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Dream Work Correspondences Masterpost


  • Agate: induces dreams, prevent nightmares
  • Albite: dreams, lucid dreaming, astral projection
  • Amethyst: vivid dreams, prevents insomnia, prevents nightmares, dream divination
  • Ametrine: helps to understand dreams
  • Angel Phantom Quartz: general dream work, lucid dreaming, angel communication, prevents nightmares
  • Angelite: astral projection
  • Benitoite: astral travel
  • Black Tourmaline: induces sleep, prevents nightmares
  • Blue Apatite: dreams that will help solve problems creatively, induce happy dreams
  • Blue Calcite: astral travel, induces dreams
  • Bustamite: induces dreams
  • Calcite: induces dreams
  • Chrysoprase: peaceful sleep, prevents nightmares
  • Clear Quartz: induce dreams, astral travel, dream recall, vivid dreams
  • Danburite: induces sleep, lucid dreaming
  • Dioptase: vivid dreams
  • Dream Quartz: dream enhancement, dream divination, healing dreams, prevents nightmares, past life work via dreams, dream manifestation, astral travel
  • Emerald: general dreamwork, prevents nightmares
  • Fluorite: protection during sleep, prevents nightmares, promotes deep sleep
  • Garnet: induces dreams
  • Goshenite: induces dreams
  • Green Jade: general dream work, dream divination, dream recall
  • Hemimorphite: entering the dream state, dream divination and visions, angel and spirit communication in sleep and dreams
  • Herkimer Diamond: general dream work, astral travel, induces dreams, vivid dreams, lucid dreaming, dream recall
  • Holley Blue Agate: general dreamwork
  • Iolite: aids with sleep disorders, induces sleep, astral projection
  • Jet: astral projection, protection in sleep
  • Labrodite: astral travel, vivid dreams, aids in dream interpretation
  • Lazulite: general dream work, astral travel, dream recall, lucid dreaming
  • Lepidolite: aids with sleep disorders, prevents nightmares, prevents confusion in dreams
  • Malachite: prevent nightmares, halts repeating nightmares, dream recall, induce sleep
  • Moldavite: entering dream state, dream messages, vivid dreams, enhancing dream work and dream spells, guidance through dreams
  • Moonstone: brings dreams, lucid dreaming, peaceful sleep, prevents insomnia
  • Muscovite: aids with sleep disorders, sleep inducement
  • Opal: astral travel, brings happy dreams
  • Peacock Obsidian: astral travel
  • Picture Jasper: general dream work, brings dreams of memories
  • Purple Jade: induces dreams
  • Prehnite: dreams, dream recall
  • Rhodizite: astral travel
  • Rhodonite: general dream work, lucid dreaming, helps with interpreting messages of dreams
  • Rose Quartz: prevents insomnia, pleasant dreams
  • Sapphire: astral travel, dream recall
  • Scolecite: induce sleep, dream recall, lucid dreaming, messages from dreams
  • Smoky Quartz: induces dreams, prevents nightmares
  • Sphene: dream recall
  • Stilbite: induces dreams
  • Sugilite: induces dreams
  • Tabular: astral travel
  • Zircon: induces sleep


  • African Dream Bean: lucid dreaming, spirit communication through dreams
  • Anise: prevents nightmares
  • Ash: prevents nightmares, dream divination
  • Ashwagandha: induce sleep
  • Bay: general dream work and spells, dream divination
  • Blue Lotus: prevents insomnia, induces sleep, lucid dreaming
  • Bracken: bright dreams with answers to problems, protection in sleep, prevents nightmares
  • Buchu: dream divination
  • *California Poppy: induces sleep, prevent insomnia
  • Clary Sage: vivid dreams, strange dreams
  • Cayenne: induces sleep, prevents nightmares
  • Cedar: prevents nightmares, strengthens psychic powers in sleep, protection when sleeping
  • Chamomile: induces calming sleep, prevents nightmares
  • Cinquefoil: brings restful sleep, dream divination
  • **Datura: lucid dreaming
  • Flax: prevents nightmares
  • Garlic: prevents nightmares, protection during sleep, induces sleep
  • Ginkgo Biloba: induce dreams, vivid dreams
  • **Heliotrope: dream divination
  • **Holly: dream divination
  • Huckleberry: make dreams come true
  • *Hyacinth: nightmare prevention, helps one to recover after a nightmare
  • Jasmine: restful sleep, pleasant dreams, induces sleep, induces dreams, dream divination
  • *Kava Kava: induces sleep (do not use if you have liver issues or on prescriptions!)
  • *Kanna: prevents nightmares
  • Lady’s Slipper: induces sleep, prevents nightmares
  • Lavender: induces sleep, prevents insomnia
  • Lemon Balm: induces sleep, refreshing sleep, prevents nightmares
  • Lemon Verbena: dreamless sleep, dream suppression
  • Lemongrass: dream inducement
  • Magnolia Bark: induces sleep
  • **Mandrake: sleep inducement, protection during sleep, dream divination
  • Marigold: dream divination, protection from dream magick and spells
  • *Mexican Dream Herb: clearer dreams, dream memory, lucid dreaming
  • Mimosa: dream divination
  • **Mistletoe: prevent nightmares, prevent insomnia
  • *Morning Glory: prevent nightmares
  • Mugwort: dream divination, astral projection, lucid dreaming, psychic and spiritual dreams
  • Mullein: prevents nightmares, protection during sleep, keeps nocturnal demons at bay
  • Mustard Seed: prevents nightmares
  • Onion: dream divination, protection during sleep
  • Passionflower: sleep inducement, calm dreams
  • Peony: protects from nocturnal demons notably incubi
  • Peppermint: dream divination, induces sleep
  • *Poppy Seeds: vivid dreams, induces sleep
  • Purslane: prevent reoccurring nightmares, keep away nocturnal spirits
  • Rose: induces dreams of love, dream divination in terms of romance and love
  • Rosemary: prevent nightmares, protection during sleep, past life work in dreams
  • Sage: peaceful calm dreams, helaing in dreams, prevents nightmares
  • Siberian Ginseng: induces sleep, prevents nightmares
  • *Skullcap: prevents nightmares
  • St. John’s Wort: dream divination in terms of love
  • *Tobacco: prevents nightmares
  • Valerian Root: lucid dreaming, sleep inducement, dream recall
  • Vervain: prevents nightmares, dream divination
  • Wild Asparagus: dream inducement, lucid dreaming, flight in sleep, astral travel
  • Wood Betony: prevent nightmares, protection during sleep
  • Yarrow: dream divination

**poisonous, do not eat!

*potentially toxic or dangerous, use with caution!


  • Almonds: induces sleep[, induces dreams
  • Banana: induces sleep, promotes painless sleep, induces sleep
  • Blueberries: induces dreams
  • Cherry: induces dreams, induces sleep
  • Chicken: induces dreams, lucid dreams
  • Dairy Products: induces sleep
  • Eggs: induces dreams
  • Halibut: induces sleep
  • Kale: induces sleep
  • Kidney Beans: lucid dreaming
  • Lamb: lucid dreaming
  • Lettuce: induces sleep
  • Oats/Oatmeal: induces dreams
  • Passion Fruit: induces sleep, prevents insomnia
  • Pistachios: induces sleep
  • Pretzels: induces sleep
  • Pumpkin Seeds: lucid dreaming
  • Red Radish: vivid dreams
  • Shrimp: vivid dreams, induces dreams
  • Soy Sauce: induces dreams
  • Soybeans: lucid dreaming
  • Sunflower Seeds: vivid dreams
  • Tofu (cooked): lucid dreaming
  • Tomato: induces sleep
  • Tuna: induces sleep
  • Turkey: induces sleep, induces dreams, lucid dreaming
  • Rice: Induces sleep
  • Salmon: Induces sleep


  • Bat: dreaming
  • Beavers: subconscious thoughts, dreams
  • Groundhog: heightens dreams and states of mind
  • Leopard: communication in dreams, movement in dreams, sensitivity of the unconscious mind
  • Lizard: “Dream Walker”; dream messages, represents the dream realm
  • Lynx: insight of dreams, unconscious knowledge, dream interpretation
  • Mink: understanding your dreams while dreaming
  • Owl: messages through dreams, astral projection
  • Spiders: prevents nightmares, wards off evil and harm during sleep
  • Swan: dream interpretation, dream recall

Essential Oils:

  • Anise: induces sleep
  • Catnip: vivid dreams
  • Cedarwood: vivid dreams
  • Cinnamon: vivid dreams
  • Clove: induces sleep
  • Clary Sage: induces sleep
  • Eucalyptus: vivid dreams
  • Helichrysum: prevents insomnia, induces dreams
  • Jasmine: induces dreams
  • Junipher: vivid dreams
  • Lavender: induces dreams, lucid dreaming
  • Lemon Balm: vivid dreams
  • Mugwort: lucid dreaming, astral projection
  • Nutmeg: vivid dreams
  • Orange: vivid dreams
  • Palo Santo: induces sleep
  • Patchouli: lucid dreaming
  • Peppermint: vivid dreams
  • Rose: induces sleep, lucid dreaming, dreams related to love
  • Rosemary: vivid dreams
  • Sandalwood: induces sleep
  • Yarrow: vivid dreams
  • Ylang Ylang: vivid dreams


  • Ambergris: induces dreams
  • Bay: dream divination, brings visions
  • Cedar: prevents nightmares
  • Dittany of Crete: astral projection
  • Jasmine: dream divination, astral projection
  • Lavender: induces sleep
  • Opium: dream divination, lucid dreaming, induces dreams, induces sleep, dream spells of all kinds
  • Passionflower: induces sleep
  • Rose: dream divination
  • Rosemary: induces sleep, pleasant dreams, prevents nightmares
  • Sandalwood: astral projection

*Burn incense with caution please. Burn it before going to bed and make sure it is extinguished before you go to sleep for safety reasons.*


  • Silver: prevent nightmares, protection during sleep, induces dreams, psychic dreams, visions, dream divination


  • Blue: astral projection
  • Indigo: dream divination
  • Silver: dreams
  • Yellow: dream divination, creative vivid dreams
Past Life Dreams: Signs

Sings that you have had a past life dream:

  1. Heightened senses.
  2. Extremely vivid.
  3. Unforgettable; easily recalled.
  4. Things are seen in groups of threes.
  5. Presence of circular geometry.
  6. Historical detail.
  7. If the dream reoccurs, the events remain unchanged.
  8. Show origins of physical, spiritual, and/or emotional issues.
  9. You look different.
The highly sensitive [introverted] tend to be philosophical or spiritual in their orientation, rather than materialistic or hedonistic. They dislike small talk. They often describe themselves as creative or intuitive. They dream vividly, and can often recall their dreams the next day. They love music, nature, art, physical beauty. They feel exceptionally strong emotions–sometimes acute bouts of joy, but also sorrow, melancholy, and fear. Highly sensitive people also process information about their environments–both physical and emotional–unusually deeply. They tend to notice subtleties that others miss–another person’s shift in mood, say, or a lightbulb burning a touch too brightly.
—  Susan Cain, Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking


Some people asked because of my TONGUE IN CHEEK POST about it the other night, well!!! all it is, is being consciously aware that you’re dreaming. You can kinda train your brain to do it and it’s fukken awesome ok!  I learned from a bunch of books I got out from the library one summer back in high school and I have kept up all the habits since then until shit got weird but we don’t talk about that

sometimes you get to a point where you can control your dream and force yourself to dream about a certain thing . either way it’s really damn neat to just have conscious awareness while you’re asleep and if nothing else, it’s something fun to do that doesn’t cost anything.

I got into it a few years before Inception came out, if you can believe it. So when that movie came out talking about the same ideas my mind was  blown 

First things first:


This is your ability to actually remember your dreams. Because imagine, even if you end up having a lucid dream,  what’s the point if you completely forget it as soon as you’re awake? Some people think they don’t dream anymore but it isn’t true, everyone dreams. Some people just don’t remember.

So Write down  all your dreams, anything that you can remember as soon as you wake up.

I just text it to myself first thing in the morning and usually they’re super disjointed and barely readable but it’s just enough to have me remember them again. even if you can only remember little snippets, the more you do this the better you can get at remembering.


Dream cues are these little things that make you realize you’re asleep because they differ between reality and your dreams. They’re kind of like triggers that will make you realize you’re dreaming. The idea is to check in on these cues even when you’re awake, so that when it becomes a habit in real life, it will become a habit when you’re asleep.

It’s also a good way to check if you’re actually awake because sometimes dreams are super realistic. I’ve had a lot of dreams where I woke up in my bed, then did the reality check only to figure out I was dreaming.

Different people have different ones but there’s some common ones:

-mirrors: In real life you look like yourself. in a dream you’ll look like a really distorted version of yourself or like a completely different person. I don’t recommend this one because what you see in the mirror might freak you out into just waking up lol

-counting your fingers and seeing more or less than the amount of fingers you have

-electronics that don’t work

-text that changes when you read it, look away and then read it again

-dim lights [i hate light dimmers for this reason eugh]

-loose teeth

My personal ones are the and fingers and the changing text! So in real life, I count my fingers, and read some text, look away and read it again to see if it changes.

If I have more than 5 fingers, I realize I’m asleep and that’s where the lucid part starts.

Personally for me, all of these have served as dream cues, but these two are the ones that i literally check on. Another big one for me is if my teeth are loose, it’s an automatic cue for knowing I’m asleep.


So you made a habit out of checking in on your dream cues and writing down your dreams. Now how do you actually do this thing….

There are some REALLY SPECIFIC METHODS To inducing a lucid dream . Some people practice one method that brings you from wakefulness directly into a dream, with NO LOSS OF CONSCIOUSNESS. I find this a little rarer but it’s definitely happened to me

Others have the method where you fall asleep as usual, end up in a dream, and then your consciousness wakes up while you’re in the dream. This is more common I think.

my sleep science might be off but this is it as I’ve understood it.

so the general method is to go to bed super early. like 9pm. And set your alarm for Stupid O Clock. I am talking some ungodly hour that you will never be up, like 4:30.

Reason being: You will literally never go to sleep and immedeitly start dreaming. You have to have been asleep for a few hours, having gotten a few sleep cycles in. The longer you sleep, the deeper your sleep cycles run and the more restful sleep you’ll have as the night goes on. It’s only in the later sleep cycles that you start to dream.

This is the reason you’re groggy in the morning [you were just in the middle of your deepest sleep cycle] but not groggy at all if you wake up at like 12

So the goal is to wake up right before you’re gonna go into a deep sleep cycle.

Stay awake for a few minutes, go to the bathroom or something, read some stuff on lucid dreaming on your phone… You want to wake up your brain so that your mind is conscious and running even though you’re dead tired.

Now you can go back to sleep, and the conditions are pretty much met for having a lucid dream.

SO GENERALLY NOW, it’s really likely that you’re gonna have a regular dream.

But if you’ve been making a habit out of doing your dream cues/reality checks while you’re awake, at some point you’re gonna do it while you’re asleep.

stuff from the waking world carries over into dreamtown. it’s the same reason you’ll have super realistic dreams about your job or people you know.

IT’S ACTUALLY SUPER COOL When you do your dream-cues and you see different results from real life. Like I’ll count my fingers and realize there’s 6 of them and be like Ohhh shit! I’m asleep! Time to go wild.

Usually I just fly around like a motherfucker but it’s so cool to be your exact same self who is able to think about your family/friends/homework/life/memes except you’re flying


OK SO NOW THAT YOU’RE AWAKE while dreaming, you can  try controlling your dream. This is a bit harder to explain but in my opinion it’s as easy as focusing/dwelling on what you want to do..kind of like repeating a mantra mentally.

Like lets say you’re dreaming and you come across a house. As you’re walking towards it, tell yourself “Captain Kirk is in this house and we’re gonna have the time of our damn life.” TELL YOURSELF WITH CONVICTION! BELIEVE IT! CAPTAIN KIRK IS IN THE HOUSE! OVER AND OVER!

also try practising controlling on little things first. Like point to the sky and say “brighter” or “more purple” or “bluer” or think “I want it to be night time instead" and it SHOULD change.


There’s 2 tricks I know of that will keep you in a dream for longer when you feel like you’re about to wake up and you don’t want to.

One is spinning: If you feel yourself waking up, try spinning around on the spot till you’re dizzy. Things will blur around you and then they will clear up and get super sharp! Especially spinning while crouching. I have no idea why this works, but it does and others have said the same thing.

The other is, when you feel like things are getting blurry, focus on ONE spot in the dream. I usually crouch and like, stare at the details and texture of the road really really close up. For some reason, pinpointing your focus on one little thing will refocus the dream.



Honestly the more you read about lucid dreaming, the more likely you are to have one for yourself..Even by reading this you’re more likely to have one. It’s weird, but it works. When I would regularly read books on the topic they’d say the same thing and it was true. It’s kind of like, the fact that you’re aware that it can happen makes it likely to happen..

SO YEAH, before you go to sleep or when you wake up at 4 in the morning, google it, see what others have to say. Get your brain in gear for it. there’s lots of posts online that will probably talk about the same stuff that I have here but this is my legit personal experience with it and stuff over the years.


The highly sensitive [introverted] tend to be philosophical or spiritual in their orientation, rather than materialistic or hedonistic. They dislike small talk. They often describe themselves as creative or intuitive. They dream vividly, and can often recall their dreams the next day. They love music, nature, art, physical beauty. They feel exceptionally strong emotions–sometimes acute bouts of joy, but also sorrow, melancholy, and fear. Highly sensitive people also process information about their environments–both physical and emotional–unusually deeply. They tend to notice subtleties that others miss–another person’s shift in mood, say, or a lightbulb burning a touch too brightly.
—  Susan Cain, from ‘The Power of Introverts’

K.A.R.D aims for most extra group of the year as they collab with Youtube MV theorist Dream Teller to explain “Don’t Recall” MV Theory on their official channel with Eng Subs!

Are you loving this group more for explaining their mvs to you?

The Wiccan’s Glossary

Celesitite, sometimes called ‘The Stone of Heaven’ because its Latin name comes from the word ‘heaven,’ is a stone of heavenly peace, celestial feelings of safety, feelings of divine protection and connections, especially with angels, ambrosial restfulness and sleep, and is truly befitting of its ‘celestial name’.

It wards from nightmares, helps with dream recall, and emotional rehabilitation.

Celestite is an excellent choice for clearing and balancing the chakras. It is associated with the throat charka.

Elements - Air, Water
Chakra - Throat
Zodiac - Libra, Cancer
Planets - Neptune, Venus

Quick Tips to Improve Dream Recall

Remain in bed for a few minutes after you awake. Rather than probing your mind for the dreams, allow them to flow back through you. Try to maintain a clear mind; don’t let any worries of the day interfere. Switching positions and lying in each for a few moments might help trigger the dream memory by association with how you were sleeping while actually having the dream. 

Keep a dream journal. After mentally recounting your dreams, input in your journal any that come to mind, even if they are only fragments. Make notes as to what you think the dream may have stemmed from.

Keep an open mind. Don’t impose your notion of reality on the dream world, this makes it more difficult to interpret what happened when you come back. Practice understanding and expressing what you feel more than what you see. Also, don’t be afraid of what you might experience through your dreams.

Eat brain food and hydrate. Nourish your brain with natural, healthy foods. Drink plenty of water! Drink a glass right before bed. I know what you’re thinking: “But then I’m going to have to get up in the middle of the night to pee.” Good. Not only will you be thoroughly hydrated right before sleeping through the night, which is important to overall health, the possibility of needing to wake up and pee gives you an opportunity to wake in the middle of a dream with it fresh on your mind. I’ve found this encourages recall in many circumstances, even if it sometimes interrupts your dreams. 

Maintain a regular sleep cycle. Going to sleep and waking around the same time every day makes recalling dreams easier. Additionally, observing a healthy sleep cycle will regulate the production of melatonin and other sleep related chemicals that help induce dreams. 

Create a ritual for before and/or after sleeping. If you work with witchcraft, devise a spell to encourage dream production and recall. A follow up ritual could proceed the following morning and assist accessing the dream memories. Otherwise, simply having a glass of chamomile tea at night and meditating upon waking is always agreeable. 

Be aware that certain drugs, illicit and prescribed, can impede dream recall. While I do not suggest going off of any prescribed medication without the approval of a doctor, a common culprit of the illicit persuasion is marijuana (I guess it isn’t even illicit in some places anymore, but for me it still is). If you smoke marijuana recreationally, try not to smoke 2-6 hours before going to sleep or abstain altogether for a few days. From personal experience, I can say this does wonders for dream recall. 


Later, after Mulder has finally caved to Byers’s insistence that sleep is, in fact, necessary, Will comes back into the living room and sits where his father had been.

Scully’s awake now, has been awake for a while. She’d heard Will and Mulder’s conversation earlier, though she hadn’t realized until now — seeing Will’s face — that it really happened. This last day and night feel like a dream, recalled in flashes.

Quietly Will says, “Dad thinks it’s my fault.”

She sighs. “I very much doubt that.”

“I don’t even remember what happened,” he says, his voice plaintive, sounding much younger than sixteen.

“I know that, Will. And your dad knows that too.” She considers this, and then amends it: “Or he will tomorrow.”

Will snorts. “Sometimes he’s just…” He kicks at the bottom of the couch and glances at her sidelong. “Sorry.”

“You’re fine,” she says gently. “I didn’t always get along with my father either.”

Will’s eyes are piercing. “You never talk about him.”

“It’s hard.” She swallows. “I admired him very much. And he…I think he was always a little ashamed of me.” Maybe she’s never said those words out loud before. They’re painful coming out.

“But you’re a doctor.”

“Yes, and then I abandoned my medical training to work for the FBI. He couldn’t understand that.”

“Why not? It’s badass.”

“He was from a different time, Will. He didn’t think it was an appropriate line of work for a woman.”

He frowns. “Your parents should be proud of you no matter what. Unless you’re like, an ax murderer.”

“I’ve thought a lot about this since he passed, and you’ll learn this on your own too, but—” Scully hesitates and looks away, focusing on the embers glowing in the woodstove. She can still feel her son’s eyes on her. “When you’re grown up, you realize that your parents aren’t the heroes or the villains you believed them to be. And you have to find a way to forgive them for being the people they are, for raising you the way they did.” She closes her eyes. “I know it’s hard. You’re learning these lessons much earlier than I had to.”

It’s been so many years since her father died; the emotions shouldn’t be so close to the surface. She had been twenty-nine. That sounds so impossibly young now. She had seen so little of the world.

She got old fast, those years on the X-files. There are days when she feels the weight of a thousand lives’ worth of burdens. There are days when she still chokes on the knowledge that her father will never, ever tell her he is proud of her.

It’s a struggle to sit up, but she eventually manages. Will re-arranges the blankets over her and she smiles at him in thanks, then nods toward the bookshelf. “Bring that big one over here?”

Will examines the books, then pulls a particularly thick, dusty tome off the middle shelf. He wrinkles his nose. “This one?”

“That’s it.”

He hands it to her, then sits on the floor and leans against the couch, stretching his legs out long. Scully rests the book in her lap. It’s heavy; it smells like home.

He says, “You used to read to me all the time.”

“My father read this to me,” Scully says softly. “A few times, actually.”

Will closes his eyes.

The sun has gone down and the only light is the fire, flickering low. She squints and traces the words with her fingertips, but she knows the beginning by heart. Aloud she reads, “Call me Ishmael.”


WORMS: Symbols of death and decay. This isn’t always literal and could represent the death or decay or a relationship or financial stability

INSECTS: Dream symbols for small children. Killing insects in dreams can often be recalling childhood hostility towards a sibling

WASP: A wasp building a nest can be symbolic of home and can also indicate difficulties in spiritual progress.

FLY: Flies may represent nagging and persistent issues, people or situations.

BUTTERFLY: Can represent the whole psyche and for the Ancient Greeks Psyche meant both butterfly and soul. The symbol is also a sign of resurrection when appearing from its chrysalis

TOADS & FROGS: Represent darker impulses or the unconscious. A person transforming into or from a frog or toad may express doubts of a persons true identity 

WOLF: The wolf can symbolise the savagery of uncontrolled impulses, alternatively however a wolf can also be a symbol of self- fulfilment from a solitary quest

LEOPARD: Leopards are cautionary dream symbols suggestion aggressive or otherwise unruly instincts cannot be overcome.

PIG: Symbol of gluttony, ignorance, egoism and filth. The animal may invoke dark urges.

DOG: Universal symbolism as humanity’s faithful companions and guides however if the dog is vicious it can symbolise the assault of untamed instincts.

WHALE: Symbolise the womb

SHARK: Symbol of death and destruction. Its open jaws may represent the female genitals or dreams of castration anxiety.

What Other animals would you like to know about?

A odd thing has been happening to me for the past few nights. I think i’ve developed a habit of waking up at 3am and think of you. How weird, it’s something that’s occurring to me ever since you became just a memory of a time of happiness in my life. The first time it happened, I first dreamed of your face. The way the corners of your eyes would wrinkle up and a shadow of a dimple would appear on each side of your wide smile as you looked down into my eyes. The second time it happened, I dreamed of your touch, I felt how you would wrap your hands around me and hugged me, even though I claimed that I hated it. Every night, dreaming first, then thinking of what ifs. Yesterday, I dreamed of you telling me that it was over, leaving me alone once again. Although, in this dream, I couldn’t recall exactly how your voice sounded like. And I woke up and sat up thinking of your laugh, one of the few things that I still haven’t forgotten about you.
—  1:04
Keeping Track of Your Dreams

As a clairvoyant, I’ve been working on finally recognizing what I’ve suppressed for so long. I have been so used to playing down visions or other symbols that will come to me, and now that I’ve been embracing what’s going on, there’s a few things that I’ve learned.

You know the cute little Disney song that says “a dream is a wish your heart makes”? That can be true, but in order to understand these wishes, you need to be aware of what’s going on. Not someone who can do lucid dreaming or who has a desire to? Keep track of it however you feel is best, whether it’s mental notes, physical notes, songs, poems, etc. I keep track of it in my Book of Shadows, but that’s just what works for me and it isn’t the only or “proper” way.

Look up symbols for dream interpretation. Usually symbols that pop up in your dreams are metaphor for something deeper, so looking up that symbol can aide you to understanding what’s going on. This is a good go to, and usually easily accessible through a search engine. Eventually you’ll be able to understand what messages you’re being sent without having to look it up, but just starting out, this is a good guide.

Always trust yourself. If you think you know what a symbol means for your life, go with it. Sometimes there are symbols that don’t have an interpretation that you think it means for you, or sometimes it’s something specific. Go with it and don’t doubt that.

If you want to travel to an astral space in your sleep, focus on the intent before you fall asleep. I usually sleep with my BoS for energy, along with stones and crystals that I pick to aid in what I want to see that night. It’s going to take time for something like this to happen, so if you go to sleep with the intent and wind up not astral traveling that night, shake it off, and rest. It takes a lot of energy and power to do that and you have to work on channeling to get to that space for a concentrated period of time.

The unconscious is a period of time where one can focus and see things that aren’t always apparent in the physical waking world. Being in that space gives you time to heal from things that are going on in the physical realm, and it also gives you the opportunities to find out more about what’s affecting you in the physical realm. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Let things come to you, and work on gathering and channeling the energy from whatever source you have to go to those things at will. This can also be done at low energy, as that’s something I often face, it usually just takes more time. It’ll happen when it needs to happen for you, and however it comes to you may be different from how it comes to other people. It’s just as valid and real.

Accept when you make something happen or see something or recognize something in the dream realm. Don’t chalk it up to just coincidence and luck. You’ve done work too, and that matters.

Five More Days

Have a little angsty idea - this fic is far from complete, just giving a light scribble of the first part.

“What is your biggest dream?” she recalled Maui asked her.

An image of thrilling adventure flashed in her mind, sending adrenaline rush through her vein. Her head filled with enigmas of thousand uncharted island, the deepest secret of the ocean and many other the conundrum of the universe that was waiting to be uncovered.

Moana knew from the start she wanted to feel the danger and taste the fear of the unknown, to know the limit of the sky, and to test how far she could go. But unexpectedly, time and place had changed her expectation and altered her fate.

Her dream would never be the same anymore.

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Stones for Empaths

Rose Quartz: helps push away negativity, provides a bit of extra energy, excellent for grounding.

Black Tourmaline: protects from negative energy

Amethyst: helps to heighten and sharpen an empath’s intuition

Lepidolite: eases any anxieties empaths have when around other people. This crystal is well known for its power, peace, and its ability to promote luck, love, and sleep.

Malachite: removes emotional blockages and helps calm when you are in a stressful situation. Absorbs any negative feeling you might hold inside of you.

Amazonite: helps balance emotions.

Obsidian: repels negative energy, grounds you, and balances emotions.

Citrine: repels negative energy. Relieves depression and mood swings. Opens the mind to new thoughts, helps with dream recall, and increases self esteem.

We forget our dreams for a reason: in the near future, memory enhancement therapies allow everyone to fully recall every dream they’ve ever had. Across the entire human race, disturbing patterns and implications emerge that were previously hidden by the unappreciated bliss of forgetfulness.

Once you awaken, you will have no interest in judging those who sleep. Every sin, error, accusation and judgment, regardless of form, is forgiven. That is why your awakening is what is required for the world to be healed. The healed mind realizes that the figures in our dreams are made real, defined, and given power by us. All the pain, suffering, stress and anxiety in our minds is caused by our reactions to these figures. Once the lesson that we are simply reacting to figures in our dreams is recalled, we are released from all we thought they did to us. We recognize that – because we have done this to ourselves – we also have the power to undo what we have done.

When your brother or sister tries to pull you into their dreams, remember that you are awake. Do not judge your brothers and sisters simply for dreaming. Would you judge your children for screaming in their sleep, or would you hold and comfort them? Would you scold your children for kicking you while asleep, or would you simply turn them around? Would you laugh at your children if they described the monsters in their dreams, or would you turn the light on and let them see for themselves that there are no such things? Do this, and peace will embrace you.

You are now awakening. Your brother and sister may need a little more sleep before they choose to awaken. Let them sleep. Soon they will awaken and will join you on your journey. Your reunification with your brother and sister will open your heart’s gate. Do not be afraid to take the final steps, for your true home is never dark or empty. Your home is forever lit by love and filled with peace.

—  James Blanchard • “You Have Chosen To Remember”

As someone who has grown up with a life quite like Orihime’s where family and finances were… limited... at best, I want to give my input on her “dropping out of college

This is not bad.

It isn’t the end of the world. In fact, it’s smart for someone in her position. As we all know budgeting wisely is insanely important. And if any Bleach charactre would know how to properly budget their money, it would be miss Orihime Inoue. 

Soon to be Kurosaki.

Ahem. Moving on.

Let us also note that a good portion of people drop-out because they can’t afford to always go to school.

And don’t forget, she is working at a real bakery! Not just some in-store bakery either! Which is one of her dreams you’ll recall, if we re-visit the “Five Lifetimes one Love” speech she made so long ago. 

I also imagine with what education she got, she gained the skills needed to progress on her own anyway. That itself is just as likely to work out - with a bit more elbow grease on her part, mind you - as if she were to continue with her formal education. 

My point is: Orihime deciding to put her education on hold is not a bad thing at all


WAXING- The time from the new moon through to the first quarter, to the full moon. It corresponds to the Maiden aspect of the Triple Goddess. 

FULL MOON - This is when the moon is fully illuminated. It corresponds to the mother aspect of the Triple Goddess. 

WANING- The time from the full moon, through the last quarter, to the new moon. It corresponds to the Crone aspect of the Triple Goddess. 

Each phase effects the energy of the earth and different moon phases can strengthen spells;

WAXING- good for spells and rituals involving growth, strengthening and increasing things. E.G - Artistic creation, Career advancements, Gardening spells, friendship, happiness, protection and weight gain

FULL- Said to increase a witchs psychic power and therefore good for performing divination’s, rituals to increase psychic and dream recall. Full moons are also said to enhance spells that involve creativity, nurturing and sensuality. E.G- Beauty and health, blessings, omens and spirit conjurations

WANING- A good time to correct or reverse a spell and to decrease, banish or destroy things. E.G To reverse bad luck, bindings, breaking curses or hexes, overcoming fears, weight loss and to banish nightmares

New moons- great for forgiveness and quests.