dream girl: the misconception of me


HELLO! i’ve met some people who have wanted to stan shinee, and asked for information on them, so i decided to make this huge post for anyone who wants to know more about shinee and/or potentially stan!!! all are welcome!!!

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SHINEE Music Recommendation

if you’re new to kpop or shinee , here are some of my favorite tracks from this group. Some of them are not really popular, but still a jam. please know that this is my personal opinion, all of shinee’s songs are great, but these ones are really great (at least for me lol)

READ!! I only putting the korean songs in this list, but if u want a japanese songs recommendation, ask me to do it!
Also, all the albums are not listed, because as I said, these are my favorite songs of them, but check out all the other albums, they are 🔥

If u want to read the info of this group click here


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* 누난 너무 예뻐 (Replay) The First Mini Album - EP

- In My Room
- 사.계.한 (Love Should Go On)

* The Shinee World

- 산수 같은 너 Love Like Oxygen

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- 내 곁에만 있어 (Best Place)
- 혜야 (Y Si Fuera Ella)  *sheds a tear while listening to it live*

* The 2nd Album ‘Lucifer’

- 화살 (Quasimodo)
- Wowowow
- Your Name

* Sherlock

- Sherlock (Clue + Note) 

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(srry not srry )
- Alarm Clock

* The 3rd Album Chapter 1. 'Dream Girl - The Misconceptions of You’

- Spoiler
- Punch Drunk Love
- Runaway

* Why So Serious?: The Misconceptions of Me

- Why So Serious?

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- 오르골 Orgel
- Like a Fire
- 떠나지 못해 Sleepless Night

* The 5th Mini Album 'Everybody’

- 상사병 (Symptoms)
- 닫아줘 Close the Door
- Colorful

* The 4th Album (my favorite album)

- Odd Eye
- Love Sick
- View

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- Romace (my favorite)
- Black Hole

* 1 and 1 - The 5th Album Repackage

- Rescue
- If You Love Her
- 1 Of 1

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i’m srry I just had to
- Feel Good
- 투명 우산 Don’t Let Me Go
- Lipstick
- Don’t Stop

Wonder Woman + Batman // Fan Fiction Rec

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays fellow wonderbat fans! Since it’s been 5 years since I’ve been a fan of wonderbat (excluding when I was a kid watching justice league unlimited) I wanted to make a fanfiction rec of 15+ chapter stories (that are COMPLETED so you guys don’t have to wait in anticipation for an ending). I hope you guys enjoy the list and if there is any fanfics you’d like me to add then feel free to message me! Happy Holidays and I hope you enjoy!

Anon asked: Hi! May I please have an imagine with Shawn where we’re dating and I used to be a mega fan and we met at an m&g and he took a liking to me. And even though we’ve been dating for like 10 months I still get nervous and giggly when he kisses me or something cause even though my fangirl habits have died down I’m still one at heart. And it’s all fluffy. Thank you

Shawn imagine:
If you’d ask me to describe my boyfriend, I’d say He lights up my world. I love him with all my heart, He means everything to me, I’d never hurt him. Emotionally, physically. I’d do anything for him. To make him happy. I love his smile, I love his laugh, I love how he says my name, I love every thing about him. I couldn’t never go a day without thinking about him. He is my prince, I am his princess. I will never give up on him. My names Y/N, I used to be one of those girls who had two lives, one life dedicated to school and the other, dedicated to online superstars. I’d always dream about dating one of my favs but that was all they were to me, dreams. Misconceptions and pure imagination to make myself believe, I could one day possibly have that. I wanted a fairytale love life, I wanted to fall in love with the person that was them and helped me and a million other girls in this world. I never thought that would happen but it did. I was 16 and he? 17. Who is this he? You ask. He is Shawn, Shawn Mendes. The boy that just for being him, captured my heart. He sang and with every melody, I feel deeper with him till one day I decided I must meet him. He came to Chicago, for the first time ever and, I made it a mission to leave a lasting impression. I curled my long straight hair, and wore leggings with a nirvana side cut band tee. I was nervous but my hopes weren’t high, I mean he’s a celebrity with a million girls crushing on him like I was, so this was just another ordinary day for me.

I stood in line and waited for my turn to hug him, snap a quick pic and become another nameless face in his eyes. I got to the front and waited for the girl in front of me to finish her turn. My heart was beating fast, I fell so hard for him. His jawline, his soft hands, his beautiful smile and his soothing laugh. I walked up to him and he had this expression I’d never forget, “hello” he said as if in shock, “hi” I smiled hugging him, “what’s you’re name?” He smiled brightly, “Y/N” I smiled just as bright, “hello y/n, thanks for coming” he smiled down to the floor, “oh it’s nothing, thank you for existing. Like you’re music is honestly amazing and never fails me. You’re such a talented artist and a sweetheart, like I’m glad to love someone like you” I smiled, he looked up with a huge grin. “Thank you so much, honestly it means the –” “we have to hurry this up” his manager cut in, Shawn gave him a mad expression before intertwining his hands with both of mine, facing me towards him. “I’m sorry, but as I was saying it means a lot hearing those words, if you don’t mind stick around with me backstage and let’s hang out. You seem really amazing” my palms got sweaty and he took notice chuckling, “that sounds amazing Shawn, thank you” I smiled brightly. He leaned his head against mine looking me straight in the eyes, as we smiled brightly. They snapped a picture and Shawn let security take me to his room behind stage.

After the meet and greet, he came back stage and we talked. It wasn’t a bit awkward, if anything we were talking to each other as if we had known each other our whole lives. We were laughing and joking around. We exchanged numbers and hung out until he left, he text me every morning and every night. FaceTimed me whenever he could and always visited when he came to Chicago. Eventually he asked me to be his girlfriend and I couldn’t believe it, I was just a fan girl who had a dream of something like this and it was coming true. I said yes and it’s been 10 amazing months. My family moved out to LA, so that I could pursue my singing career, and have a better life. My fan girl time has slowly decreased but that doesn’t mean I still don’t get excited hearing Shawn’s new tracks or seeing him. We were at my house watching a movie, I had gotten up to get popcorn and came back. I sat down next to him eating the popcorn, before he grabbed a blanket, pulled me to him and cuddled with me. “You’re such a hog” he chuckled grabbing popcorn, “you never asked for some” I pouted, “you didn’t offer” he protested, “but you could have asked” I laughed, “fine, my bad” he chuckled. We laughed for a bit before he leaned in, “whatcha doing there kid?” I laughed, “you got popcorn on you’re face” he laughed, he whipped it away and just with that little touch, my heart broke into a million pieces that turned into butter flies. He looked me in the eyes with such awe and leaned in. My heart skipped a beat, as my eyes fluttered shut. He captured my lips with his gently but full with passion, he pulled away messing with my hair. As I collected myself, “ I love you, you know that” he smiled pulling me close to his chest as he pulled the cover over us, “I love you too” I smiled. Just the thought I can say that, and not dream it made me smile even harder.

anonymous asked:

can you help me? what songs have shinee members worked on like writing and composing and stuff? solo and group stuff?

group releases 

the shinee world / amigo
1) love like oxygen
rap making: minho
2) 사랑의 길 (love’s way)
rap making: minho
3) “그녀가 헤어졌다 (one for me)
rap making: minho
4) 화장을 하고 (graze)
rap making: minho
5) 내 곁에만 있어 (best place)
rap making: minho 

1) juliette
lyrics: jonghyun
rap making: minho 

2009: year of us
1) get down
rap making: key / minho 

lucifer / hello
1) up & down
lyrics: jonghyun (co-written with misfit)
rap making: minho
2) 욕 (obsession)
lyrics: jonghyun
rap making: minho
3) wowowow
rap making: minho
) your name
lyrics: onew
rap making: minho
) hello
rap making: minho
) get it
rap making: key / minho
) shout out
lyrics: all members

1) 알람시계 (alarm clock)
lyrics: jonghyun
rap making: minho
) 낯선자 (stranger)
rap making: minho
) 늘 그자리에 (honesty)
lyrics: jonghyun
rap making: minho 

misconceptions of you
1) spoiler
lyrics: jonghyun
) dream girl
rap making: minho
) girls girls girls
rap making: key / minho
) 방백 (aside)
rap making: minho
) 아름다워 (beautiful)
rap making: minho
) 다이너마이트 (dynamite)
rap making: minho 

misconceptions of me
1) shine (medusa i)
rap making: minho
) 오르골 (orgel)
lyrics: jonghyun
rap making: minho
) dangerous (medusa ii)
lyrics: jonghyun (co-written with jo yun kyeong)
) excuse me miss
rap making: minho
) 떠나지 못해 (sleepless night)
rap making: minho 

misconceptions of us
1) 버리고 가 (better off)
lyrics: jonghyun
2) 너와 나의 거리 (selene 6.23)
lyrics: jonghyun 

1) 상사병 (symptoms)
lyrics: jonghyun
2) destination
→ rap making: minho
3) 닫아줘 (close the door)
→ rap making: minho
4) colorful
rap making: key / minho 

odd / married to the music
) odd eye
composition: jonghyun
lyrics: jonghyun
) view
lyrics: jonghyun
) romance
rap making: minho
) 이별의 길 (farewell my love)
→ rap making: minho
) alive
rap making: key
) chocolate
lyrics: jonghyun (co-written with yankie)

1of1 / 1and1
1) prism
composition: jonghyun
[note: co-composed with jamil chammas, deez, etc.]
) 투명 우산 (don’t let me go)
rap making: key / minho
) lipstick
→ rap making: minho
) don’t stop
lyrics: jonghyun / key / minho
) u need me
→ rap making: minho
) so amazing
lyrics: onew
) 한마디 (beautiful life)
lyrics: onew


solo releases

ace (taemin)
1) pretty boy
lyrics: jonghyun 

base (jonghyun)
1) déjà-boo (co-composed with zion.t)
2) love belt
3) neon
4) 일인극 (monodrama)
) 시간이 늦었어 (beautiful tonight)
6) 포춘쿠키 (fortune cookie)
all composition: jonghyun
all lyrics: jonghyun

7) crazy (guilty pleasure)
) hallelujah (co-written with wheesung)
lyrics: jonghyun

story. op. 1 (jonghyun)
1) 하루의 끝 (end of a day)
2) u & i
3) like you
4) 산하엽 (skeleton flower)
5) happy birthday
6) 미안해 (i’m sorry)
7) 02:34am
8) 그래도 되지 않아? (fine)
9) 내일쯤 (around tomorrow)
all composition: jonghyun
all lyrics: jonghyun

press it (taemin)
1) press your number (co-written by tenzo and tasco)
2) soldier
lyrics: taemin

) 벌써 (already)
composition: jonghyun (co-composed with teddy riley)
lyrics: jonghyun

she is (jonghyun)
1) she is (co-composed with crush and philtre)
2) 우주가 있어 (orbit)
3) moon (co-composed with ldnnoise)
4) aurora (co-composed with deez)
5) dress up  (co-composed with ldnnoise)
6) cocktail (co-composed with bryan michael cox)
7) red
8) suit up
all composition: jonghyun
all lyrics: jonghyun

2) white t-shirt
lyrics: jonghyun



1) elevator
2) 가을이긴 한가 (it must be autumn)
(co-composed / written with go young bae.)
3) 애월 (愛月) (aewol)
(co-composed / written with jung joon young.)
4) 한마디 (your voice)
(co-composed / written with heritage.)
5) inspiration - jonghyun (co-composed with imlay)
all composition: jonghyun
all lyrics: jonghyun

6) 따뜻한 겨울 (warm winter)
7) 멍하니 있어 (staring into space)
8) my friend
9) love is so nice
10) 1000
all composition: jonghyun
all lyrics: jonghyun


songs for other artists

1) 우울시계 (a gloomy clock) - iu
2) red candle - son dam bi
3) playboy - exo
4) no more - lim kim
5) 한숨 (breathe) - lee hi
all composition: jonghyun
all lyrics: jonghyun

(*) unless otherwise specified jonghyun works on the majority of his compositions with his composition crew / group, wefreaky.

acebytaemin  asked:

1, 3, 4 & 5 for the shinee ask game!

1. Jonghyun, my human moomin man

3. 1of1 was a legendary time of primary colors and 90s fashion

4. Yes. (but to be more specific, View, SHINe Medusa I, Excuse Me Miss, Evil, A-yo, Shift, U Need Me, Romance, Odd Eye, Orgel, Sherlock, Dream Girl, Hello, Jojo and i think i should stop now because if I go any further i’m literally just gonna list their entire discography)

5. The Misconceptions of Us, Odd, and 1of1 (aka the holy trinity)

anonymous asked:

Hello. Please you write SHINee's all the songs? Thank you.

oh damn this is gonna be long…..

i’m literally going to pull this off of their wikipedia discography page– but i’ll be adding solo works/osts/misc things as well… someone please tell me if i forget something because i’m sure i will OTL.

i’ll basically go in this order: korean, japanese, sub groups/sm albums + solo works, categorized by each member. i’ll bold the tracks they promoted and italicize the tracks they like… half-promoted. so first off…

korean albums/works

replay (first extended play) - may 22, 2008

replay (누난 너무 예뻐)
in my room
love should go on (사.계.한)
replay (boom track)

the shinee world (first studio album) - august 29, 2008
amigo (repackaged album) - october 29, 2008

the shinee world
love’s way
love like oxygen (산소 같은 너)
one for me
last gift
best place
y si fuera ella
four seasons
in my room (unplugged mix)
replay (누난 너무 예뻐)

amigo (아.미.고)
forever or never

romeo (second extended play) - may 25, 2009

talk to you (니가 맘에 들어)
hit me
please don’t go (jjong & onew)
romeo + juliette

2009 summer smtown - we are shining (smtown album) - august 14, 2009


2009, year of us (third extended play) - october 19, 2009

y.o.u. (year of us)
ring ding dong
get down
shinee girl
the name i loved (onew)

lucifer (second studio album) - july 19, 2010
hello (repackaged) - october 4, 2010

up & down
electric heart
obsession (욕)
quasimodo (화갈)
shout out (악)
your name
ready or not
love pain
love still goes on (사.계.후)

one (하나)
get it

pinocchio (f(x)’s first studio album) - april 20, 2011

lollipop (by f(x))

2011 smtown winter: the warmest gift - december 13, 2011

last christmas

sherlock (fourth extended play) - march 21, 2012

sherlock (clue + note)
alarm clock
the reason
stranger (낯건자)
honesty (늘 그자리에)

dream girl – misconceptions of you (part one of third studio album) - feb 19, 2013

dream girl
hitchhiking (히치하이킹)
punch drunk love
girls, girls, girls
aside (방백)
beautiful (아름다워)
dynamite (다이너마이트)

why so serious? - the misconceptions of me (part two of third studio album) - april 19, 2013

why so serious?
shine (medusa I)
orgel (오르골)
dangerous (medusa II)
like a fire
excuse me miss
sleepless night (떠나지 못해)

the misconceptions of us (part three of third studio album) - august 8, 2013

all songs in parts one & two
selene 6.23 (너와 나의 거리)
better off

everybody (fifth extended play) - october 14, 2013

symptoms (상사병)
queen of new york (빗 속 유욕)
one minute back (1분만)
close the door (닫아줘)

odd (fourth studio album) - may 18, 2015
married to the music (repackaged) - august 3, 2015

odd eye
love sick
farewell my love (이벌의 길)
an ode to you (너의 노래가 되어)
woof woof
black hole
an encore (재연)

married to the music
hold you

misc. singles (mostly for OSTs)

stand by me (boys over flowers OST)
bodyguard (digital single for boys over flowers)
countdown (dream: original soundtrack)
fly high (prosecutor princess OST)
haru (하루) (haru original soundtrack)
stranger (stranger OST)
green rain (the queen’s classroom OST)

japanese albums/works

the first (first studio album) - november 23, 2011

lucifer (jp. version) [third single - october 12, 2011]
amigo (jp. version)
juliette (jp) [second single - august 29, 2011]
to your heart
always love
replay (君は僕の) [first single - june 22, 2011]
love like oxygen (jp. version)
hello (jp. version)

boys meet u (second studio album) - june 26, 2013

breaking news
dazzling girl [fifth single - october 10, 2012]
1000 years, always by your side (年、ずっとそばにいて) [sixth single - december 12, 2012]
run with me
kiss yo
the world where you exist (君がいる世界)
keeping love again
burning up
sherlock (jp. version) [fourth single - may 16, 2012]
fire [seventh single, released march 13, 2013]
i’m with you

i’m your boy (third studio album) - september 24, 2014

downtown baby
lucky star [tenth single - june 25, 2014]
everybody (jp. version)
3 2 1 [ninth single - december 4, 2013]
sunny day hero
perfect 10
dream girl (jp. version)
colors of the season
boys meet u [eighth single - august 21, 2013]

subgroup/solo work


solo work

in your eyes (to the beautiful OST)
moonlight (miss korea OST)

featured in

vanilla love (by lee hyunji)
one year later (by jessica)


solo work

so goodbye (city hunter OST)
1 out of 100 (the king’s dream OST)
she (birth of a beauty OST)

déjà-boo (base)
crazy (base)
hallelujah (할렐루야) (base)
love belt (base)
neon (base)
mono-drama (일인극) (base)
beautiful tonight (시간이 늧었어) (base)
fortune cookie (base)

featured in

wrongly given love (by zhang liyin)
miss you (sm the ballad)
hot times (sm the ballad)
don’t lie (sm the ballad)
let’s go (kor. & eng.; by g-20)
gloomy clock (by iu)
breathe (sm the ballad)
a day without you (sm the ballad)
dear my family (IAM soundtrack)
that name (who are you: school OST; feat. taemin too)


featured in

healing (by trax)
boys & girls (by snsd)
two moons (kor. & chi.; by exo)
one dream (by boa, feat. henry too)
delicious (toheart)
intro (toheart)
maze (toheart)
you’re my lady (toheart)
tell me why (toheart)
start (toheart)
bravo (history of salary man OST, feat. leeteuk too)


solo work

U (너란 말야) (to the beautiful OST)
footsteps (prime minister and i OST)

ace (ace)
danger (괴도) (ace)
experience (ace)
pretty boy (ace)
wicked (거절할게) (ace)
play me (소나타) (ace)

featured in

maxstep (by younique unit)
spectrum (by taemin, yunho & donghae)
trap (by henry)
that name (who are you: school OST; feat. jonghyun too) 

SHINee's songs


1.Replay (x) (Live) (MV)

2. In My Room (x) (Live)

3. Real (x) (Live)

4. Love Should Go On (x)


1. The SHINee World (x) (Live)

2. Love’s Way (x)

3. Love Like Oxygen (x) (Live) (MV)

4. Romantic (x) (live)

5. One For Me (x)

6. Graze (x) (live)

7. Last Gift (x)

8. Best Place (x) (live)

9. Y Si Fuera Ella (x)

10. Four Seasons (x)

AMIGO: SW Repackaged

1. AMIGO (x) (live) (MV)

2. Forever Or Never (x)


1. Talk To You (x)

2. Juliette (x) (live) (MV)

3. Hit Me (x)

4. Senorita (x) (live)

5. Please Don’t Go (x) (live)

6. Romeo + Juliette (x)

2009, YEAR OF US: EP

1. Y.O.U. (x)

2.Ring Ding Dong (x) (live) (MV)

3. JoJo (x) (live)

4. Get Down (x)

5. SHINee Girl (x)

6.  The Name I Loved (x)


1. Up & Down (x)

2. Lucifer (x) (live) (MV)

3. Electric Heart (x) (Live)

4. A-Yo (x) (live)

5. Obsession (x)

6. Quasimodo (x) (Live)

7. Shout Out (x)

8. Wowowow (x) (Live)

9. Your Name (x)

10. Life (x) (live)

11. Love Pain (x)

12. Love Still Goes On (x) (live)

Hello: Lucifer Repackaged

1. Hello (x) (live) (MV)

2. One (x) (live)

3. Get It (x)

THE FIRST: Japanese Album

1. Lucifer: Japanese Version (MV)

2. AMIGO: Japanese Version

3. Juliette: Japanese Version (MV)

4. Better (live)

5. To Your Heart (live)

6. Always Love (live)

7. Replay: Japanese Version (MV)

8. Start (x)

9. Love Like Oxygen Japanese version

10. Hello: Japanese Version

11. The SHINee World: Japanese version

12. Seesaw (x) (live)

13. Stranger (x)

14. Kiss Kiss Kiss (with Juliette)  (x) (Live)


1. Sherlock (live) (MV)

2. Clue (x)

3. Note (x)

4. Alarm Clock (x)

5. The Reason (x)

6. Stranger (live)

7. Honesty (x)


1. Dazzling Girl (MV) (live)

2. Run With Me (x)

1000 YEARS

1. 1000 Years, Always By Your Side (MV) (live)

2. The World Where You Exist (x)

DREAM GIRL: The Misconceptions of You

1. Spoiler (x)

2. Dream Girl (x) (live) (MV)

3. Hitchhiking (x)

4. Punch Drunk Love (x)

5. Girls, Girls, Girls (x)

6. Aside (x)

7. Beautiful (x) (live)

8. Dynamite (x)

9. Runaway (x)


1. Fire (MV)

2. Moon River Waltz (live)

WHY SO SERIOUS: The Misconceptions of Me

1. Nightmare (x)

2. Why So Serious (x) (Live) (MV)

3. Shine (x) (live)

4. Orgel (x)

5. Dangerous (x)

6. Like A Fire (x)

7. Excuse Me Miss (x)

8. Evil (x)

9. Sleepless Night (x) (live)

Boys Meet U: Japanese Album

1. Password

2. Breaking News

3. Dazzling Girl

4. 1000 Years

5. Run With Me

6. Kiss Yo

7. The World Where You Exist

8. Keeping Love Again


10. Sherlock

11. Fire

12. I’m With You

THE MISCONCEPTIONS OF US: Combined + Repackaged

1. Selene 6.23 (x)

2. Better Off (x)


1. Boys Meet U (MV)

2. Sunny Day Hero


1. Everybody (x) (live) (MV)

2. Symptoms (x) (live)

3. Queen Of New York (x)

4. One Minute Back (x) (live)

5. Destination (x)

6. Close The Door (x) (live)

7. Colorful (x) (MV)


1. 321  (MV)

2. Colors Of The Season (x)

Other Songs

1. Stand By Me (x) (live)

2. Scar (x) (live)

3. Body Guard (x)

4. Green Rain (MV)

ok but why does no one talk about the storyline of the shinee misconception albums like

part 1 (dream girl) is about them idolizing someone and building them up in their minds to be someone amazing but they never get close to them and fall in love with the person they’ve pegged them to be

and then part 2 (nightmare) has them being like “wait hang on you’re not treating me right” but they’re so in love with this person that they don’t leave them even though they’re unhappy

i don’t know any of k-pop album that tells a story like that why has nobody talked about this??


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I will choose 2 WINNERS

  1. 1 place winner will get:
  • Jonghyun’s card from “Why So Serious?: The misconceptions of me“ album
  • postcard from “Lucifer” album (all members)
  • Taemin’s card from “My fairy“ fansite
  • some K-pop magnets

    2.   2 place winner will get:

  • Minho’s card from “Dream Girl: The misconceptions of you” album
  • Taemin’s card from “The First“ album
  • some K-pop magnets

All stuff are OFFICIAL! except Taemin’s card from “My fairy” noona’s fansite and K-pop magnets.


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I will give you for this give away ONE MONTH! I will choose the WINNERS on 14 of April! I will choose them by RANDOM.ORG





There will be 12 WINNERS TOTAL!

Here’s the stuff:

Albums: 2NE1 1st Album, UKISS Stop Girl, B2ST Midnight Sun, BigBang Hot Stuff Mini Album, SHINee 1000-nen, Zutto Soba ni Ite, MBLAQ Mona Lisa, SHINee AMiGO, SHINee Dream Girl Album, SHINee Romeo, SHINee Sherlock Album

Posters: Block B- Blockbuster, Block B- Blockbuster Flag, SHINee- Misconceptions of You, SHINee- Minho 

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-1st and 2nd Places will get their choice of either 2 ALBUMS or 1 ALBUM & 1 POSTER

- The other winners will get their choice of 1 ITEM from what is left.


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WINNERS WILL BE CHOSEN FRIDAY, JANUARY 3RD! *Winners must rely to wining notification by MONDAY JANURARY 6TH.*

SHINee has truly made 2013 a worthy year for their fifth anniversary by bagging numerous awards and high chart rankings.

After grabbing the prestigious Artist of the Year award at MelOn Music Awards 2013, SHINee has made their mark once again on Gaon’s annual album chart by grabbing 5 spots in total! The Gaon Chart is the national chart of South Korea and is
intended to be the equivalent of Billboard in the United States.

The contemporary boyband has made
complex and intricate choreography a famous signature of theirs, but they are also known for the high sales of their albums due their outstanding music and vocal quality. The first chapter of their third album, “Dream Girl - Misconceptions of
You”, ranks at 9th place on the Album
Chart, with 185,357 albums sold.

Many critics felt that SHINee took a risk in releasing a second chapter that was meant to be a darker version of the first; but as
always, the group delivered. Considered to be even better than the first, “Why So Serious? - Misconceptions of Me” takes 15th
place with 131,438 albums sold! The
repackaged album, “The Misconceptions of Us”, which combines both chapters and contains two new songs penned by the group’s very own Jonghyun, makes it to 42nd place with 45,657 copies sold.

SHINee concluded their 2013 activities with the release of their 5th mini album, “Everybody” in the later half of the year, and they didn’t disappoint. The mini album
takes 16th place with 129,003 copies sold. But what comes as an even bigger surprise is that SHINee’s fourth mini-album, “Sherlock”, which was released back in March 2012, has managed to secure a ranking in the albums chart. It takes 94th
place with 14,301 copies sold.
It surely has been a year of deserving rewards for the shining boy band, as they continue on with their hardworking spirit, despite all odds.

Source: Gaon
Written by: debsayys @ shineee.net