dream wraith

World of Darkness fans please reblog and comment with your preferred supernatural, including all among New and Old World.


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zodiac sign: sagittarius
myers briggs type: infp
favorite mythical creature: sirens and wraiths
dream place to make out: maybe really late at night on a park bench when no one is around? (like a small kiss.. i’m not so sure of the making out part lol)
where you live: in the us (the midwest)
where you wished you live: san francisco or portland, in the us. outside of the us, probably somewhere in canada or sweden
a song that sounds like you: poison tree by grouper
the last book you read and adored: the sculpture of edgar degas. (one that i am currently reading) the armless maiden: and other tales for childhood’s survivors 
the last film you watched and adored: elephant or under the shadow, both were really good in different ways 
a goal you want to attain this year: to somehow lessen my anxiety & fear of everything and to try to care less about what others think of me 

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