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my life is still very much in the gutter right now. the agency called me back to insure i was interested in the job i interviewed for, and even though it didn’t seem like a good fit i lied through my teeth because i need the money. then they proceeded to tell me they still have more interviews to go through and they’ll let me know. so here’s to another day of anxiety and self loathing. pls call back. i’m desperate. 

Hello friends are you ready I made more 

(This would be my dream casting for the its not gonna happen Mel just stahp already Star Stable MOVIE)

The Zombie Barrel race Video Game loving builder guy and Ms Morse are such a cute couple ^_^ Maybe my favorite funny couple (Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone) could play them …?

Elizabeth strikes me as a little bit of a flower child but also very sweet. So does Kate Hudson

I don’t know about you guys- but in my head Steve (of Steve;s Farm) always sounds lke John Goodman so lets go with that…

And over in Jarlaheim … Jack is kind of funny and a big old kid. Jill is more serious and wants to get shit done. Alfre Woodard and David Allen Greer can do funny and serious.

And like with Steve, I can’t see Gavin bumble about without it sounding like TJ Miller in my head 

And what started it all was me needing to put another face to Ms Drake of the GED (she reminded me TOO much of my last, seriously heinous boss XD), so I turned her into Kate McKinnon. Now she’s a funny villain, and therefore tolerable

Ok I told myself I wouldn’t do more til I figured out James and Donald/Harold so…

Wound up listening to this during the end;


This was pretty fun to do tbh. Edited Panda to look like the real life one. SO for that reason I would really really prefer people not repost, thanks. Panda was my heart horse.

Anyway, kinda bummed out lately, and I always come back to my home stable before logging off, so after the thought occurred to me I thought I’d make an edit about it. Usually when I log off I feel kinda.. hollow? Lonely? Isolated. Something idk. So I wanted to try and capture that? With the added feeling of how home is also safe. Calm. So yeah pft something along those lines.

Valedale is usually pretty empty at this time. Maybe a few people lingering. People are still chatting in global, mostly being stupid or looking for help, roles, or someone to hang out with. Maybe one or two people on my friends list are online. I’m lonely and want to hang out with people but I’m too anxious to reach out. I close the chat and turn off the interface because I hate seeing it since I know I’m not going to use it and no one is going to message me. I don’t feel like going out, doing chores, racing. I enter my stable. Interface turns itself off, chat is flashing. I mentally sigh and open it to shut it off. It’s global. I silence it and feel better knowing neither say nor global is going to bother me as long as I’m in here. I put away tack and clothes I’m not using, try to make my cluttered inventory as neat and organized a possible, while trying to get rid of as much as I can. I spend the last few minutes with whichever horse I have out at the time. A bittersweet feeling? I tend to use this time to think and reflect. In the end this will always be here for me. My home. My favorite horses, neatly tucked into their stalls, the chat completely silent. My horse resting by my side. Everything quiet. I’ll always have this.

I am really, really in love with how Jade Dream looks so much like Panda. It’s really eerie to me how much he looks exactly like him after adding the marking that in game Panda lacks. It makes me really.. really happy to look at. I miss him so much

HoooKay so here are some more fan cast thingers: 

Is Hayden Panettierre too old to play teenagers? She doesn’t look it. Anyway I picture Loretta being older than most of the girls there but here she has a sense of control (and empowerment) and therefore she stayed on past her term as summer resident. And I think Hayden would be perfectly haughty (but then also kinda friendly sometimes). 

I see Tan as younger than Loretta and really eager to earn her respect. I like Ysa Penarejo from Project MC2 and think she could bring that to the Bobcats. 

I don’t know if they’re still acting I just know they’re the only sisters I know of because I don’t watch a lot of tv anymore but I used to watch a LOT of Disney Channel u_u

John the stable boy doesn’t say much does he? But he has to be strong enough to handle construction in the stables. Ryan Guzman is a model and mixed martial artist. He can handle looking pretty AND any action that… may come up for him. 

Cowboy Josh is young and sweet with Puppydog eyes. So is Ezra Miller. Perfect huh?

  again, I’d make a GREAT casting director based of this eh? 

Here’s a few more cause these are all on my comp and I’m heading up to my moms for the week: 

The Baroness scares me a little. So does Jessica Lange. Its like, perfect. 

Godfrey scares me a little. Ian McShane scares me a lot.. (he was too good at being creepy in AHS). 

Look, there has to be at least ONE instance of a single actor playing a bunch of characters. I think Dan Akroyd as Barney, Marney and Carney will suffice

Rosey O’Donnell can be Courtney. (I hate that she has the same body/face as the boys in game… sigh.) Anyway I think of how tough she was in League of their own and that made me think she’d be good as Courtney)

I loved Stanley Tucci and Patricia Clarkson as a couple (in Easy A). I think they’d make an adorable Ferdinand and Eddie… 

And Channing Tatum as the handsome, romantic doof, Lance. Cause this is shaping up to be a great movie if you are going just for eye candy XD

Thats all I have for the Village… 

(you know who’s hard to cast? Donald/James/Harold. Are they kids? Are they just really small dudes?)

professor: so why were you late to class

me: i’m gonna be honest here and it is because someone on campus was walking their dog and i had to stop and pet it for a good ten minutes 

anonymous asked:

What are your hopes and dreams?

Be financially stable, enjoy a rewarding career, travel, own a franchised Taco Bell, and get married to someone who doesn’t annoy me.


Pre-MI6 Bond was a test subject for Project Somnacin, and one of the few agents who could maintain a stable dream. Even after the Project was discontinued, MI6 has 007 running a particular brand of interrogation: trial and error. Because when you die in a dream, you just wake up.

But Silva refuses to crack. And with the clock ticking, they must think of more creative ways find out what he’s done with the list. M wants an extraction. James believes it to be academic theory only. Q is an extremely quick study.

Based off Letters from Silberer by Fishwrites, illustrated by Bjodoodles. 

The gif of animated paintings comes from Beauty (Rino Stefano Tagliafierro), and I think Q would enjoy Caspar David Friedrich.

Lucid Dreaming – How to Stabilize Dreams!

Dream stabilization is really about preventing the loss of lucidity by maintaining the dream you are in. Our consciousness has a massive affect on dreams and it’s our job to keep it under control in order to perform what it is we want to. Normally becoming lucidity makes the dream unstable and more likely to collapse thus forcing the dreamer awake. It’s our aim to stop this happening.

I use the term ‘collapse’ a lot which is more metaphorical than literal, simply meaning that the dream is ending due to ‘unnatural’ causes. This is when there’s something about our lucidity (sometimes unintentional) that is causing the dream to end and hence the dreamer to wake.

Stabilization comes in two main forms – it’s either ‘preventative’ or ‘curative’

Preventative stabilization

This is what you should naturally be doing in any lucid dream to stop the dream becoming unstable – or rather picking what you shouldn’t be doing. Making good habits of the way you act in a dream can help keep it stable while you’re lucid. Your awareness has a big impact on the dream and it’s about coming up with passive but affective counters in order to keep everything together.

Below is a combination of what not to do – more so than directly what to do. The real aim is to ground yourself in a dream – you can think of these actions as ‘anchors’ to keep both you and the dream stable.  


Keep moving in dreams. This will help you stay grounded and focus all your attention on the dream (rather than the fact you’re lying in bed asleep). By continually moving around and exploring the dream environment you’re maintain your focus on the dream. Avoid static positions especially for flight, keep moving your dream body and specifically focus on how real and vivid it feels.

Controlling Emotion

Dreams don’t like intense emotions and can easily collapse if it’s present. This includes everything from extreme fear to intense joy – So keep an eye out and ensure you have everything under control. This isn’t to say don’t enjoy yourself, just try to keep a lid on an intense feelings you have. This is important for beginners who have an intense surge of euphoria upon getting lucid causing them to then immediately wake,

Focus of Awareness

Keep your awareness on the dream and not on the fact that you’re actually lying in bed dreaming it. To stay in the dream it needs to be your reality so treat it as such. Interact with the dream, see how vivid and real the things it creates are. Feel objects, breathe in the dream air, focus on all your senses. You need to take the dream environment seriously, keep your awareness on what’s going on and it will remain stable.


Honestly, just keep calm and dream on. It’s easy to get caught up with all this stuff but much of it will come naturally. Don’t worry about it, enjoy yourself, and don’t get too upset if it all goes wrong. Work out what happened, and what you can do to get it to work next time. Just relax and have confidence in yourself.

Curative stabilization

Most simply, this is where the dream is already collapsing and you are in some way trying to save both it and your own lucidity.

This can happen many times in a dream where you notice that that you are losing clarity, vividness or any other source of focus on the dream. The first step involved with any curative methods is the ability to recognize the fact that the dream is unstable. Usually this is something that only comes through experience (and a few collapsed lucid dreams) – repetitive failure until you start to pick up the signs that indicate an imminent collapse. Typically people pick up this first step quite quickly as for most, unstable dreams are very noticeable!

Stabilization techniques follow a similar idea to preventative methods, returning your focus to the dream and grounding yourself back inside of it. But they are usually much more consuming, active tasks bringing all thought back to the dream you’re in.

Staring at your hands

Just lift your hands up to your face and study your palms. You want to replace what you’re seeing in the dream with the palms of your hands, looking at them until the dream returns to normal. After a few seconds it’ll be likely that you feel the dream shift to something more stable, at which point you can remove your hands and return your gaze back to the dream scenery.

Falling or Spinning – Movement

Once again we’re trying to ground ourselves in the dream but this time more quickly. Spinning is good for naturally the dream scenery will blur (like it should be if you were actually spinning) matching the instability of the dream. When stopping the dream should right itself and create the scenery once more, stabilizing the dream. This is a classic stabilization technique amongst lucid dreamers.

Movement in general will do the trick as well. Some people like to just fall over onto their backs, run very fast or start doing cartwheels. What you’re really doing it causing motion within the dream and using this to both return your focus to it, and giving the dream a chance to remake the environment.

Interacting with the Dream – Licking the floor?

Surprise can sometimes work great wonders in a dream, bringing yourself back to a more stable scenario. If you find everything is collapsing simply bend down, stick out your tongue and take a big lick of the floor. Upon getting back up you should find the dream has returned to normal. Once more the idea is to full-on engage all your senses in the dream, regaining the ‘reality’ of it and focusing your mind back on the environment you are in.

To finish I’d really like to say that much of this is about what you can work out. I find sometimes that reality checks work well to stabilize the dream, or even very dream-specific scenarios that bring the whole thing away from collapsing. This is really something that comes from good old trial and error, so don’t be afraid if everything’s going wrong. It’s about learning to recognize when this is happening, and picking up the tricks to stop it.

Thanks as always for all your messages. Answered questions will be up soon (for those that have been waiting).

Sweet lucid dreams!


Lucid Dreaming Tip #32

If you ever find that upon becoming lucid the dream fades to black don’t panic. It could be that the dream environment collapsed and a new dream environment is being created so stay relaxed and remember to keep the dream stable! If you do wake, try a DEILD or FILD to place yourself back in a lucid dream!


All Around Farm - credit - Houzz.com

This circa 1870 carriage barn was once the barn for a large summer estate. It morphed into a car storage facility during World War II. In 1957 Milton Kulp, Jr. (Junie) established the internationally known show barn, All Around Farm. The 19th century barn had been neglected for years and although decrepit, the barn was structurally sound. Inspired by the 1995 movie “Sense and Sensibility,” which was set in an old English barn, the current 21st century owners set out to transform and restore the barn. The 9,750 square foot structure was converted from show barn into a 4-bedroom residence with state-of-the-art kitchen, bathrooms, home office and re-established horse stables with wash stall and tack room.

By transforming the spaces, the house is filled with unique details. It carries a simple elegance while integrates the character of the old barn without losing the unusual barn scale. Salvaged materials were used throughout including antique brick, hardware, windows and cabinetry. The great room fireplace mantel was discovered during construction hidden in the barn’s attic space covered in dust and cobwebs. Old stall posts were used as the great room stair newel posts. It was always the client’s dream to have their horses in their house – and this is on dream that came true beyond their wildest imagination.

9,750 sf Residence and Stables

Importance of characters in 'Of Mice and Men' - GCSE revision

What I will never understand is that people genuinely think John Steinbeck accepted the conditions of his characters in ‘Of Mice and Men’. There is a very important reason he wrote the characters he did.

  1. Curley’s Wife - She remains nameless to show the role of women in 1930’s society; property of their husbands, brothers and fathers. Described as being a 'rattrap’ to highlight the injustice of women and their sexuality. Men were able to go to brothels but if a woman were to display her sexuality like Curley’s Wife, they would be shunned and thought less of. Curley’s Wife’s physical appearance and composure also emphasises the message of not to judge a book by it’s character, and though she comes across sexually promiscuous that image is later shot down and it is revealed that she just wanted attention and to be essentially loved. She is meant to come off cruel, she knows exactly who she can pick on and threaten (eg. Crooks when she threatens to get him lynched) and she plays at this to give her a sense of power that she craves in a patriarchal society. The saying “The bullied becomes the bully” fits her perfectly. She naively believes she will get off the ranch and become big, as promised by a man she met at a party, and believes that her story will end as planned. She speaks of her mother in a cruel way and explains that her mother didn’t want her to go to Hollywood and blames her for why she was at the ranch though the reader knows that her mother was in fact wise to the world around her and knew that the American Dream Curley’s Wife pit herself on was a facade to encourage people to keep plodding on despite the crumbling society for the poor around them. 
  2. Crooks - plays a large role in the theme of injustice in the book. Crooks character also remains nameless, maybe because the ranch workers didn’t bother to learn it because he was black (which already hints at the disrespect towards African Americans in the 1930’s and onwards) or possibly they were playing on his disability. Off the get go Crooks is portrayed as being standoff-ish towards the other workers as well as George and Lennie. This initially comes off as him thinking bigger of himself but you soon come to realise that infact Crooks isolation is a product of the society he was raised in (eg. segregation, black people had separate restaurants and toilets etc and Crooks slept by the horses, segregated from the white workers). Crooks is played down by the white workers who joke and threaten him but in the description of his room you find he is a smart (or seemingly so) man. He could read, he owned glasses, he kept his room neat and he had the state of California rights by his bed, he knew what he was entitled to, or what he would have been if he were white which fuels his justified hatred and displease to Lennie’s attempts at friendship and also justifies why he was angry when a white man entered his room when he wouldn’t have been able to enter a white man’s.
  3. Candy - we know straight away that Candy is old. This already tells us something about the themes of this book. Though he is a white man, Candy lives in fear of being left behind and forgotten because he knows soon enough he will become 'useless’. The American Dream stated that anyone could become big if they worked hard at it and Candy is the perfect representation of it’s failure. The Wall Street Crash of 1929 sparked the Great Depression and Candy seemingly struggles on through the hope that one day, he will be great. Candy is also disabled which lessens his likeliness of staying on the ranch long which is why he pins his hopes on the ranch George and Lennie could only dream of owning. In the beginning of the story, it is also important to notice that Candy’s dog, the only thing he loved, was put down for being a disturbance, this would also become the fate of George and Lennie’s friendship.
  4. Lennie and George - I put these two together because I feel they fit together better. George is essentially Lennie’s carer in the fact that anything Lennie does is in the responsibility of George; they travel together, they eat together and they work together, always having each others back. Though there is no description of how George and Lennie came to be close the reader knows that George will do anything to protect Lennie which leads to Lennie’s death. It is assumed that Lennie is mentally disabled and Steinbeck makes sure not to mention any evidence of this. He does this to create a larger sense of discrimination towards those physically but not mentally able to survive alone. George appears to know that Lennie is disabled but never addresses it simply dismaying Lennie’s unusual acts as being stupid and passing Lennie off to be stupid himself in the hope that doing so will prevent any prejudice against him. George knows how to make Lennie work and click which he does cruelly to his advantage in attacking Curley and breaking his hand. In the end of the story, there is a mob chasing Lennie, George knows that Lennie will die and may die a lot harsher than he would ever want for his best friend, so instead of letting him suffer he lets Lennie go to his happy place (which may represent the American Dream) and shoots him in the back of the head, killing him instantly. This parallels the killing of Candy’s dog and the theme of doing what is best for the people you love.
  5. Curley - he, although frustratingly annoying, is also an important role in presenting not the discrimination of the 1930’s but instead the privilege. He is a white male and appears to be financially stable, the dreams of many at the time. He has a wife, he has a roof over his head and he has a workforce to do his work, this opens up the gates for Curley. There is a possibility of him making it, even if it is small. However Curley is a small man, this could represent the emphasis on the minority group characters and their struggle. Lennie is able to hurt Curley, maybe Steinbeck was trying to hint that he wanted empowerment of the less fortunate and he was able to show this though Lennie’s strength. Saying that however, there is a reason Steinbeck chose Lennie instead of Crooks or Curley’s Wife, he wanted the empowerment of the less fortunate but he knew that African Americans and women would not have that power for a very long time. In the end, it is important to realise Curley lost something too. He lost his wife, however unloved she was, it was his bump in status removed from someone lower than him. This represents the failure of the American Dream at it’s finest, even though you were a white male with some money, the world may still be against you and you may not always make it or get what you want.

All in all, Steinbeck did not approve of his characters conditions at all. Instead he wrote a novel in hopes it would educate people of the society they lived in in the hopes it would spark a change.

TITLE: Silver Tongued Silence

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter 2 & 3

AUTHOR: Roozenboom

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine that as a fierce but mute warrior, you have always faced the brunt of Loki’s jokes regarding your capabilities. When Loki has his famous Silver Tongue locked by Odin as punishment for his crimes, guess who he has to turn to for help.



I want to quickly remind you that this story takes place just before, during and after Thor receives Mjölnir. I am following the Norse Mythology with this one. I hope you enjoy!

Chapter 2

Guarding was probably the most mundane part of my job. I disliked standing around, and had soon discovered that a mute guard wasn’t much of a guard either. It was not like I could just scream to my colleagues for help. That did not mean that I wasn’t going to do my duty though, just because something is challenging, does not make it impossible. I always carried a small, golden whistle around. It had been forged especially for me on Svartalfheim by the dwarves. The magic weaved through the gold allowed me to make a range of sounds, depending on the situation. I could pick from obnoxious and deafening to a soft warning.

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