dream moment


Dale Cooper + Disheveled Hair

Water signs: I want to spend hours together talking about nothing

Air signs: I want to spend hours together talking about everything

that moment when you’re having a really great dream then you suddenly wake up???? then you aggressively try to go back to sleep again the second you realized it, internally screaming, “ohmygod why did i wake up?!!! please bring me back to the land of imagination! what happens next damn it the dream wasn’t over yet,” hoping the dream would continue if you sleep again immediately

then ofcourse your body refuses to go back to sleep. thanks for a glimpse of one nice imaginary life, dreamland

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Preparing breakfast for my girl

“After I met Her, I felt like I’ve discovered the secret of life.

Every morning I’d wake up early even if the night before I was staying up late. I couldn’t wait to start the new day because I knew it was going to be extraordinary. It always was with Her. The routine didn’t apply to us. “

- Imagine me as a cloud. Lilith Rain


two cuties together?

i love the blue lions children (i am the blue lion, loving + supporting allura and lance’s personal journeys) 

  • Someone: Otabek deserves bronze.
  • Me: Otabek deserves gold. Otabek deserves a day to surpass Yura, Otabek deserves to be recognized, Otabek deserves to shine too by his talens and recognized by everyone. Otabek deserves the best in the world. Otabek deserves all possible love. *Doesn't stop*

bc mark’s smile warms even the coldest of hearts
↳ for the softest mark stan i know @99mqrk 🌻💛