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{Reaction} BlackPink as the mafia

okay sooo i need to say that i love Mafia! EXO very much and i was thinking how cool would be if you made a blackpink mafia concept, like badass girls you know would be amazing

Note: Well shit, now I live for BlackPink mafia AU. If anyone writes this kind of thing please link me to it~ I’d love to read! This was very fun to do, and I am definitely on board of this AU. I hope you also like references used ;) Enjoy~!

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Kim Jennie

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Jennie is very skillful in the mafia and certainly should not be underestimated. If you think she’s dangerous with a gun, then you’re hardly to ready to see her short range combat. She’s smart, witty and feared by a lot of big names in the mafia. She notorious for killing, assassinations and some of the most cleverly worked out murder’s in the world. It isn’t just other gangs that are scared of this incredible woman, but also the government and the police. But in spite all of that, she still somehow manages to keep herself hidden away and only seen by those she wants to see her.

The first time she met you was in a casino, her lips blood red with lipstick that curled into a beautifully cruel smirk as she pinned her eyes on you. It was that moment that she decided that it was you that she wanted. She strolled over, heels clicking against the floor importantly as though she was on a mission. She stole your attention away from Monsta X’s gang member Yoo Kihyun swiftly, placing a hand on your cheek, raising her chin to give her an appearance of authority as she calmly told you what she wanted.

Jennie: “How beautiful, you look like my next significant other.”

Park Chae- Young/ Rose

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Rose is the master of the sweetheart scam in the mafia. She appears to be a ditzy, sweet little girl. Hell to the no, this woman could kill you with a mere look, or so that’s what said. She can captivate any heart in the palm of her hand and crush it as quickly as she wants. It’s incredible how amazing she is when it comes to her work, how skillful she really is. She can get money, or secrets, her talents meet no end when it comes to manipulation, and she too is feared by many people in the mafia. A lot of people have tried to escape her enchanting eyes and have failed miserably.

The first time you crossed paths with Rose was when you’d been brought into her gang by Jennie. Rose had grown an attachment to you very quickly, and it was hard not to fall for her too. Even though she was such a crucial part of the mafia, she jumped at the chance to fall in love with you when you not so subtly hinted that you may like her. That day forward, she found it harder to sweet talk other people because the guilt rode inside of her knowing it should be only you she should be like this with - but with reassurance, she became stronger and stronger by your side.

Rose: “I love you Jagiya.”

Lalisa Manoban/ Lisa

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Lisa is the glue of the gang, and sets the mood the majority of the time. BlackPink don’t have a leader, and that’s what sets them apart from any other group. But with no official leader, of course there are going to be clashes of opinion, and Lisa is the best for solving them. But it isn’t just her mood making skills that make her a skillful mafia worker, she is also very strong, and very talented in the field. it’s surprising at how such a young girl can be so precise with long range shooting. She never misses, not with the bullet of a gun or the sharp point of a knife.

The first time Lisa met you she happened to be passing by when she heard your calls for help. She had considered leaving you, but when she heard the lethal voice of BTS’ Jungkook antagonising you she had to take action, she couldn’t leave you at the hand of such a cruel man from such a cruel gang. She of course, sprung to your rescue and that was the start of a very beautiful relationship. When you joined BlackPink’s gang, you came to realise that Lisa wasn’t everything that she bigged herself up to be. They say that happiest people are often the saddest inside, and Lisa felt just that way. Her lone work became tiresome and it was straining what little she had inside. But that all got better when you confessed to her. When the two of you started your relationship she told you on how much more stronger she felt with you at her side, she didn’t have to cry alone anymore.

Lisa: “Now I have you, I don’t need to suffer anymore.”

Kim Ji- soo

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Ji-soo is amazing at making deals, this can be with weapons, drugs etc. her talents in this area never fail. But don’t be fooled by this woman, this isn’t where her skills only lie. She is also incredibly skilled at combat fighting, and with the simple flick of the wrist, she can have the strongest man writhing on the floor before her. She’s been known to take on many dangerous men that have ran away terrified of her devilish wrath, even the likes of BTS’ leader, Namjoon have been known to show fear towards this woman. It’s fair to say that no one is going to be messing with her any time soon.

Jisoo met you for the first time while she was running from Monsta X’s members Shownu and Wonho. You had been sitting on your motorbike, innocently leaving after leaving a long day at work. Your life was changed forever from the moment that Jisoo leaped on the back of your bike and screamed for you to kickstart the engine. From that moment, a lot has happened and now, you are the escape for BlackPink’s gang. Romance blossomed between you and Jisoo, and you’re known as the power couple, together you’re like the dream team - unbeatable.

Jisoo: “What did I do to deserve you, Jagi?”

You Think You Know Me (Part 1)

Bucky Barnes x reader ‘Pride and Prejudice’ Modern!AU Series - Prologue Part 1 

for @sgtbxckybxrnes ‘s Movie AU Writing Challenge

When a certain gentleman visits the city, the Bennet sisters are swoon to meet and marry him. You, on the other hand, seem to be the only one able to see behind his facade of wealth and pride - and find little you like. [~2300 words]

warnings: one swear word, I think

A/N: so, this accidentally turned into over 2000 words, so, yeah. have fun with that one

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The ball was huge. Well, the building was, the party on its own was simply breathtaking. Literally, as the moment you stepped into the room, you were blinded by darkness and incredibly bright neon lights simultaneously. It wasn’t flashy, though, everything was still expensive and high-end, and kept exactly the right way to be loud and heavy but not enough to be overwhelming. Why it was called a ball of all things, you had no idea. Almost nothing here said ‘sophisticated’ and even though it would have been supposed to, it didn’t feel like any sophistication was missing. It was clear that this year, the CEOs that had tried to keep the tradition that was this ball, had been overruled by their sons and daughters. You loved it instantly. From the first glance over the crowd, you spotted several people you knew and called friends and made a mental note to talk to them later.

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A Definitive Ranking of All Arrow Trios

OTA (Original Team Arrow): Oliver, Diggle, Felicity- 99/100 Practically perfect in every way, the core of the show, complementing skills and personalities, great teamwork, without them there’s no show. -1 for lying to each other

Island Trio: Oliver, Slade, Shado- 91/100 very good team, little island family, love each other a lot, very talented (they’ll kill you and then have a campfire and tease each other), very supportive even when murdering, would die for each other, -4 love triangle stuff, -5 death and mirakuru

The Queen Siblings: Oliver, Thea, Tommy- 85/100 Wonderful sweet family, lots of canon and headcanoned sibling bonding, big brother Tommy, Oliver and Tommy looking out for one another, -10 for Oliver stealing Tommy’s girl, -5 for Thea flirting with her brother

Team Super Spies: Maseo, Tatsu, Oliver- 83/100 lovely family dynamic, Maseo and Tatsu power couple, swords archery and gun makes a great combo, Oliver gets nice mentors and a positive example of a loving couple, spy stuff, -7 dead kid, -5 abandoning your wife, -5 group only formed under threat of death and Oliver was basically enslaved the whole time

TAJ (Team Arrow Junior): Roy, Thea, Sin- 80/100 could also be called the scooby gang, lots of spunk, no love triangle drama, gets stuff done, also almost get killed, -5 bad listeners and lie a lot, -15 for forgetting Sin existed

Mayor’s Squad: Oliver, Quentin, Thea- 77/100 supportive family dynamic, good political team, pretty honest with each other (its a big deal for them), nice blend of political styles, so grown up, I’m proud of them, -10 shady political dealings, -3 nepotism, -10 bad judge of character for other members of the Mayor’s office

NTA (New Team Arrow): Rene, Curtis, Dinah- 75/100 great realistic friend banter, meta tech and skill makes a good power balance, good back up singers, different enough from OTA, -12 for limited screen time

The Queens (aka Team Impaled on a Sword): Moira, Oliver, Thea- 73/100 wonderful family, don’t mess with them they’ll have you killed, will lie for each other about anything, would do anything for each other, shared experience with swords, -7 for lying to each other, -10 for having Oliver tortured, -10 for petty grudges

Suicide Squad: Diggle, Lyla, Deadshot- 71/100 Dyla Dream Team, Diggle/Deadshot bromance, ex soldiers working together, very skilled, lots of snark, -15 for shooting Dig’s brother, -9 for putting a bomb in a team member’s skull, -5 for general distrust

Evil Girl Group: Talia, Black Siren, Evelyn- 68/100 Very powerful, very evil, good chance of redemption as individuals, small chance of redemption as a group, effective team, big sisters to Evelyn yay!, -16 for lack of screen time together, -16 for maybe leaving each other to die on an exploding island

The Diggles 1.0: Diggle, Lyla, Sara- 68/100 Dyla Dream Team, very cute baby girl, superspy and vigilante power couple, low drama, -30 baby Sara can’t contribute to team efforts and does not have her own characterization for she is a baby, -2 don’t work together very often

The Diggles 3.0: Diggle, Lyla, JJ- 67/100 same as above but -1 for erasing Sara from existence

Slightly Less Evil Girl Group: Chien Na Wei, Cupid, Liza Warner- 65/100 fun team up, good diversity, broke out of jail that’s fun, Cupid always gets points, -20 for only one episode, -10 for Liza Warner barely being a character, -5 for Chien Na Wei sometimes outclassing the others sometimes being on their level

Team “We Don’t Need Oliver and Felicity- Oh Wait We Do!”: Diggle, Laurel, Thea- 62/100 interesting combination of characters, good vigilante team, did a good job protecting the city, good sister dynamic with Thea and Laurel -20 never actually really saw the group on screen, -13 needed Oliver and Felicity back as soon as things got tough and interrupted the proposal, -5 not enough Diggle

Newbies: Rene, Rory, Evelyn- 60/100 nice varied skill set, good sibling bickering, lots of sass, -30 for Evelyn betraying them, +10 for cute Christmas presents

Kinda a Group Briefly- Diggle, Roy, Laurel- 58/100 good team potential, good Roy and Laurel friendship, good Diggle advice, -7 not enough Diggle, -30 only existed for one episode, -5 Laurel doesn’t know what she’s doing

Original Trio: Oliver, Tommy, Laurel- 56/100 Tommy and Oliver bromance is very very good, Tommy and Laurel romance is very good, allusions to growing up together is good, Laurel and Oliver supporting Tommy is good, -30 for love triangle nonsense, -4 for not getting out the glades when you’re supposed to and getting Tommy killed, -10 for judgment and accusations and lies on all accounts

The Lances: Sara, Laurel, Quentin- 55/100 Love each other a lot, good dad, good sisters (mostly), assassin lawyer and cop is a fun combo, -30 why you always lyin’, -5 why you always dyin’, -10 can’t handle grief

So Crazy it Just Might Work Squad: Anatoly, Sara, Oliver- 52/100 hard to beat because they’re a little crazy, good out-of-the-box thinking, origins of the Anatoly/Oliver bromance, pretty effective -10 because they might ram a sub into your brand new freighter and won’t even say they’re sorry, -30 bad habit of assuming the rest of the team is dead without checking, -8 no real bonding 

SCPB (Starling City Police Buddies): Quentin, Hilton, Kelton 50/100 matching names! kind of, Kelton respects Felicity, good police work, good dry humor, -30 for forgetting Kelton, -10 for demoting Quentin, -10 for killing Hilton 

Did They Send Me Daughters?: Yao Fei, Shado, Mei- 48/100 all cool people, good fighters, took care of Oliver, -30 in a year and a half didn’t mention Mei once, -15 Yao Fei playing favorites only training Shado, -7 forgetting Mei

League of Jerks Remix: Ra’s, Maseo, Al Sahim- 42/100 big improvement over original League of Jerks, lots of talent, very evil, much less rudeness to each other than original LoJ, Ra’s is very supportive of Al Sahim, they train each other try to help each other improve, could probably take over the world if one of them wasn’t only pretending to be part of the team, -40 for Al Sahim secretly being still good, -10 for forced marriages, -5 for mass murder, -3 for attempted brainwashing

Lance Sisters: Laurel, Sara, Sin- 40/100 cute sister moments, Sin’s existence brings them favor, -20 for sleeping with sister’s boyfriend, -10 for pettiness, -30 for Sin and Laurel never meeting

Bratva and Friends: Anatoly, Oliver, Viktor- 39/100  +30 for Oliver and Anatoly bromance, +8 skill overthrowing Bratva leaders and despotic tyrants, +1 Russian accents, -40 for betrayal, -18 for Viktor not mattering except to betray them, -3 because friends don’t let friends casually torture people to death

The Smoaks: Donna, Noah, Felicity- 37/100 no team unity, divorce and betrayal, lying to your daughter, not telling your mother your secret identity, too much criminal activity, abandonment issues, +10 for hacking skills, +7 for sacrificing for Felicity, +15 for Felicity, +5 for Donna’s emotional intelligence when she shows it

Team Deathstroke: Slade, Blood, Isabel- 35/100 accomplished a lot, all of them are Oliver’s friends but not really, very very evil, -10 for not liking each other, -5 for Blood’s name, -30 for betraying and killing each other, -10 for Isabel being creepy, -10 for Blood falling for Oliver’s charm and quitting the team

Original Trio Senior: Robert, Malcolm, Moira- 25/100 Lots of cheating on each other, lots of secret keeping, one murder, one attempted murder, lots of blackmail, not very good with teamwork at all, a fair amount of accidentally killing their own children because of all this, +10 for sneakiness skills, +5 for dry elitist snark, +5 for taking care of each other’s kids, +5 good doomsday planning

Purgatory Pals: Fyers, Wintergreen, Yao Fei- 22/100 they’re not even friends, have to pay each other to work together, Billy doesn’t get to show his face, kidnapped the daughter of one of them, shot Yao Fei in the face

Team Vertigo: The Count, That Psychiatrist Dude, Count Vertigo- 20/100 Know how to stick to a theme, shared interests, make for really good episodes, villainous but also know how to create good cathartic internal struggles, -5 for not knowing the one guy’s name, -5 for two kind of having the same name, -70 for not actually being a team

League of Jerks: Ra’s, Maseo, Nyssa- 17/100 very rude to each other, too many forced marriages, intentionally kicked one member of the trio out and replaced her, are Maseo and Nyssa even friends?, +10 for Ninja skills, +5 for Nyssa, +2 for effectiveness

I Guess They Were a Team: Slade, Oliver, Sara- 12/100 only together very briefly, first thing they do is lie to each other, lots of strangling, some torture of each other, no trust, too much mirakuru, +12 for taking over the freighter and good planning skills

The Diggles 2.0: Diggle, Lyla, Andy- 7/100 very bad trio, lots of betrayal, threatening the lives of children, killing friends, brainwashing, keeping people locked in cages, shooting brothers, +7 for Dyla Dream Team

The Psycho Ex’s: Helena, Isabel, Cooper- 5/100 very bad team, don’t even know each other, very mean to their ex’s, very creepy, +5 would be good villain team if they met

The height difference between Louis and Harry kills me KILLS ME

That time nick exposed Louis