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FP Jones/Andrews family/Riverdale imagines - Oh Dear Part 9

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AN: This chapter is a little different… It’s also a little short so I may release the next chapter a little earlier than Friday. 

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Overall Summary: You’re Archie’s old sister and you have a thing for a certain serpent

Pairing: Reader x FP Jones, Sister!Reader x Archie Andrews, Daughter!Reader x Fred Andrews

Word count: 1,335

Warnings: Well, FP is clearly older than the reader in this fic, none really

Before homecoming…

FP watched you leave the trailer with a unconscious smirk on his lips. 

You really were something else. 

He turned to the kitchen and poured himself a coffee, he had to be at Alice Coopers in an hour and if he was honest, he was kind of nervous. 

He knew Alice. He knew that this wasn’t just some social gathering to bring the Cooper/Jones family together but he said he’d go since Jughead seemed so damn excited about it. And in the end, he didn’t care that much about Alice’s intentions as long as his son was happy.

And your surprise visit was enough to encourage him to get through the rest of the evening. Knowing that you would be at the Whyte Wyrm in a pair of combat boots and black washed jeans that clung to you so tightly was enough to help FP through the night. 

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The characters that will be turned into animatronics for the revamped Five Nights at Mikey’s. (It’s possible the game will be resumed using the Parlourverse.)

It’s good to be in contact with the creator and original developer, yes? ;)

I think its so frustrating that so many think things are so black and white, especially social issues.

Someone goes overboard and simplifies an issue to the point of falshood and you try to FIx that, but then some asshole comes in and goes “lol yea that Problem there doesnt exist and i’m tired of “THESE PEOPLE” trying to trick us into thinking things like sexism, racism and homophobia are real”

Like….real life is complicated and even if morals in some cases are either good or bad that the thouands of circumstances (in part created by billions of people ) are rarely so simple.

Like you cant discuss how people misconstrue the fact that Pharah is a military jock 4 inches taller than Angela and would thus be the strong muscled one, and how depictions of her being flustered with romance (with mercy) is because people like the idea of the “Well put together soldier having trouble with romance” which is in media everywhere (just usually you know, with a boy) and has nothing to do with any alleged worship of this ‘white godess”. You could change the genders and races of either character and the dynamic would be the same because its a very common one. HOWEVER them some asshole comes in and uses this as an example of how “overwatch and its fans are never racist and this is an example of the SJWs getting ‘triggered”. Completely ignoring the fact that there is tons of proof of early overwatch development being created by concious or subconcious sexual and racial bias. Obviously when they first previewed Overwatch a year before release they immediately got feedback and streamlined things to make their future Women of Color better. but the fact is that the Initial Overwatch backbone agents (Torbjorn, Jack morrison, Angela, Reinhardt,) are all very white. that when the initial art that inspired this game was made that it was made with that racial bias of that “these heroes would be from America/Europe mostly with a few tokens from other continents”. That Fareeha (and Lucio) where badly created (voicewise) characters that had people faking Racial accents (which they tried to fix with Ana and Doomfist by having more appropriate voice actors). I Personally have faith that the Overwatch team had learned their lesson however that was AFTER their preview and before feedback resulting in the backbone of overwatch permanently being victim of the industry and creators systemic racism, regardless of concious or unconcious

A similar situation is the drama around Dream Daddy: a Dad dating Simulator

Its a game made for a general audience but with a focus on gay fans (and non fans) created by developers that is overwhelmingly (50%ish) lgbtq. However it is inevitably tied to the Game Grumps.

So what we have here is  straight people and gay people slandering a gay game made for gay people because of ties to people who have been less than respectful in the past (and present?). Not only are we really unable to see If the game’s quality is up to par (in regards to social issues) because its not released yet  but there is the question of if this is an attempt for the Game Grumps to give something back by financially supporting this while not “ruining” it with their own input. (as in someone producing something and putting their own self insert in is often pretty half assed and can hurt the flow of a movie/game). However thought he game ITSELF is important that what is also important is holding a company, a brand accountable. The Game Grumps are NOT just “some guys on the internet”. They are extremely well known social media celebrities who make money off advertisements and subscriptions. They are a company first and foremost and its up to them to decide if they want to have any form of Moral responsibility. As such they are 100% accountable for everything THEY did in the past in addition to anyone in relation to them.

So you have people on both sides slandering one thing or another. But honestly the only opinion worse than “slander this(possibly?) progressive game because its loosely tied to someone else” is “Oh the Grumps have NEVER done anything wrong ever in their life and i Support them no matter what. UwU” because frankly people who support celebrities no matter what can choke. If you are a REAL fan you should be critical of the celebrities you like and hold them to a high standard .and in addition to that the people who want to dis or dismiss the game because its tied to them fail to realize probably everything they like is tied to some sicko. Walt Disney had nazi friends, most of the tech you use was made in sweatshops or slave labor. Johnny depp is an abuser, Marvel is run by a nazi lover (Disney/marvel alliance ftw?), World of warcraft STILL doesnt allow you to be black, Twitter continues to not hold harrassers accountable and the most progressive US President killed innocent civilians in the middle east and was the Deporter in Chief who sent children to their deaths

No one is immune. So while I do think you have a right to slander things you think are problematic there is literally an infinite number of things that are horrible in this world so maybe pick one of those instead of holding  things like The Black Panther, or “Men loving men is a wholesome good thing: the game” to standards not even met elsewhere in the industries but ALSO dont act like Critics dont have a right to criticize things.

The world is not simple


Black Panther(2018) || Dream Cast

Chadwick Boseman- T’Challa/Black Panther

Lupita N’yongo- Nakia

Michael B. Jordan- Erik Killmonger

John Boyega- T’Shan

(Director)Ryan Coogler

Danai Gurira- Okoye

Michael K. Williams- S’Yan

Florence Kasumba- Nareema

Abraham Attah- Billy Wheeler

For Letitia Wright, Getting 'Black Panther' Role Was A 'Huge Spiritual Experience'

If you were ever under the impression that faith doesn’t play a major part in seeing your dreams through, Black Panther actress Letitia Wright is here to confirm that it does. Opening up to the ESSENCE Festival 2017 press room on Sunday afternoon, the young and vibrant actress had no issues letting everyone know about the faith walk she took to receive the part of Shuri in the upcoming film.

“When this film came about, it was just on my IMDB watch list. I just wanted to support it,” she began. “Then I heard that they were auditioning. I was like God this is huge; they’re not even gonna look at me.” Though her initial doubt could have kept her from auditioning, Wright — who sites the positive role models in 2006’s Akeelah and the Bee as the reasons for her wanting to act — went through with doing so.

“I sent one tape, and then I sent another and then some dope stuff happened in prayer. God revealed to me that He trusted me with the part before anybody told me and it was a huge spiritual experience. He gave me signs about where I was going and those signs came true,” she confessed.

While the role of Shuri may be the first one that Wright is playing in an American film, it’s definitely not the first one she’s had her eye on. According to the British actress, she wanted to play the role of Storm in X-Men. “I remember my agent was like ‘X-Men, yeah!’ and he had me like really? Then I remember John Irving came and he was in my church telling me, ‘You know, X-Men, they’re looking at you, right?’ But I didn’t get it. So, I would say Storm, but I’m happy with Shuri. Shuri goes on to do big things! I’m content, Lord.”

When asked what she hoped to accomplish by taking on her first big acting role in the United States, she surprised the crowd when she responded that she’s only hoping to provide positivity. “This is the first film that will be a great platform, but hopefully it’s a positive platform,” she stated. “I’m not trying to be famous, I’m not trying to be the next whatever. I’m just trying to be someone that contributes positivity with my talent.”

Black Panther hits theaters on February 16, 2018

I just realised when Natalie’s talking to Laura about her dreams she says “Like, I’m awake in the dark, in my bed, and there’s something like a cat or a lizard on the floor by the bed, prowling.” Dudes I think Will can turn into a lizard which is way less cool than Carmilla turning into a panther.


“The Black August Hip Hop Project” featuring Assata Shakur 

Directed by Dream Hampton


globe - sweet heart


The third in a four part single project (Avex loved this gimmick). Each video was based on an “evil dream” Marc Panther had, it reminds me of the supermarket scenes in Push It.

the others don’t know what you know, they haven’t seen what you’ve seen