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What did you use to begin learning Korean?

i learnt Hangul through this website - it’s amazing; i learnt Hangul in a day but thats because i find picking up languages easy but anyway, this is site is simple and easy to understand.

for grammar or generally learning Korean i used/use how to study Korean & talk to me in Korean - Personally i find how to study Korean much easier to use (plus it comes with LOTS AND LOTS of vocabulary per lesson; and i find the lessons really enjoyable)

And for other vocabulary/phrases/slang/pronunciation watch K Dramas ; they’re fun, easy to understand (with subs of course) and they’re a good way to pick up words/phrases.

some dramas I’ve watched (and HEAVILY enjoyed) are…

  • The Heirs
  • I remember you
  • Who are you school 2013
  • Who are you school 2015
  • Sassy go go
  • What happens to my family
  • remember
  • cheese in the trap
  • its okay thats love
  • dream high
  • oh my venus

 and a lot more but they’ve gone off the top of my head lmao

I don't know if this is just me or not, but I've really been missing the 2009-2013 kpop era. 😥😥😥

Before the awful year of 2014 ruined it all…

-EXO OT12 was the instantly popular new group
-SNSD was whole and the most popular girl group
-Big Bang at peak popularity
-Groups that are now dead were at the top (2NE1, Afterschool, e.t.c)
-F(x) at peak popularity
-SHINee is immensely popular
-Super Junior was super popular
-The Kdramas were megahits (Heirs, You’re Beautiful, Dream High, Secret Garden)
-BTS Debut
-2NE1 innovates new girl group concepts
-All our now classics came out (Fantastic Baby, Sorry Sorry, Gee, Bubble Pop, Wolf, The Boys) e.t.c)
-SISTAR challenges beauty standards
-Co Ed School existed
-Miss A OT4
-Kara existed
-Led Apple existed
-Hyuna breaks into the kpop scene with her unique image
-Pledis cared about Afterschool and Nu'est
-Orange Caramel at peak popularity
-MBLAQ existed
-Bom was respected as a person and an artist
-People didn’t freak out when they found out idols were dating (like the human beings they are!)
-Glam existed
-EvoL existed
-5dolls existed
-Gangkiz existed
-HAM existed

This is in no way meant to say that kpop isn’t good now, because it’s AMAZING. I love all the new groups, concepts, and songs. I’m just recognizing how great it used to be.

Common k-drama words & phrases

안녕하세요 = an neong ha se yo

아니 = a ni

안돼 = an dwae
No way!

가자 = ga ja
Let’s go.

가자마  = ga ji ma
Don’t go. or Don’t leave.

하지마 = ha ji ma
Stop it. or Don’t do that!

사랑해 = sa rang hae
I love you.

잘 자 = jal ja

걱정하지마 = geok jeong ha ji ma
걱정하지마세요 = geok jeong ha ji ma se yo
Don’t worry.

괜찮아 = gwaen cha na
It’s okay.

어떡해 = oe tteok hae
What to do? or What should I do?

행복해 = haeng bok hae
I’m happy

비켜 = bi kyeo
Move out of my way.

힘내 = him nae
Cheer up.

괜찮아 = gwaen chan ha
It’s ok.

너 미쳤어 = neo mi chyeoss eo
Are you crazy?

죽을래 = jug eul lae
Do you want me to kill you? or Do you want to die?

정말 or 진짜 = jeong mal or jin jja

이거 뭐예요?  = igeo mwo ye yo
What is this?

배고파  = bae go pa
I’m hungry

 왜그래? = wae geu rae
What’s wrong? or Why are you being like this?

지금 어디야? = ji geum eo di ya
Where are you right now?

뭐라구? = mwo ra go
What did you say?

깜짝이야 = kkam jjag i ya
You surprised me. or You startled me.

나중에 봐 = na jung e bwa
See you later.

My favorite school themed dramas and movies

Although I pasted my school days some time ago I still enjoy watching those stories cus they are sweet and innocent. Those first problems, school life, parents that don’t get you, friends, first love… all that jam. 

Some of them are more serious and deals with tougher choices but most of them are about love.

My list don’t really have an order, ofc I liked some more then the other but everyone of them was a pleasure to watch. If I missed some great titles please do share I will definitely watch them ^.^ 

At most times I choose Korean productions but on occasions I like to watch Japanese as well. 


School 2013 (drama)

Adolescence Medley (mini drama)

Reply 1997 (drama)

Dream High (drama)

Monstar (drama)

Ma Boy (mini drama)

The Clue (movie)

Shut up flower boy band (drama)

Queen of the classroom (drama)

Jenny and Juno (movie)

Japanese : 

Kimi ni todoke (movie)

Itazura na kiss love in Tokyo (drama)

Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu (movie)

Sprout (drama)

Koizora (movie)

All imagines from Google.com  :) 

Following Kim Pilsuks diet.

Eat like a

  • Queen for breakfast
  • Commoner for lunch
  • Begger for dinner

Jump rope 30 minutes a day and  don’t drink or eat after 7 pm.

As many of you know, this is Pilsuk’s diet from the Korean drama “Dream High.”

For the next 70 days, I plan to follow this diet and lose 15 kilograms.

Currently as of April 5 2014, I am 73 kilograms, and I plan to lose down to 58 Kilograms in seventy days.

Hopefuly by June 14, I can succesfully say that I am 15 kilograms lighter.

Hmm, think positively, I will lose be 15 kg lighter 8D

Good luck to me \O/ If there are other people who are losing weight, let’s be weight loss buddies! I don’t bite, so feel free to ask me questions, I love making friends. 8D


Why I only act like a fangirl for GOT7

-They’re not just GOT7. They’re VISUAL7, TALENTED7, AEGYO7, LIT7, FUCKITUPPP7, EVERYTHINGAMAZING7 -But no really do y'all pay attention to their looks?? -NONE OF THEM LOOK BAD EVER. NOT EVEN STOP STOP IT ERA THEM -BamBam is a dank meme -But JB is too -And Mark lowkey -Don’t forget Yugyeom -Actually let’s just say they all are -The Naruto run in that one interview -Mark, Jackson and JB fly and twirl in the sexiest ways -OKAY BUT HAVE YOU EVER PAID ATTENTION TO THE MUSIC THEY LISTEN TO IN THE BACKGROUND OR THE STUFF YUGYEOM DANCES TO?? THEY LISTEN TO DRAKE AND JEFF BERNAT AND BRYSON TILLER LIKE I CANNOT EVEN 😩 -Yugyeom makes every stage he comes on pregnant -Like honestly, yes his sexy dance is sexy af no lie, but do y'all see how this guy never missed a beat? He catches EVERY BEAT IN THE SONG LIKE HIS DANCE ABILITY IS RIDICULOUS -But let me not leave out Jinyoung and JB’s skills because dayum have you seen their moves? -And Jackson’s -And Mark’s -And Youngjae’s -They all dance so well it hurts like I live for the choreography and their songs. I want to learn to dance to them all -All of their smiles. Because I feel the sun shine brighter when they smile. Like each one has their own unique smile and all of them are beautiful -BamBam pre glo and after glo. Both are just perfect -Jackson’s fucking powerful ass freestyles. Like he’s goofy af but he’s really got the moves. Go Wang Puppy -Mark can fly -Mark is the visual out of a group of visuals -Mark’s hairstyles -Mark’s dancing. Really guys, who the hell said he was the weakest? Cause in every dance video, my eyes somehow get drawn to Mark at some point and I have to rewind because he drew me in with his dancing -Like before I noticed Mark, I noticed Mark’s dancing -“Who’s the red head with the moves? 👀” -His personality shows in his moves. They’re fluid and easy going and it looks so easy to follow his moves. Until you actually try to -Then you realize these guys work hard af and Mark has the moves -Jackson with his hair down -He’s literally a puppy. I mean a giant puppy for real -But then again they all kinda are -Except for Jinyoung -He reminds me of a kitten -And Yugyeom reminds me of a Golden Retriever sometimes and then a mouse the other -Cause Tom&Jerry -Jinyoung’s dorky laugh -Jackson’s high pitched laugh -The fact that when Mark laughs, it sounds like he’s a child at a park having the most amazing time on the merry go round -It’s so giddy and precious and makes him so innocent -HIT THE STAGE YUGYEOM -The migratory bird’s laugh -BamBam’s breathless laugh -JB’s geek laugh -Youngjae laughs like a child being chased by the tickle monster -Yet another person who laughs like a kid having the time of his life -The fact that Youngjae is sunshine otter -The fact that no one can ever really rank members without feeling somewhat discontent because they’re all so good at everything like -The rap line sings really well. Jackson is the most confident which shows in his voice. BamBam comes in second with that because he prefers to sing off key purposely to be the meme he is. And then Mark is just a shy bean. It’s so cute and I know you’re busy squealing at his cuteness and laughing till it hurts at BamBam, but really listen to them -Cause Mark and BamBam have the fucking vocals -While we’re on the subject of vocals, JB’s voice is so strong and soulful -Like you can tell that man listens to Musiq Soulchild because his voice carries alot of R&B traits -Youngjae made me think of Elliot Yamin the first time I heard his voice and then I find out he likes Elliot Yamin -Not saying they sound like them, but the music you listen to impacts how your voice sounds. And they both have very strong emotional R&B type voices -Lemme not leave Jinyoung out though -I can’t really pinpoint a single genre for Jinyoung’s voice. -But his voice has alot of emotion and soul -It’s soooo underrated -Like have y'all heard his voice in Mr. Chu’s chorus? Or in the Japanese version of Stay? Or in This Star?? -Which he wrote -Speaking of which, they write alot of their songs -And they’re hits -All over the world -Jinyoung and Yugyeom’s choreography skills -Jinyoung’s acting -JB’s acting - I love both but like… Jinyoung really gives me fucking chills -The fact that they took one of their self made memes and made it into a lit ass song -Youngjae’s engrish -Youngjae period -The fact that so many people claim Youngjae is a weak dancer, when I can’t seem to find this weak dancer -Like he can move forreal. He’s shy about it but he can. He’s weak with freestyle and that’s cause he’s shy. But weak dancer? Where?? Je n'ai comprend pas -Jinyoung’s facial expressions -Mark’s facial expressions -Both really speak well with their faces -Like Mark can just give a look and you just know what he has to say without him saying it -BamBam’s cooking skills -Markson being bilingual on Star King -Like they remind me of two mischievous brothers. I can’t ship them as anything but brothers honestly -Like they make me think of a cooler Zack and Cody -Mark is calm quiet -Jackson is loud and rowdy -They’re like Yin Yang actually -Mark is calm and quiet but he has hyper and loud within him as well -And Jackson is the opposite -But back to the brothers thing. They’re like two smart ass twins who cause good natured trouble -A little like Hikaru and Karou from OHSHC -Dream High 2. -Dream Knight -“A” Teasers -Their reactions to all 3 -Their reaction to Jackson’s YouTube video on Weekly Idol -The fact that when Mark gets shy or overwhelmed, he unconsciously clings to or hides behind something -Or someone -Someone like the giant Maknae -They have a giant maknae -Jackson on Roomate -When Jackson’s parents came on Christmas -Y'all I’m not an easy crier. But I was bawling -Because Jackson, despite how popular and rowdy and everywhere he is -He’s still this amazing kid who loves to be in mommy’s arms -He loves his parents so much -The way he lights up with them -I saw a clip where he was in between both his parents -He couldn’t keep the smile off his face -Even when he wasn’t smiling you felt the light and smile radiating from him -Speaking of smiles… Jackson has bunny teeth -It’s so precious -Mark has shark teeth -I have a thing for guys with pretty eyes and pretty smiles so when Mark and Jackson smile… Jesus -JB’s eyes. They’re extremely cute. Especially when he’s in puppy mode (Puppy mode=Hair down and in it’s natural state) -The fact that BamBam puts on makeup, but then takes it off and looks the exact same -Except tanner. Which isn’t bad at all because his skin tone looks amazing on him -BamBam’s legs -Yugyeom’s legs -Mark’s butt and legs -Jackson’s thighs -The fact that Jinyoung is a tease with the clothes he wears showing he does in fact have this bomb ass body but never taking off his clothes and showing us said body -But that’s okay because these boys don’t need to strip to bring appeal to them. We die when they just breathe -The fact that this could go on forever because they’re really amazing and everything. -I’ll state a few more and then go to sleep cause it’s 4am and bitch I’m dying -Flight Log. All three. Beautiful. -The guitar playing in Flight Log: Departure ( DOES ANYONE KNOW WHERE I CAN LISTEN TO A FULL COVER CAUSE I REALLY HAVE A THING FOR ACOUSTIC GUITAR AND PIANO) -Youngjae’s trance when he plays piano -Yugyeom’s trance when he dances -JB and Jinyoung’s trance when they sing -Mark’s trance period -They love what they do so much that it makes me happy to understand how much they love it -The aura when Yugyeom is being a lil shit and goofing off around his hyungs vs. His aura when he’s performing his dance moves -Like Hit The Stage had me shook. His whole aura changed. Maknae my ass. He became daddy -The fact that I can say alot about GOT7 without sounding too creepy or too mature because I was born in 1999 -Youngjae’s shyness -Everytime they’re on Weekly Idol -Everytime they’re on a variety show period -Law Of The Jungle -Mark’s Hyper Time -IGOT7 -REAL GOT7 -Just right summer -Youngjae is a visual -GOT7 dissing 2PM -Their reaction when a member of 2PM came out while they were dissing them -Like they all screamed and ran to the other side of the studio like toddlers. So precious -The fact that within the first 5 minutes of IGOT7 episode one, BamBam had us swooning by moving to shyly stand in the corner cause he was overwhelmed by all the cameras -Signal to their pastselves -“ANDWEE?!! ANDWEEEE!!” *Voice cracks* -“This is 2015.” “ It’s 2016.” 0.0… “They said it’s 2016.” -Jackson going off on himself in 3 different languages -“Do you even understand what I’m saying right now?? STUDY KOREAN.” -“RAMEYOOOOON (Furious)” -“ NEVER ACT CUTE” -“Here…. It is 2016. And you are…..living a really boring life. Do something. Whatever… *Smiles pitifully*” -“Better just not make a comeback period.” -DON’T FALL ASLEEP IN THE HAIR SALON -Jinyoung is an little devil -“Did you hear that? He said he’s going to kill me.” -Jackson’s heart -Mark tried to save a fan from a falling light fixture -The fact that Mark is an idol but is so humble and down to earth -“Don’t just walk off. Make sure the cameras see you too.” -Mark, who cares not for appearing on broadcast, but on being a helpful silent hardworking child. Bless him -Idol life never changed any of them. They’re all humble great boys. -“Hyung! Do you believe in me?!” “YES!” “…BUT I WOULD LIKE TO APPEAR ON BROADCAST!” -“BABYBABYBABYBABY-BABYBABY!” -Follow Me -Yugyeom and BamBam are fanboys -They’re the best of friends -It’s beautiful to watch how close they are -All of them really -No one is left out -They are the definition of “Ohana means family and family means ‘No one gets left behind’” -Stan them and everything about them -Because these 7 dorks… The way they are. The things they do. They not only entertain you, but they make you wanna be great too. It’s amazing really -They are

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When i see this:

and this

and of course this…..aww Kaya!!

How i feel:

Slow motion Clap for All the Caucasian Women who got to do and will do crossover photo shoots with Drop- Dead- Gorgeous Korean Men in Entertainment

You don’t know how lucky you are….

(Anyone who finds more pictures like this….feel free to add in and enrich this post)

To all fellow South Asian Korean Entertainment Enthusiasts

 isn’t it time that Brown chicks come in and get a taste too ???

Lets add all up!!!! Hahah!!!