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I don’t often go to water parks, and to be honest, they look like they’re total chaos most of the time. I’d probably much rather head to a deserted beach instead, where I can sink my feet into soft, warm san  and gaze longingly into a deep blue sea. Something Like Chaos, an ambient electronic piece from Australian duo Water Park, seems fitting of the latter expedition despite its name. It would be the perfect soundtrack for my soul searching adventure. Though serenely entrancing, there is indeed some unrest in Something Like Chaos’ contemplative flux. Water Park, who previously gave us wistful gem Dreaming, has returned to haunt us with their future beats & chill step inspired production on this amorphous shifting, subconscious digging, supple stirring beauty. Re-visit their prior divine concoctions on Soundcloud, here.

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The media focuses so much on whether Taylor’s Wildest Dreams Music Video is racist or not (and it’s not) that they miss this incredible contribution. Taylor lost a lot of money doing this. She should be recognized for her generosity. The media and DELUSIONAL PEOPLE have this backwards and they’re reaching if they think for one second that Taylor and her crew are racist.

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