dream yachts

“That’s… I know that sweater.”

In regards to that photo on the yacht, I have so many questions?? Was the sweater blue? Is it what I think it is? If it was a one time thing, why the sweater??


I had the most hilarious Adlock dream the other night and I had to make a photoset to share it.

In it Sherlock and Irene are alone together in his living room. Irene is lounging around in his dressing gown, looking supremely unconcerned about anything, but in contrast Sherlock is hurrying about, getting ready to go meet a client or consult on a case, or something like that.

He’s concerned that it might be obvious to anyone halfway observant what he’d been up to all morning, so before he leaves he checks himself in the mirror and turns his characteristic ‘scan’ on himself, and to his intense chagrin, a day-calendar scrawled in his own handwriting pops up at once and shows him exactly what (who) he’s been doing in the past hours. 

With a groan of frustration he tears out of the room to his bedroom to try to change/fix whatever it was that gave it away, and Irene is just left there with a very self-satisfied, very pleased smirk on her face, because she knows exactly what that huffy departure was all about.


Later there was sort of an ‘epilogue’ to the dream. Irene is trying to tell Sherlock that he ought to just give up the appointment as a bad job (though really she’s just trying to seduce Sherlock all over again), and Sherlock is putting up a valiant effort to resist, but she knows, and he knows, that she’s already won and him blowing off his plans is all but a foregone conclusion…


Gentleman’s Essentials Teaser

Something that anyone considering entering the Sugar Bowl should know

Honestly… this is some stuff that I’ve learned to handle but it took a lot and sometimes even now I feel the burn and fatigue.

So basically when you start Sugaring you make all these profiles and it’s exciting and all that. I was thrilled. I had dreams of yachts and tropical trips and all sorts of things like that. Yes, those things can come once you are in a solid sugar relationship, but something I never knew about was the sheer multitude of time wasters and the like out there. The secret is even if you sometimes can weed them out, you can’t always… Some of these men are on here because they’re bored and even if you’re interesting they’re also lazy, and meeting you is something that they will never actually do. Then they will get bored of talking to you and go back on the site and find another girl and presumably do the same thing.

So say you message 15 guys in your area one day on SA. Eight of them might not even have the upgrade, so they can’t message you back. Four of the remaining seven like your profile and they send you messages. One of the messages is “Do u have bg tits?” So you tell them that you’re not looking for the same thing. Three are great and you are messaging them happily, getting to know them and plan out a date. The next day, one stops messaging and never gets back to you. You move the other two to email, and make plans with them. One is thrilled and wants to get dinner with you, and the other says he will be back in town next week, so they can meet for lunch or dinner then.

Dinner with the first man is enjoyable and expensive. He gives you gas money and wants to see you again. Later you email back and forth and he says that even though you are looking for a higher practical to moderate allowance on the site, he can afford to pay 1k per month, meet 3 times a week and wants you to sleep over. That isn’t what you are able to do, and it’s not very much money so you try and let him know you would rather get 2.5k and meet three to four times per month. He gets annoyed even though you are careful with your words. Says he isn’t an ATM  and he can get better for less and stops replying.

The one that was out of town sends you a message the day you are supposed to meet and says that he found someone already and that he wants to see how it pans out.

But think of the work you put in. You bought a new dress for the two dates. You spent hours and hours talking to these men and trying to keep them interested. You know so many little things about them and when you are new, more times than not you are a little bit emotionally invested in the three men who made if furthest. Now imagine doing this once a week or so, trying to find someone. It takes real work… and it’s exhausting.

Texting hours help a little bit but not with the investment part. I don’t really think about them as more than words on a paper until I meet them anymore, but sometimes it still bites when they freak out at you.

Anyway… Just saying that you new Sugars should be prepared for this, and brace yourselves and try not to get too emotionally involved… even with SDs, because they can just disappear. It’s different once you have a solid thing going but for the first several months, keep a heart of stone! Some people can handle it and some can’t but it’s not  easy by any means. I wish someone had given me this advice when I was a new Sugar Baby.