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there’s this new girl in work who’s like 20 or sth and I was really crampy and nauseous one day and it was dead so I was bored and she came up to my stand at the front and asked how I was and I was like “oh yknow just contemplating throwing myself down these stairs” and she like took it so seriously I’m like dude that’s how I express boredom can u not show Actual Concern about it

r e l a t a b l e  c o n t e n t!!

the dream is a workplace where i can go ‘it’s all over. it’s destroyed. it’s ruined. lets go home’ at the slightest inconvenience and everyone will just be like ‘sure thing beth’


*Requested* Imagine Kol is a solider fighting in a war and he gets injured and you’re a nurse who heals him and what not and it ends with falling in love over a course of time even though kol is very hesitant.

( So I set this in WW1 and Kol is obviously human, otherwise he wouldn´t get injured. I also changed his past, because again, it wouldn´t work out with the family´s history and what not. I hope you get what I mean :D Also, since this got way longer than I anticipated, I wont have time for the second imagine I promised, but I will make for it soon.Anyways I hope you enjoy!)

Warnings: Human Kol. (Not really a warning but essential to the story) Also,unfortunately I had no time to proof read so I´m sorry for any mistakes

Word count: 1200

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It is the year 1912 and you are working as a nurse at a hospital. You are currently cleaning out wounds of a soldier who got brought in today unconscious, after his squad got attacked. He was the only one to survive. As you are carefully wipe dirt and blood from his face as he abruptly sits up and looks around in panic, not knowing where he is and how he got here.

Y/N: “Shh shh you´re save, you´re in the hospital”

His fearful eyes find yours and you notice his face muscles slowly starting to relax. His eyes fade from fear into ones coated with curiosity and unexpected calmness.

Kol: “Wh- what happened?”

Y/N: “What´s the last thing you remember ?”

Kol: “Me and my squad were on our way to the enemies hideout. All I know after that is-”

He stops midway as a memories seems to strike in his brain. He covers his mouth with his hand, gasping.

Y/N: “Oh no. We.. we got attacked. Do you.. do you know what happened to them?”

You hesitate for a moment, not knowing if you should deliver him the terrible news. You decide he should be stable enough to tell him and he deserves to know the truth, despite how horrible it will be for him to hear it. You take a deep breath, as you sit down at the end of the hospital bed.

Y/N: “I am terribly sorry but you were the only survivor of this attack.”

His eyes dim a little bit, as his hands fumble around with a small necklace bearing a unrecognizable crest of some sort.His head hangs low in defeat and sorrow as he tries to digest the terrible news.

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Just found a perfect example of my dream work place.

Why spacious?

Im a person of clutter. Things get in my way all the time. I like my books, my sketchpads, my magazines, my references all over so I can just grab them when an idea pops out of my head.. (but of course, I should fix that mess right after work, hehe)

Why white?

I get the chance to detox myself from all the color and mixture I see everyday. I usually get to think more when walls are painted in one color. I don’t know but thats how it works for me. Weird though.

Damn, I just love this set up I see in the picture right now! I hope it would be possible for me to own such in the future :)