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I mean just look at him! He’s sitting in an actual shoe. The ribbon is the width of his hand. Those pearls must weigh a ton to him. But does he care? No he doesn’t care. You know why? Because he’s your Little Prince and he knows it.
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so i’ve had this finished in my drafts for weeks, too shy to post it in the @elsewhereuniversity tag, but if i don’t take the plunge now i probably never will. hope you enjoy! (and thanks again to @charminglyantiquated for making this super cool world to play in <3)

you’ve been at elsewhere university for almost two full years now. so, at this point, you can’t pretend not to hear the stories. especially when they start to happen to you.

your best friend’s roommate says to call her knuckle, says her parents are from the old country. she doesn’t mention which one, but she laughs when she admits she never dreamed that their nursery rhyme protections would really work.

apparently, they don’t because knuckle is snatched away on either the sixteenth or seventeenth day of winter semester. (you’re not sure, because neither you or your best friend really noticed the difference between her and the… replacement at first. you feel guilty about that, sure, but at least she finds her way back. her dancing is better afterwards too, more fluid and sinister in the dark after-hours shadows of your dorm lounge, but she doesn’t like to do it any more. you think that’s fair.)

(no pun intended.)

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Sleeping Arrangements (3/4)

…Uh, blame Henry for why this is late. (And extended). I didn’t feel right not to give him his own chapter. Also, I swear to all that is holy that 4 is the last part. 

Warnings: TLK…that’s about it. Read on FF.net here

Part One       Part Two

Before Henry Mills was Henry Mills, he was nothing but a baby without a name, a family, or a home.

He was one of thousands of those cast-aside children: one of 50 in his particular orphanage in Boston. He laid in a dry, but cheap sheet with a usable, but used blanket to swaddle him. His crib was unmarked and sturdy: but unremarkable. Another would use it after he outgrew it and another after that.

All nameless, numbers of children.

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Ok, but Noctis "being there" when they bring the baby home. And S/O say ' I just wish Noct could hold him' and Noct being like yeah me to. And then baby has a nightmare. Queue Noct being sucked into dream world where he gets to hold his little baby. And that is how it started. Also the first few dreams are him getting hold the baby in a dream version of the nursery. And then Noct figures out he can control the dream world. And he takes them to a version of the nursery he wanted at home.


I’m crying stop

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name: manisha
nickname: manish, nishy, nish gender: female
star sign: aquarius
height: 5'4
sexuality: straight but hating men
hogwarts house: i don’t know ha. favorite animal: KITTIES❤️❤️
average hours of sleep: 9-10. i work with 3-5 year olds so my ass is ready for bed at 8 and back up at 5:50 in the morning to do it all over again lol
dogs or cats: CATS 100%
blankets you sleep with: plenty of fur blankets because otherwise, my kitten won’t sleep with me lol my baby❤️
dream trip: ALL THE BEACHES
dream job: the nursery of a hospital to be with the newborn babies❤️❤️
when i made my blog: april 2010 lol
followers: 21,059
why i made a tumblr: at the time, just because it was the current new thing but now because 1d and larry rule my mf life
reason for my url: lmao okay well in high school i was so in love with david archuleta like i married his ass for a school project and made manips of us and my teacher thought i met him because of how real they looked like she fought me on it lmao but whattarush is from his first single crush ‘it was a rush, what a rush’

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you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to ha

wooo more wc ocs \o/

This is Singingstar, Badgerbite, and Yewsplinter. Respectively, RC leader, deputy and med cat. They’re also all siblings. Singingstar is deaf and has an angel/devil on shoulder sort of deal with a member of starclan and member of the dark forest each which whisper to and direct her.

check out my sweet essay about them under the cut

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A/N: The initial request asked for both BTS and EXO throughout your pregnancy, so this is just going to be BTS. I went mostly non-specific gender of the babies, but for Jimin and Jungkook, I just /had/ to make them girls c: anyway, EXO will be up soon! ♥ -admin Saejin


Jin would already be the perfect father even before your child was born. He would sit beside you and rub your back when you had morning sickness, and he would always make sure you got what you wanted, whether he had to cook it or go out at 4 in the morning to get it for you. The two of you would spent countless hours and money child-proofing your house and designing your future child’s room. He would hold your hand through all of the doctors appointments, especially by the time you went into labor. He would cry when he first saw your newborn child, and would give it plenty of sweet kisses when he first got to hold it.  And of course, being the sentimental guy he is, he would want to document everything, so he could reminisce about this experience you’ve shared together in the future.


As lazy as he may be at times, Yoongi would always provide what you wanted/needed. One of his favourite activities to do was eat the things you craved with you, no matter how weird your cravings got. He left most of the decorating decisions up to you, but he would put in the work to make your dream nursery come to life. He would most likely take a couple of weeks off so he could be there to take you to the hospital when your water broke, but in the unfortunate case that he wasn’t able to take the time off, he would drop everything he was doing at the moment and say “The love of my life is going into labor and I am not going to miss it,” before rushing his way over to come see you. He would come sliding in just in time for you to give birth, and he would laugh (and kind of tear up) as he kissed both you and the baby when you got to hold it for the first time.


The journey of your pregnancy would be as emotional for Hoseok as it would be for you. He would spend all of his free time with you so you wouldn’t have to go through this alone. He would tend to your every need, no matter how big or small. Hoseok would cry at every big milestone throughout your pregnancy, from first finding out you were pregnant, finding out the baby’s gender, feeling it kick for the first time, all the way to the end. When your water broke, he panicked for a second but then threw a few towels in the car and rushed you over to the hospital, starting to tear up on the way there because the thought that your child was coming was a little overwhelming. By the time your child was born, he was a happy sobbing mess. He stayed with you throughout the rest of your time until you were ready to come home with the beautiful new addition to the family.


Namjoon would be a chill father from the start. You would love going shopping for baby stuff with him because he would get so excited over everything. Everything music related in the stores would straight into your shopping cart, and that all transferred over to your future child’s melodic nursery. As the journey went on, he would grab his headphones and put them on your stomach so your baby could listen to the new music he was working on. He would ask the baby how his track sounded, but then giggle because he knew he wouldn’t get an answer. He would occasionally be super dorky and start freestyle rapping for your baby, breaking in between to give your tummy kisses. When the baby finally came into the world, the initial shock of him being a father stunned him for a minute, but then the biggest smile would creep onto his face and he would be able to show how truly happy he was.


Jimin would be a very chill but protective father from the moment your pregnancy test showed up positive. He didn’t want to buy clothes until he knew what the baby’s gender was, but as soon as he found out it was a girl, he picked out a ton of cute clothes for her, half of them containing the bedazzled words Daddy’s Little Princess on them. When it came to decorating the nursery, he went all out and made it look like a princess’ dream. Whenever you were resting, he would give your tummy lots of kisses and talk to your baby girl about all of the troubles she might run into in the world but reassured her that he would be there for her no matter what to make all of them go away. Jimin’s eyes would widen and he would give your baby girl the biggest of smiles when he would see her for the first time. He would play with her tiny hands and give both of you lots of kisses, ending the night with something along the lines of “She is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.”


While he would try to act like a strong figure through your journey of pregnancy, the thought of being a father would sort of terrify Tae. Of course he would be super excited, but it would be a little overwhelming at first. He would act like the best person a father could be, helping you whenever you needed it and prepping for the baby’s arrival. There would be times when Tae would ask you if he could just talk to the baby, and of course you would say yes because you thought it was sweet. He would read stories and sing to the baby, occasionally giving your tummy sweet kisses while you giggled at the overload of sweetness. When the baby was finally born, Tae would sigh in relief, because after all of that time, he could hardly wait to meet his newborn child.


Becoming a father would obviously be the biggest milestone in Jungkook’s life, and while he wouldn’t feel ready for it at the time, he would suck it up and become more mature than he already was. He would constantly serenade the baby no matter how far along you were, and once he found out that he would be the father of a baby girl, he would write his own personal songs to her and sing those. There would point where he would sit you down and would read you bits out of a notebook he started, full of personal stories and life advice for your future daughter. He asked you to fill some of the notebook up with your own stories and advice so that when she grew older, she could read them in times of trouble or boredom. When he first met your newborn face to face, he made a heart with his hands and then gave her kisses all over her face, feeling blessed that his baby girl was finally in the world with you.

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Calum: “How many more weeks until your due date?” Mali asked and you looked at Calum cause he, for some reason, knew more about it then you. Whenever the doctor spoke, your attention was on the ultrasound, not on the doctor’s mouth, so you just waited til it was over and Calum reviewed it all with you. “She’s got 10 weeks, doctor thinks she’ll go in about six or seven though.” “The one thing i remember him saying is that it’s not typical of pregnancies with twins to go full term, they always go around 36 or 37 weeks, sometimes later, but usually always before, i’m kind of scared that they’ll be born before, but everyone keeps telling me how healthy they both look and sound now, so i don’t worry too much.” Calum held your hand. “Both mom and both babies are doing alright, i still worry, but i know they’ll all be okay.”

Luke: Vivienne’s ultrasound had just been hung behind her crib with a frame around it and you smiled at the purple/grey/white nursery, it was the dream nursery you had wanted for your future daughter and now you had it in front of you. “A dream come reality, (YN)?” Luke came up behind you and let his arms securely hold your bump. “I always wanted my baby girl to have a perfect nursery and a perfect father and i think i’ve got them both, what do you think?” you ask him with a smirk and he chuckled. “I agree, you’ve got them both and more. You’re really something else yourself, (YN), i never knew you were so creative, you always kept that kind of hidden from me, saying you wanted to keep it for yourself.” You blush. “Yeah, but, we both kind of created her so it’s only fair that you get to see what i did for her, do you like it?” “I love everything you do.” He leaned down and kissed your nose. “It’s perfect.”

Ashton: “Need anything else?” he asked, “I’m off to the studio for a few hours and i’m just a call away if you need me, but i wanted to make sure you were well taken care of while i was gone and your sister was gone as well, you’ll be okay by yourself?” You nod as you turn the volume up on the movie you were watching. “I’ll be fine, Ash, go!” “Your phone?” Huffing you leaned over the body pillow and held up your phone. “Okay then?” “Yeah.” He almost exited the room when you shot up. “Wait, Ash?” He popped back in. “Yeah?” A red tint rose to your cheeks. “Um, bring back some twizzlers, oreos and hawaiian punch?” His held tilted to the side and you laughed softly. “Blaine wants it, blame him.” Ash shook his head with a smile. “I’ll get that first, i’ll be back in a few minutes, couldn’t have had a less weird craving though?”

Michael: “Ouch!” you yelped out in pain as you clutched the side of the hospital bed like it was your last thing of life to cling to. “Why does this hurt so much?” “You’re in labor, that’s why.” Mali softly spoke, trying to ease your worry. The doctors said that Gianna was coming and there was no delaying her arrival even though she was nine weeks premature. “This can’t be happening, what did i do wrong?” you hiccup through the tears and Mali rubbed your back. “You did nothing wrong, (YN), sometimes things like this happen, you can’t control who it happens to. Look, Gianna, is yours and Michael’s daughter, you two are two of the strongest people i know, i know she’ll be okay, she will be okay, you hear me? She will be.” “She’s right you know.” You cracked open your eyes and gave a very tiny smile that quickly faded just as soon as it arrived. “Michael.” “Yeah, i’m here.”