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Eyes Are Mosaics - A mix of dream pop old & new

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This mix features songs containing elements of or similar to the original themes of dream pop/’ethereal’ music (e.g. effect laden voices; manipulated guitar; emphasis on overall immersive atmosphere and (optionally) electronic, gothic and/or ambient elements). The phrase ‘dream pop’ has become a bit overused and loose recently, and on occasion made it too easy to forget the heights the music actually fitting the phrase has reached. Thus with this mix I wanted to channel the enveloping, lush sounds dream pop and it’s related styles were initially associated with. In addition to some 80s favorites, I included plenty of modern interpreters.

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The Artist's High
Acid Ghost
The Artist's High

I’m shaking
where did it go?
i need it
but you don’t know

where is it
can you find it now?
we need it
since we feel down

can you tell me where it is before i die?
can you tell me since i need it inside?
can you tell me how it feels to be alive?
can you tell me how it feels inside?

can you tell me how it feels to be mine?
and can you feel the rush inside?

can you tell me how you feel?


Jay Som - Baybee