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warinmind  asked:

Hey hey do you know any websites/scholarships/aid for undocumented students? Thank you!

so i asked one of my friends about scholarships and this is what she responded, i hope it helps :

“E4FC: http://www.e4fc.org/resources/scholarshiplists.html MALDEF: http://www.maldef.org/leadership/scholarships/index.html UCLA DREAM RESOURCE CENTER: http://labor.ucla.edu/what-we-do/dream-resource-center/ ACT ON A DREAM: http://www.actonadream.org/resources/scholarships/ CHIRLA: http://www.chirla.org/ MERIT AID: http://www.meritaid.com/ FASTWEB: http://www.fastweb.com/ QUICK NOTE: For undocumented students applying, make sure to inform them to double check (call/email/go in person to the org) the requirements. Sometimes, Requirements will state that they need to be a U.S. Citizen or Resident in order for the org to get their Tax Break. If this is the case, tell students/applicants to ask the org if they can use their/or parent’s ITIN number (used for filing taxes) instead (of a social security number/proof of residence/citizenship.)” and if you google “nafa selected funding opportunities for non us citizens” the first link is a PDF for another list of scholarships. good luck :) if other folks know of more please share