the sea”

“Stars can’t shine without darkness”

“It’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring”

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Every time i see one of those posts paralleling Beyoncé and her twins to Star Wars there’s a million people pointing out that Padmé died so the joke/analogy is bad….. but to that I say, now you fuckers understand why Padmé’s death was complete bullshit and she should have lived because she was more than just a baby machine who had to die as soon as she fulfilled her purpose. like c'mon. Dream a little bigger and imagine a better Star Wars in which Padmé dying is not a necessary and foregone conclusion.

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Inspiring Quote: You mustn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling!

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I’m still so in love with a lot of the cultural shifts I dreamed up while thinking about fancasts for you look upon a woman. I don’t write about it a lot because I don’t want to fuck up and take what isn’t mine to borrow, but I still really love the idea of swapping out Tolkien’s proto-Europe analogue for something a little bigger.

Like–it’s so easy to see Rohan as the mounted archers of the Parthian Empire, rather than Anglo-Saxon horselords. Numenor as Tang Dynasty China, this flourishing of administration and military might, art and culture, still mythologized centuries later (with bonus Ancalime as a Wu Zetian parallel!)

The elves as natural griots, the poet-historian-musicians of the medieval Mali Empire–instead of the White Council, you’d have the Gbara, Finwe as a Sundiata figure, Gil-galad as the last mansa. Galadriel as a Sufi-like saint.

Gondor as a confederation of Native American tribes instead of Italian city-states, with the Shire as a modern Oxfordshire, in a modern UK, with all the spectrum that implies.

I really believe in the mythic universality of Tolkien’s stories, I really really do, and I am prepared to push it until it breaks.