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Honestly watching Swag_Dracula play F13th is slowly becoming more and more entertaining with every stream I see. Like already tonight he’s gotten his group that he’s streaming with to play Cash Cab, Freeze Tag, Hide And Seek, America’s Got Talent, and do a Scavenger Hunt. And not to mention he’s funny as hell

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Hang on, you've probably had this question before, but how does Ohm go from human to bunny? Is it painful? Does he lose his humanity sometimes? Sorry about the rambling

[ his skin “melts” ]

[ his body breaks down ]

[ & reshapes itself ]

[ it takes a few seconds for him to readjust & be able to move his body –after that, it’s all good ]

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AUGH I MIGHT BE ABLE TO HANG OUT AT STREAM ON THURSDAY GET HYPED HALLO DREAM TEAM STREAM SQUAD <3 signed, one who rewatches/rereads haikyuu too much already p.s. thank you for hosting this golden opportunity, have a cookie I insist


Hope you can make it!! 

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#TeamInternet House Tour

So, if Team Internet was brought together, this is probably what the house would look like. Enjoy.

The house itself

The kitchen

Where the bloggers can blog and the cooks of the house do their thing

The main lounging area

The multiple living rooms

The closet where we store the merch

Some super cool bathrooms

The theaters for streaming YouTube videos, or those Netflix movie nights

An indoor swimming pool so we won’t have to go outside

and lastly,

the bedrooms

So who’s down with moving in?

Cause I am.