dream relief day


“She is so beautiful.”

Hour of Levithan!  High in its temple.  Buried in the citadel.  Gateway between that burns & shines - They’d always been drawn to it. Otherwise drawn away.  Receptacle of affirmations & disasters. Thrives on chaos.  Unafraid to die with that logic.  Ruptured inner turmoil & gut instinct … Lactating for years without relief: Dreaming days staves off the pain.  Secretions drawn down in dark where it is of little mind to ever awaken.  When finally they milk the Wyrm.  Engorged with rotting enzymes; curdled, putrescent.   Feeding on layers of maggot-cheese.  Shamans stoke fires in order to return it to its liquescence.  Soon, breaking the behemoth free of its slumbering form, they start to drink milk straight from its heated flesh … In a vision that both penetrates & absolves.  Leviathan, set free in catacombs of mind, erects its lowly shrine.  Built upon insect races that have lorded over its bloatedness.  Followed by blood beasts who stab it with their erections.  A new breed clinging to a realization. Awakening in a panic to hear them gnawing bones in the dark. Dragged back from the land where cannibalistic fears were setting in. Following its path of blood.  Before gods are without temples or shrines.  Now discovering this: Sac of fluid.  Fated chrysalis.  Undead maligner.  Tossed between shores.  Into gateways.  Across the abyss: Many entrances, but only one exit.  There is only so far it can go in this life even though its life does not end.  While all the knowledge that it protects is dispelled in a moment.  Aeons holding on to sediment & memory as if a lasting thing.  Matter devours consciousness, clinging as it rots: Fruiting ideas that don’t get far until discovered for oneself - Nature’s ghost, corrosively pungent, enters through the nose or mouth.  Those who refuse to accept her ways consider the outcome monstrous.  Passing by without spreading their wings: To fan flames that never burned.  Fear of death & all human traits besides.  Few who went looking ever had the courage to stay.  Or stayed too long.  The abyss opened up for them & showed them how to breathe.  Convergent with death.  Life has corrupted its seed; germinates indifferently.  Compounded by faith in rare things.  Destruction of the intellect.  Threshold of utterance gone undetermined.  No way to calculate its passing or describe the transformation of newly begotten souls.  To writhe out of darkness of the land & penetrate, with violence, all complacent voyeurs & bystanders.  Those who called it monstrous when it is truly free - Storm without consent, fans flames of evidence.  Nature’s ghost permeating matter’s worth.  Risen from its shell.  Dripping gold. Emblazoned with its story, never told.  A fine host, but lives alone. Traveling in dimensions of which it is the sole transferant.

What DREAM Relief Day looked like from Los Angeles (Storify)

The sun was not kind to those waiting in line today.


As part of our extensive coverage of National DREAM Relief Day, we went to one of the several centers in L.A. where DREAMers can apply for deferred action, starting today. It’s just a snapshot of what was happening in help centers and lawyers’ offices around the country, as thousands of young, undocumented immigrants begin the application process to obtain relief from deportation. Here is a collection of our live-tweets from earlier today.

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