dream stable

professor: so why were you late to class

me: i’m gonna be honest here and it is because someone on campus was walking their dog and i had to stop and pet it for a good ten minutes 

star stable: can make a pretty decent sidestory quest line in a couple of weeks/a month while micromanaging everything else in a weekly manner, churns out new horses without much difficulty in a fairly short amount of time, adds new attractive clothing often, pays attention to community events and social media accounts, (occasionally) listens to feedback, develops an app that allows you to raise a foal without difficulty, fixes glitches almost immediately, amazing cutscenes for such a limited engine, adds new animations to the player character and NPCS, basically the MMO Dream Team

also star stable: refuses to even touch the main story line for 3 years

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Name: Murphy

Nicknames: Murph? 

Star Sign: Sagittarius 

Height: 167 cm

Sexual Orientation: footballll

Hogwarts House: hufflepuff

Favorite Color: black and mint? i used to hate red but i use red everywhere now lol bayern

Favorite Animal: cat and goat!! raccoon too

Time Right Now: 5:02 pm

Cat or Dog Person: both but probably cat?

Favorite Fictional Character: umm corinthian from sandman? atticus from to kill a mocking bird? 

Favorite Singer/Band: x ambassadors, the killers, etc

Dream Trip: germany! poland! i can’t believe i’ve never been there

Dream Job: illustrator with stable job? haha i don’t want to be freelancer 

When Was This Blog Created: september 2016

Current Number of Followers: 463

What Made You Decide to Make a Tumblr: jona was talking about tumblr and i was like hmm maybe i should post something… and that continued :D

Why Did You Pick Your URL: my old twitter url was something with chew toy, so i kept the c and put inho at the back because marco reus’s url woodyinho was so cute XD

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Pre-MI6 Bond was a test subject for Project Somnacin, and one of the few agents who could maintain a stable dream. Even after the Project was discontinued, MI6 has 007 running a particular brand of interrogation: trial and error. Because when you die in a dream, you just wake up.

But Silva refuses to crack. And with the clock ticking, they must think of more creative ways find out what he’s done with the list. M wants an extraction. James believes it to be academic theory only. Q is an extremely quick study.

Based off Letters from Silberer by Fishwrites, illustrated by Bjodoodles. 

The gif of animated paintings comes from Beauty (Rino Stefano Tagliafierro), and I think Q would enjoy Caspar David Friedrich.

I’m pretty unshakable in my mindset of never wanting kids or marriage for the next 7-10 years. But tonight I had a moment and I thought about how old I am. 23. And I looked in the mirror at my messy after-work-bun and sweatpants and Disney Olaf crew neck. And I thought about how beautiful my life might be if I was married. About how I would have just tucked a little toddler in a bed somewhere. And how tired I was from such a long day of parenting. And how beautiful it would be in crawl in bed next my my husband.

And all of that hit me. All of that stability. And I let myself imagine a full life and I held onto that daydream tight. For just a little bit.

And now I’m melancholy for a life I don’t really want because even though I don’t want it. It’s a stable dream. Solid. Stable. There’s purpose to it. There’s a reason to wake up each day. A husband and a child and a happy little life.