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DC Character Asks 👓

Poison Ivy:What is your favourite flower/Plant?

Harley Quinn:Have you ever dyed your hair? And if so, What colour?

Catwoman:Are you more of a cat or dog person?

Batman:What do you treasure most?

Superman:Are you in love at the moment?

Lois Lane:What countries would you like to vist?

Aquaman:What is your favourite sea creature?

Red Hood:Have you ever gotten into a physical fight?

Lena Luthor:What is your sexuality?

Robin:Who is your role model?

Batgirl:Do you have/want glasses?

Black Canary:Favourite clothing item?

The Flash:Do you play any sports?

Wonderwoman:Favourite time era?

Red Robin: Tea or coffee?

Supergirl:Favourite book(s)?

The arrow:Do you work better in a team or on your own?

Joker:What’s your worst fear?

El Diablo:Do you want tattoos? ,If so what tattoo(s) would you like?

Scarecrow:What is the worst nightmare you’ve ever had?

Mr. Freeze:What is your favourite season?

The Riddler:Do you consider yourself as smart?

Zatanna Zatara:Do you have a hidden talent? ,If so what is it?

Iris West:What is your dream job/profession?

Bluebird:What hairstyle have you always wanted?

Killer Frost:Do you have a nickname?

Kid Flash:What is your all-time favourite food?

Beast Boy:If you could transform into anything what would you be?

Cassandra Cain:Do you Enjoy Cuddling?