I should tell you that I believe in dreams.  I used to dream of My Death Eater, before I knew My Death Eater.  From time to time he still shows up in my dreams. Last night I had a dream that My Death Eater asked me to marry him.  

We were at Disney World and we wore posing for a picture.  I thought it would be cute if the picture was from the back and we were making a heart with our two hands.  Only when I reached to find his fingers there was a ring box.   I looked at him quizzically and he smiled and asked me to marry him.  

Do you suppose a Death Eater would propose to a Muggle at Disney World? Probably not. It was a lovely dream nonetheless.  

A Kingdom Hearts Valentine’s Special ~ Dream Well Destiny Trio ~

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I just thought I should put all my KH pendants in one post, and I also added an extra - Paopu fruit! I made the image for the Paopu fruit a while ago, it’s one of my digital painting works. I thought of adding this one as a pendant as well. :) I made another version for the heartless symbol as well, because I thought the old one wasn’t exactly fitting with all my other KH pendants.

Also, I have some other ideas for KH other than symbols, but I’m unsure if I should make them. What do you guys think?

Pendants by Trinket Geek

Heartless  - Ultimania Trinity Spirit Dream Eater - Nightmare Dream Eater - Unversed - Nobody

Paopu Fruit Pendant

The Top 11 Things I want in Kingdom Hearts III:

11.) Crowds (sorry, couldn’t find a gif)

10.) Chocobos

9.) Max Goof 

8) Gravity Falls World (the only Disney Channel anything I want in KH)

7.) More side quests

6.) Dream Eater Summons!

5.) Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

4.) More costumes/forms and the being able to use some of the costumes outside their intended world (like being Santa Sora whenever you want)

3.) More of The World Ends With You cast and/or world

2.) Gaining Synch Blade as a ability outside of Drives

1.) All characters (Destiny Trio, Disney Trio, Never Was Trio, Departure Trio) playable.

*Thank you fellow rebloggers for reminding me of other things I wanted but forgot to list.*


Kingdom Hearts Enemy Figures Reappear!

If you remember back in April, product manager Hidemi Matsuzuka showed of a few Kingdom Hearts enemy figures fighting against the Sora TRON Play Arts Kai figure. It was an adorable image, but the enemy figures themselves were blurry and hard to see. Four months later and we are finally able to see what they all really look like!

Below you will see Meow Wow, Meowjesty, Flood Unversed, Dusk Nobody, and Shadow Heartless, all sitting in an arch begging to be made for retail!

For a bit of fun, can you spot what is wrong in the image?

SourceHidemi Matsuzuka

After my last post of all my other Kingdom Hearts pendants, I decided to do both Dream Eater ones.

If you guys have any other suggestions for KH stuff, let me know!:D

Pendants by Trinket Geek

Spirit - Nightmare