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when i dream it happens in blue

When team Voltron is split up by a wormhole, Lance is thrown onto an icy and desolate moon. After two weeks of waiting, he reluctantly realizes he can’t stay put any longer if he’s going to survive. Across the universe, the other paladins manage to regroup, but they’re missing a critical link: the heart of team Voltron.

Set after season 1 because I think that Lance got absolutely cheated in season 2, this fic follows the Blue Paladin and his journey across the stars to find home.

Death is inescapable. There comes a certain point in a young person’s life–usually when they leave childhood behind–that this is somewhat accepted, tucked away, ultimately known but not realized. It’s not usually until much, much later in life that death becomes more tangible.

Defenders of the universe know no such luxury.

In the few months that Lance had been in space, he’d had some harrowing experiences, sure. But staring at the sickly purple barrier of the Galra force-field that had cut off any chance of escaping caused a sensation he wasn’t quite prepared for. He felt hollow, staring at the massive battalion they’d have to defeat to stay alive. He knew it was impossible, yet he knew he’d try anyway. His heart sank, and his gut soured, and he just knew. Lance knew that he would fight until he couldn’t anymore, fight until he died. For the first time in his life, he couldn’t think of a way out, a way to lift the team’s spirits. A joke bubbled in his chest but died on his tongue like a desert wasteland.

The purple flickered for a moment, then vanished.

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You know what always was left bugging me

why were cats like Birchfall, Thornclaw and Mousewhisker training in the dark Forest?

I mean, it was established pretty clearly that 4 out of 5 cats training there had something that troubled them in real life, such as family issues or bullying, so why were those three toms training there?

I mean I know Dark Forest cats are master manipulators, but a warrior like Thornclaw REMEMBERS what Tigerstar was like so there’s no way he could be oblivious to any of that.

Idk I just think that learning about their motivations could make a decently interesting novella all together.

Like maybe Thornclaw felt that all his other siblings had accomplished “more” than he had by raising families and one becoming a medicine cat,

and Mousewhisker might have struggled with his identity because he wasn’t Clanborn

and Birchfall… well maybe he was just dumb but anyway.

tell me all of the things that make you feel at ease

rating: soft

word count: 755 (2 mins. reading time)

pairing/focus: lee donghyuck/haechan

(note: for everyone’s beautiful sunflower and actual angel.. thank you for existing… and thank you @jaeminnana for helping me name this ily!! this is the first time i’ve written in a long time i’m nervous)

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Hussie & Hiveswap

I saw a post yesterday talking about The Odd Gentlemen and how they, not only got away with some of the Kickstarter money, but that wasted Hussie’s time and it all ended with him losing a good chunk of the Fandom. I’d be adding this on top of that post but I was on mobile and I didn’t really feel like typing all this by tapping there, but…

EITHER WAY. I agree very much that the Gigapause was devastating to the Fandom as a whole, and everything was delayed way too much, however, the fatalist light in which this post was put really made me dislike its entire premise. They mentioned how Hiveswap would never have a fraction of the following it’d have had otherwise, and other pretty sad and pessimistic views on how Hussie might be doing. But I believe that’s not exactly the case.

First of all, bigger or smaller Fandom, Hussie loves his fans, but over that, he absolutely loves his work. There was an AMA about Hiveswap a while ago saying how Hussie had already spent all the Kickstarter money and the project was continuing being paid from his own pocket, that there had been such huge cliffs to push through in the making that it was a miracle he was still determined on finishing the game.

But this is Hussie we’re talking about. Homestuck, Hiveswap, in the way he’s always spoken about how the Fandom grew and became its own things, the playful teases to the Fans, the way he spoke about Act 7, he’s got passion. He’s absolutely in love with this project, and it’s very much passion driven. Kickstarter Money or not, Stolen or otherwise, taking 2 or 5 years, with him determined to push through, I don’t think it was ever a doubt the game would come to be sooner or later. Would ‘stubborn as a mule’ count as an equine pun befitting him? My point is, while it’s sad all he had to go through, and even if the game didn’t get as much following, this is Hussie we’re talking about. As long as we’re there to check it out when it comes out and (hopefully) manages to catch our attention and makes us invested in it, it’ll all have been worth it.

The other point that made me feel a bit off, however, was the way they spoke about how Hiveswap would now have none of the following it could’ve had. However, need I remind you about Undertale? Like, yeah it might seem almost like begging to a friend, or feeling hopeful, but Undertale blew up and is still kinda blowing up, Toby Fox made quite the masterpiece, and it’s very likely, with his involvement, the popularity of Undertale will directly affect Hiveswap’s popularity. For better or worse. At the very least, I wouldn’t be surprised if Toby Fox not only makes the game more popular, but actually brings more people to Homestuck.

Specially now that it’s over, and as Hussie said, reading it all down at your own pace knowing there’s no ‘upd8′s’ to wait for was almost the intended way to read it. It’s only now that Homestuck, as a complete story, is showcased at its best.

long distance bf! donghyuk

mHMhmHm leggo

- lets b real here

- donghyuk would be a great bf

- no matter the distance

- like he makes sure to skype u errday

- nd they always last like 83982 hours

- “babe,,,its been 6 hours,,,,its 3am and i have school,,”

- “shhh babe you know u don’t wanna leave me”

- “,,,,,,im not gonna deny that”

- and u were late 4 school that day

- pretty much everyday

- you always get texts throughout the day from him but sometimes the are like “good morning!” but its 2pm (time difference)

- u guys haven’t rly planned on meeting up

- i mean yes y'all miss each other sm but

- its not really ur first priority

- its not donghyuks either


- so once u were skyping rite

- but his 6 OTHER ROOMATES





- u were blushin but donghyuk wasn’t

- he looked so pissed off

- he was about to say something but-

- “hey!!!! have u seen donghyuk naked???” 



- literally for the next 10 minutes all u heard was chenles dolphin screech n mark trying to calm donghyuk down

- and every 4 second or so someone would run across ur screen

- fun fact : this was ur first time meeting them ever 

- and probs ur only time tbh

- sometimes when ur studying 4 skool or smth

- donghyuk randomly texts u and u get carried away so fast and end up like never finishing whatever u doing but its gucci cause u have donghyuk

- once donghyuk was really sad

- like really sad

- and when u Skyped he would be super quiet


- so ou were asking him what was wrong

- nd then he finally exploded

- and let out all his feelings

- “i really wish you were with me right now. here, in my room”

- your heart shattered 

u know donghyuk is loyal so you have no worries of him cheating on u

- but sometimes when u look t his social media, all deez girls start commenting about how good looking he is and how he should date them

- no!!way!!honey!!

- he shut them down so quickly 

- it was cute bOI

- oH bUt whEn yAALL mET uP agAinnN


- so like

- u secretly flew to korea

- and decided to call him (not Skype)

- and he was like “agh i rly miss u”

- and you were like me 2 but atlas we’ll see each other soon


- he didn’t know what u meant but its ok cause

- literally like 3 seconds later he heres a knock at his door and



- omgomgo he was so happy words cannot express

- he gave u this bone crushing hug and it was all fluffy n cute

- it was such a sweet moment 

- “wait- ew u look terrible whats up with those bags under your eyes and-”


- so den y'all cuddle for a long ass time



- “jiSung lanGUAGE!!!” - taeyong lets b real

- there goes ur alone time wh00pz

- anyway

- any relationship with donghyuk is gr9

- donghyuk is gr9


I guess there’s drama and tension and rude anons going around with respect to Gillian and David’s whatever-it-is versus the relationships they actually claim?  Fortunately, I haven’t been dragged into this, which is good, because I don’t really have a dog in this fight, but I try to tag everything I post, so if you want to block my tag for talking about their friendship+/-, it’s “still crazy after all these years”.  

Be excellent to each other, fandom.  The love lives of what are essentially fictional people to 99.99% of us who will never meet or know them aren’t worth being cruel to others about.  Surely we all have enough to deal with already.  

a-million-chromatic-dreams  asked:

Curiosity speaking here... how do you go about adding that texture to your pieces? Whatever you do, it always looks so wonderful!

It’s a paper texture I’ve had on SAI for yeeeaaaars that I…do not exactly recall what it is, shoot. And I tried to find it again but since DA updated their tagging system and search, I can’t seem to pull it up again. But the texture itself is called Lines Fest and looks like this when applied to a single color (though I usually throw it over the final image entirely, and it usually darkens the image, as well) 

Sorry I can’t link you directly to it! But if I find where I got it again, I’ll link it here!

evakshalla replied to your post “.”

last night i dreamed that isak told jonas the biggest spoiler ever about a movie he was dying to watch so jonas got all angry and he decided not to talk to isak so he was like “even can you tell your boyfriend that i hate him” “can you tell him to give me my snapback back” ……… help

oh my god I can’t stop laughing, I see Even giggling throughout the whole situation hjhak