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What I wish I knew in High School:

Adult here. Write this down. If you have a weird hobby and your parents have said that you should quit because it’s not “marketable,” consider that there are real people, some of whom I know personally, with the following jobs that make real cash money:

Science writer (me)
Cosplay and prop maker
Stuffed animal designer
Dog artist
Political activist for LGBTQ rights
Political activist for affordable housing
Music licenser
Fan video mixer
Bone cleaner
Sports photographer
Digital hat maker


Thomas Cole (1801–1848, United States)

Mythological and idealised landscapes

Thomas Cole was an American artist known for his landscape and history paintings. He is regarded as the founder of the Hudson River School, an American art movement that flourished in the mid-19th century. Cole’s work is known for its romantic portrayal of the American wilderness.

Between Two Worlds (study for a recurring dream of ichor baptism fashioned as a portico fresco cartoon), 2016 

I have experienced the vision twice so far: in my childhood (around 1984) and last autumn. 

I enter a concealed pavilion and immediately hear a soft female voice speaking an unknown language. There is something about the timbrе that robs me of my will power and I gradually lose control over my body. The sermon brings me to my knees and pulls towards an imposing figure of a pitch black priestess - her features and details of her attire flattened by uniform blackness. I realize before long that the voice is no more and the scene is now drowned in a solemn silence. The lady tends to a peculiar suspended vessel and places it directly over my head. At her slightest touch it tilts and a warm, living substance pours down upon me. It covers me whole and eventually locks my body in this hard resin shell. Panic surge is quickly replaced by the most glorious sensation of myself imploding within the shell and falling endlessly through the soul’s looking glass into the unknown.

Acrylics on paper mounted on prepared hardboard, 23.7 x 22.5 cm  

G&S movie dreams

Oh god.
I had this dream last night where I got to help make these beautiful multi-million pound adaptations of G&S. Think that Hollywood cinematography, full orchestral accompaniment and new recordings and they weren’t cheesy or whatnot, but these incredible big blockbusters.

This dream included creating Arcadia for Iolanthe, and making it all period appropriate, and we filmed the Mikado Act 1 finale in this beautiful Japanese mountainous courtyard, surrounded by pink blossom and I think what I’m saying is, if I won the lottery, I’d give up work and self-finance these huge cinematic adaptations of all of G&S.

That’s all.


Sonic Boom #10

The SONIC/MEGA MAN Crossover event explodes beyond the worlds of just our two blue heroes! “Worlds Unite” Part Ten: Sonic, Mega Man, X and Sticks continue to rally heroes from across the wide expanse of the SEGA and Capcom universes! Who will be brave and join the unified assaulted against Sigma? PLUS with all of the heroes busy, who’s keeping an eye on the malicious Xander Payne and Evil BFFs Drs. Eggman and Wily? The villains MUST be plotting something now—but what? Featuring the worlds of VIEWTIFUL JOE, GOLDEN AXE, BREATH OF FIRE, PANZER DRAGOON, BILLY HATCHER, MONSTER HUNTER and more! Plus cover art from the legendary Patrick “SPAZ” Spaziante, and variant cover art from Reilly Brown and part 10 of the epic 12-part connecting variant cover series by artist Ben Bates!

Script: Ian Flynn
Art: Tyson Hesse, Jim Amash, Jack Morelli and Matt Herms
SONIC BOOM #10 CVR A REG: Patrick “SPAZ” Spaziante
SONIC BOOM #10 CVR B Variant: Reilly Brown
Epic Poster Variant (pt10 of 12): Ben Bates
On Sale Date: 7/29
32-page, full color comic
$3.99 U.S.

Source: http://comicbook.com/2015/04/10/exclusive-archie-comics-first-look-sonic-boom-10/

I was tagged by @lapinkpig and @hel-crosby to put my music on shuffle and list the first ten songs and then tag ten people.Thank you both so much ♥♥♥

  1. Ever Dream,Nightwish
  2. The Flame,Arcadia
  3. It’s a Miracle,Culture Club
  4. Hey Porter,Johnny Cash
  5. Gilr Panic,Duran Duran
  6. I Might Lie,Andy Taylor
  7. Mamma Mia,ABBA
  8. Underground,David Bowie
  9. Fade to Grey,Visage
  10. Acres Wild,Jethro Tull

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  • Interviewer : What is your biggest fear ?
  • Peter : Permanent stagnation, which is the next lever after depression _ ie a lack of willpower to socialise, to travel or to create. I am not living if I am not creating.
Nathan Prescott and Rachel Amber

So this is my theory of what happened:

As we all know, Mr. Jefferson is the one behind all of this, he takes photos and edits them into black and white, or what he calls chiaroscuro. So, who else shares his photography style? Nathan Prescott of course. 

The dialogue in class between Mr Jefferson and Victoria in episode 1 is often overlooked because we as players in the game, are still trying to figure out the controls and how this game works, I mean, who cares about photography lessons, I just had a dream of a storm hitting Arcadia Bay dude. But actually, the conversation in class is the most revealing about the storyline:

Mr. Jefferson: Now, can you give me an example of a photographer who perfectly captured the human condition of black and white? Anybody?

Victoria: Diane Arbus.

Mr. Jefferson: There you go, Victoria! Why Arbus?

Victoria: Because of her images of hopeless faces. You feel like, totally haunted by the eyes of those sad mothers and children.

Mr. Jefferson: She saw humanity as tortured, right? And frankly, it’s bullshit. Seriously though, I could frame any one of you in a dark corner, and capture you in a moment of desperation. And any one of you could do that to me. Isn’t that too easy? Too obvious? What if Arbus chose to capture people at the height of their beauty or innocence? She had a brilliant eye, so she could have taken another approach.

Victoria: I don’t like her work though. I prefer… Robert Frank.

Mr. Jefferson: …he captured the essence of post-war (IDK what he said here). And there was honesty about the economic conditions of the era, but a beauty in the struggle. You don’t have beauty without a beat. 

Okay, tbh I don’t really know what he means with “You don’t have beauty without a beat.”, so I searched it up and that’s what Urban Dictionary gave me.

Has anyone wondered the fact that eventhough you see Nathan’s photos in posted on the walls in the classroom, he doesn’t attend Mr. Jefferson’s classes? He was also missing in the class photo Mr. Jefferson took.

In episode 2, right before you enter Mr. Jefferson’s class, he receives a phone call and if you eavesdrop carefully, he keeps saying elusive things like call me later, we can’t talk now etc. In episode 4, when we steal Nathan’s phone, we see a message which appears to be from Mr. Jefferson who tells him to stop shouting his name in public/calling him in public. So this means that they are supposed to be segregated from each other as much as possible, hence why Nathan is not seen in his class.

So what is pretty obvious now after episode 4 is that Nathan’s father is somehow forcing Nathan to take photos of these girls and maybe Mr. Jefferson, being the creep he already is, was employed by Nathan’s father to teach him. I don’t know how any of this adds up to the hurricane hitting Arcadia Bay but guess that’ll unravel in episode 5.

The Vortex Club Party is hosted by the Prescotts in order to dose these girls and take these pictures of them. For what for? We don’t know. The party is so important that in episode 3, when we’re in the principal’s office, we see a response letter from Nathan’s father who is unpleased with the disciplinary letter sent by the school regarding Nathan’s behavior, but one thing that he emphasized on was that eventhough Nathan has some serious issues, the party must not be stopped.

Originally posted by maxscaulfields

I’m pretty sure that Nathan is behaving this way due to the shit he has witnessed. I think that Nathan, as a friend of Rachel, tried to interfere with Mr. Jefferson trying to dose her and kill her, that’s why Mr. Jefferson knocked him out with drugs too as seen in the photo. Nathan’s mental health deteriorates because of how he couldn’t help his friend from being murdered and when he mistakes Max for Rachel in the Two Whales Diner, he was happy because he thought Rachel was still alive. At the ending of episode 4, if you take a look at the walls of the hideout, you can see Nathan trying to warn them of what’s going to happen, most likely due to the fact that Victoria won the Everyday Heroes contest and her, being Nathan’s closest friend/sister, Nathan couldn’t take it anymore and decided to warn them, hence why Mr. Jefferson commented on him looking grumpier than usual the whole day and why Nathan didn’t attend the party that night, because he was sick and tired of trying to dose girls at the party and taking photos of them.

Elysium Academy it’s known for teaching the woman of the future how to succed, and more importanty, to not let anyone be in the way of their dreams and aspiration; Meanwhile, Arcadia Institute it’s famous due to the variety of the achievements the male students of the school manage to acomplish: lawyers, doctors and even famous athletes passed through the classrooms of the institute.

But when the two best boardings schools in the country have to blend to form a new one, conflicts arise among the students. The knowledge and the great amount of money their families have it’s not the only thing students from both Institutes have in common; the great sense of confidence and pride they share made it obvious to everyone things weren’t going to be easy. 

The conflict has turned into a war. The battlefield? Nysa Institute, where the boys and girls of both sides have to share the same building, same uniform and same boarding school. With the need to stablish a stronger side, secrets will be revealed and feelings will be hurt. The battle is about to start.

Which side are you on?  

Nysa Institute it’s a literate high school roleplay, with both Skeletons and OC characters. The students of the school are inspired on greek gods, but it isn’t required a lot of knowledge of the greek mythology to apply. We will we opening in a few weeks!

     Full Plot - Skeletons - Main - Rules - Apply