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Like Gravity Falls because they built so many mysteries in the first seasons they had to spend this one trying to solve them. Funny part is there’s still some left. Like, what happened to Rick’s wife? In episode were he was strapped to that dream machine and he showed the spy a memory of him and his wife was that a real memory? Or was that something he fabricated to throw him off? Was Rick even married at all? Did he just clone Beth from his DNA and simply put false memories of a mother in her brain to help her cope with life? So many question and yet they chose not to bother with them and focus on some halved ass one sided conflict. Also that fight was just plain stupid. It was like when Goku purposely holds back his true powers for the sake of having fun. We all know Rick could easily wipe out the entire planet with a flick of his wrist, so we just sit there bored thinking “why does this even exist?” If the argument is it was meant to show just how powerful Rick really is then it still make no sense because we already know that. Rick being an unstoppable force was already established in the episodes Vindicators 3, The Rickshank Rickdemption, M. Night Shaym-Aliens, Something Ricked This Way Comes, and The Ricks Must Be Crazy. So the fact that they reminded us again just feels redundant. Plus it was boring because we knew he would win. I was so happy when Beth finally divorced Jerry because I thought that we would finally get to see her move forward and and improve herself and her family. The biggest issues with modern sitcoms is you see all of these couples stuck in unhappy marriages and you sit there thinking, “why the fuck did these two get married to begin with?” I wanted Beth to come to the realization of how fucked up of a person Rick was and how it negatively affected her and his impact on the kids. Then she decides that the best thing for her and the kids to to push Rick away and move on to find a new partner who will be a better role model for Morty and Summer, and even strive to achieve her dream of being a human doctor. Maybe even reckoned with her mom, assuming she’s still alive. Instead the show did nothing with her character except turn in her into girl Rick and had her crawled back to the man who Rick claims ruined her life like a lost puppy. You could argue that they were mocking sitcoms and cartoons that maintain the status quo which is why they did it, but I just don’t buy it. They could’ve done a better job with returning to the status quo, like South Park. Hell, they even mention in universe that South Parks does everything faster than them. Which makes me wonder if Rick and Morty are aware that they’re cartoon characters, or if South Parks is a show within their universe? It would make sense this that would explain why Rick doesn’t care about anything. Wouldn’t that be an interesting series finale.


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That VV:D mention *single tear down my unwashed face