This galaxy Easter Egg tutorial by Allison Murray looks amazing. Full instructions can be found on her blog: Dream a Little Bigger.

Someone please try this and report back! 

- Summer

[ht to too many people to name, but thanks everyone! keep ‘em coming]

Photo Boxes Into DIY Medicine Storage | Dream A Little Bigger

I felt terrible the other day and went to get some panadol. I went to my medicine cabinet and had a look… it was sad. There were some old eye drops, a bottle of tablets that cured… I don’t know. Some Deep Heat and…. an empty packet of asprin. Yep. Anyway, when I saw this DIY I thought, I’m sure there’s someone else out there that is like me and needs a proper medicine set. I love the labels you can print out, they’re like old fashioned apothecary prints. And if you want to know the essentials for your medicine cabinet, check out this list from Real Living.


Faux Book Jewelry Box | Dream A Little Bigger

In my dream house, I would have a library that has a shelf that you push and… it’s a door! And behind the door there’s a spiral staircase that leads to a secret room. But pretend that you don’t know that in case I one day build it and invite you over. Until then, I will make one of these awesome faux book jewelry boxes! There are lots of faux books out there but they are all… very fake looking. You want your secret box to look passable! Even better, you can download and print the Little Women book cover from Dream A Little Bigger so you can make your own. I promise that if I come over to your house and see it on your bookshelf to not look in it!

DIY 3 Ingredient Tropical Bath Salts Recipe from Dream a Little Bigger. 4 ingredients if you want to add food coloring. Simple recipe and a nice gift for those who want to visit the tropics (at least in their minds) this winter. For other DIY spa gifts that I’ve posted i.e. simple soaps, sugar scrubs, salt scrubs, bathbombs etc… go here: diychristmascrafts.tumblr.com/tagged/beauty

Custom Text Doormat | Dream A Little Bigger

Whilst living in America I got into the habit of saying y'all, though it is decidedly un-Australian, but I love saying it. And I love this custom doormat with its bright orange greeting! You can make yours with any text you want though - maybe you’ll go Australian with a ‘G'day Mate!’ or German with 'Guten Tag!’ or maybe you’ll go anti-social with 'Go Away!’.