dream team

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I'm mixed race and an actress, so I'd be willing to play the sidekick in our SW film directed by the director anon and starring the WOC actor anon. You're a fab writer so you could do the screen writing. We just need someone who will hold the boom mic. Let's go and dismantle Lucas Films, y'all! WE GOT OURSELVES A MOVIE RIGHT HERE.


“Styles is said to feel no affinity toward other band members anymore”

“indeed, their relationship has been so strained during the course of the last year that 1D insiders were expecting a blowup of epic proportions during the group’s last tour”

“The situation became so dire, according to our sources, that the band members were no longer talking to each other, with fist flights nearly breaking out at several points”

“Styles’ apparent disgust with the other members leads many to believe that Azoff will only be representing Harry for the time being.”

…. anyways….

*larry buying new stuff*
  • Louis: *sees a spiderman tiny frying pan*
  • Louis: Harreh
  • Harry: *continues walking*
  • Louis: Harreh!
  • Harry: *turns back to see Louis* what babeh?
  • Louis: can we please buy this? *shows the frying pan*
  • Harry: of course not, we have a lot of frying pans on our house
  • Louis: but Harreh! it's spiderman! i need it!
  • Harry: you don't even cook, Lou
  • Louis: but i will! i will cook perfectly shaped pancakes here
  • Harry: we already have a frying pan for pancakes
  • Louis: but-but i need it!
  • Harry: babe, no. we don't need it, it will end up like the ironman toaster we dont use
  • Louis: but Hazz! i will use this one! i swear!
  • Harry: i said no *says last word before turning back*
  • Louis: *louis pouts and thinks*
  • Louis: Harreh! i need this because- *sighs* because it's tiny like me
  • Harry: ...
  • Harry: *buys the fucking frying pan*

James Potter and Lily Evans must have been the freaking dream team of the Order of the Phoenix. I know they didn’t fight in it for that long, but can you just imagine them standing back-to-back firing off curses, kissing each other before every fight just in case, shoving each other out of the way of every Avada Kedavra, laughing out loud as they slashed and spun, because there’s no way in hell they’re going to let Voldemort win this war. 

I can’t say loud enough how significant I find it that an intelligent, male writer at Rolling Stone apparently noticed Louis and Harry’s eye contact so often he decided to write about it. This dude went to one concert in a sold out arena with 82,000 people in it and apparently all that faded away and when Harry and Louis looked at each other. This is such power couple realness, I can barely handle it. WHEN WILL YOUR OTP EVER?