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The start of Infinity War, probably. Welcome to the wonderful world of having shitty big brothers who pick on you, Peter~

Inspired by basically any interview starring Holland with Mackie and/or Stan :P

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infinity war theory:

in the trailer, peter saying “i’m sorry” isn’t becuase he’s dying and feels like he’s failed tony. it’s because he can’t fight anymore and feels like he’s failed tony. do you guys remember in civil war when peter was slightly injured tony was just like “yoU’RE DONE!!! YOU’RE GOING HOME!!! I’M CALLING AUNT MAY!!!” peter had a black eye, maybe a minor concussion at the most, but tony is so protective over him that even the slightest injury is a big deal. he sees peter as his son and the thought of losing him terrifies him. what i think is happening in that scene is peter is badly injured and can’t go on and tony has to send him home. peter feels guilty that he can no longer be apart of the war and you cannot convince me otherwise.

What I hope happens in Infinity War:
  • Steve: So are you and Pepper back together?
  • Tony: We never broke up...
  • Steve: But two years ago you said-
  • Tony: That we were on a break. She runs my company, Rogers, we're together all the time. We literally just needed to not be together 24/7 for a bit.
  • Steve: ...Makes sense
  • Tony: Why on earth would she dump me after everything we've been through together?
  • Steve: ...Good question

Sometimes you work hard on your happiness for weeks, doing all the right things, and still, you’re not quite where you want to be. But sometimes, on a random Thursday in April, you get up early, you breathe the fresh air, and the happiness is back. You can try all you want to control your life, but you can’t, and any belief you can is an illusion. Anytime spent denying yourself what you know is the truth is wasted time. You know what you need to do. 

If Tony dies I want Peter crying over his body for like a minute then I want him to start getting angry and look up and see who/what did it

Then I want him to put Tony’s head down slowly, shake himself off, and run at the murderer and take him the hell down

Then I want the others to see what he’s doing and be like ‘oh s*** that kid’ and then they all attack at once because they’re not going to let Peter die

Then they win

(And preferably Tony would somehow be back alive)

(Spoilers for GotG 2)

So I do know that it is highly unlikely, but I would absolutely love if, after Infinity War, Peter would meet his Grandpa again.

Think about it - it’s very likely Peter’s first time back on Terra. He never went back – probably Yondu didn’t let him, to ensure Ego wouldn’t get wind of Meredith’s child being alive and well and kept away from him.

And Peter’s Grandpa did not only lose his daughter to cancer that one day, most likely after weeks and months of fighting the disease, but he also lost his grandson that day. Suddenly gone with no hint of where he had went, who had taken him – as if he had vanished from Earth. (Well, surprise there.)

Perhaps Peter wished to go back once in a while, but was not allowed to, was stopped by the Ravagers when he tried. Perhaps he just gave up one day, thinking that his family was better off without him, anyway, after all these years.

Perhaps he thinks that they have just forgotten about him by now.

Perhaps Peter’s Grandpa spent years looking for his grandson. Perhaps one day – especially after the otherworldly fights the Avengers had had a few times (which had been in the news), after seeing that there is more to our universe than he believed before, Peter’s Grandpa starts to wonder if Meredith had been right, if there is something out there, in space.

Perhaps, just perhaps, that’s where Peter has vanished to – the stars, like Meredith always wished for. Star Lord, the name echoes faintly in his memories and awakens a tiny, silly hope that Peter is still out there, somewhere.  

And then there is this huge war, the Infinity War, it’s all over the news, it’s on TV, even some live scenes that some crazy reporters have filmed can be seen there, and it’s then and there that Peter’s Grandpa almost gets a heart attack because… because…

… because there, among all that chaos, all those things that shouldn’t be real, shouldn’t exist – aliens, and, and magic and things he couldn’t even imagine before – there, he catches a glimpse of someone that seems to be a ghost and yet so absolutely, wonderfully alive.

A young man, with Meredith’s eyes and her hair and with that bright sun-like smile that he knows from his grandson, and with more pride and stubbornness and defiance than they have ever taught him… dancing on a battle field and then firing weapons at aliens (who taught him fighting, gods above) and circling through the air with a damned jetpack of all things, what is this silly, reckless boy doing…

And there is nothing stopping Peter’s Grandpa anymore – he’s up and about, hastening to get ready, to drive or fly as fast as he can to what had been a battlefield only shortly before.

Because the hope is back, burning like a wildfire, morphing into knowing as he goes, feeling years younger again.

Because Peter is alive, and he is here.

And there is a whole bunch of questions he has for his grandson.