dream sneaks

my dream is to somehow sneak one of those paintings you buy at Target maybe like, a wooden one with inspirational mom word art calligraphyed on, right, sneak that into the Chicago Art Museum, hang it up, see if anyone is confused.


she had the world || panic! at the disco

I dozed off for like 5-10 minutes and dreamt that when Uraraka was little, she would throw cookies and make them float so aliens could enjoy them x)

anonymous asked:

What do you think a crightmoss marriage would be like?

Hmmmm… I actually thought about this a little already.

I think what would happen is that they’d have a small wedding at the castle, and Cross and Nightmare both have really nice and fancy customized clothes for it but neither of them wanted to wear a dress so neither of them are.

Dream would sneak in wearing a cloak. He was actually invited, but was required to go undercover so no one would recognize him… or something.

Because they’re THEM, Nightmare and Cross didn’t invite a ton of people to the actual wedding, but then they have a reception later where more people were invited to attend. Regardless of what anyone may have said, Dream shows up anyway. But he brought food, so it was fine.

And in case anyone was wondering, Ink was NOT THE ONE WHO MARRIED THEM BECAUSE THAT WOULD BE A DISASTER (if anyone recalls the disaster that was the zephyrtop wedding)

Nightmare actually got someone who knew what the heck they were doing.

Ink still attended though. And Dream had to bribe him to make sure he stayed quiet.

And the evil Sans club was also there. Killer was fanboying the entire time.

I dunno, that’s all I thought of. XD


You sneaking heart,
dreaming of the Summer
you, wretched hands aching from
the cold

You live in this grief, you
who knit together bitter midnights
from your fallen eyelashes

You, who silenced all the orange trees

You lit those collapsed afternoons
on fire
created autumn
in a body longing
just to blossom

You named her daughter,
sung her a curse
loud with your coughing love

You couldn’t help
but lose

You, the one who
taught her hands
to grow

in the fall i feel like a renegade, bunched up skirts and eyelash glitter and flamboyant motels with strangely themed rooms, full of butterflies & dolls & taxidermied animals, hot ice cream sundaes dripping down my chin, the streets lit with gasoline and our mottled roadtrip dreams, sneaking into the car park at midnight with liquorice and whiskey and strawberries whipped with chocolate, counting the frogs and the stars and the colors in your eyes. the wind whispering of fairytales yet to be written.

On another note, I don’t fucking understand you two.
I’m glad It’s relatively impossible for me to replace her,
Because God knows what kind of hell I’d be living every day.
So I’m going to continue,
Every night,
Blissfully aware of how I’ve yet to cry over you.
And wait for another one of those dreams that sneak in,
Through my ears or nose or whatever,
Where you kiss me and I get the absolute pleasure to say no.
And where I then feel how hard it is to keep my word.
—  2 January 2017

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a year and half of nonstop work and my dream is finally complete! come frolic through the snowy forest with mayor lynne and her deer friends. every inch of the town has been decorated, including villagers’ homes and the police station. there are presents scattered around town, and plenty of clothes at the plaza. have fun exploring, and please post your pictures and tag with #girlsguidetopowertools!

note: as pictured, this town has hacks, but the hacks mostly consist of trees and bushes where they don’t belong. there are no collider problems if you’re sensitive to those.


Imagine being the Winchester’s little sister and being afraid of ghosts and when you wake up one night, because you had a bad dream about them, you sneak into your brothers’ room to take a look at your fathers diary. Later though you trip, causing them to wake up. 

Y/N: *trips* *makes noise*
Dean & Sam: *wake up*
Sam: Y/N?
Y/N: Oh, Sammy… *laughs in panic* You are awake?
Dean: I am too.
Y/N: *mumbles* Oh, great.
Sam: Y/N, what are you doing here?
Y/N: Nothing.
Dean: So why do you hold dad’s diary in your hand then?
Y/N: Well, uhm… coincidence?
Dean & Sam: Y/N?!
Y/N: Okay, fine. There’s something I have to tell you two.

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