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01. ) name / alias: ella
02. ) birthday: december 6th
03. ) zodiac sign: sagi-ma-ttarius 
04. ) height: 5′8
05. ) time: gmt
06. ) sleep: iM
07. ) favourite books: REALLY love hp, and this book called radiant
8. ) favourite artists: like.. music? i like fob & panic & 21p

09. ) last movie i watched: PORN
10. ) college:              
11. ) dream job: professional chip eater / youtuber ( hahaha i know its dumb but i can dream )
12. ) meaning of url: weasley is our king, plus he’s a weasel-ey so im funny
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A Kingdom Hearts Valentine’s Special ~ Dream Well Destiny Trio ~

Prints are available here for a limited time!


Kingdom Hearts Enemy Figures Reappear!

If you remember back in April, product manager Hidemi Matsuzuka showed of a few Kingdom Hearts enemy figures fighting against the Sora TRON Play Arts Kai figure. It was an adorable image, but the enemy figures themselves were blurry and hard to see. Four months later and we are finally able to see what they all really look like!

Below you will see Meow Wow, Meowjesty, Flood Unversed, Dusk Nobody, and Shadow Heartless, all sitting in an arch begging to be made for retail!

For a bit of fun, can you spot what is wrong in the image?

SourceHidemi Matsuzuka


bells on low, on high
will you ring for augustine tonight?

♪ kh editors’ challenge! - day # 9: a graphic that has any of the kh symbols on it