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raise your hand if you have spider-powers, a history of erratic behavior and a deeply disturbing backstory involving trust issues. also: a knife.

  • sarah shahi as jessica drew in the spider woman movie of my dreams that marvel is too trash to ever make

Dream girlfriend I can’t wait for the cute moments of holding hands and kissing your lips for the first time. I can’t wait for the moments of when you tell me you love me just because. And I am so happy to make you happy dream girlfriend. I can’t wait to look into your eyes one day and call you mine. Whoever you are dream girl, I love you.

I have it bad too.

You fucking know what? I’m SICK and TIRED of having everyone tell me to calm the hell down, or having everyone tell me to just forget about it because other people have it worse. I know other people have it worse. I know that right now someone is probably being told that they’ll never be able to walk again, or to see. I know that someone right now probably lost a child. Or got told that they couldn’t follow their dreams. Or having a parent die. I know people have it worse then me. But guess what, I have it bad too! Just because I’m not dying, blind, or have cancer doesn’t mean that my feelings don’t matter! It doesn’t mean that I should hold it all in. Wanna know what hurts more then losing a parent to death? Losing a parent by choice! Because with death, a parent doesn’t have a choice. It’s gods way of saying their time on earth is over. It’s not like the persons gonna be like, “you know what suck balls and leave me alone” but to have a parent that has a fucking choice ! And choices to leave you. A parent that just gets up and Abandons you. He or she has a choice. But they choice to just leave. To not fight for their kids. And that hurts. To know that not only did they leave, but they didn’t fight for you. That they’re just a fucking phone call away, and they don’t fucking call!! That gets under my skin. And to finally find someone who can replace that empty feeling in your chest. But then have them die of cancer! And I’m not saying losing a parent isn’t hard. Because I don’t know what I would do if I lost my mother. But to have a parent walk out on you like you didn’t matter hurts too! And people don’t seem to realize that. I know that people have it worse. That people have been raped, kidnaped, abused. But I’ve watched people I love getting abused , and that fucking hurts to. And not to mention all the heart breaks. And everyone expects you to stay strong, because you were raised that way. If your like me, you were raised to never depended on a guy. And you don’t. Your hard headed, independent, have trust issues. You fall anyways… You fall in love and think, “maybe not all guys are going to leave.” And you take it as a chance to fill that whole your dad left in your heart when he walked out on you. But then the boy leaves. He takes your heart, your virginity, and your trust with him. And your back to hating the world. Because once again, they proved to you that you shouldn’t fully ever trust. But you can’t show that your hurt, because mama never thought you that. She thought you to never cry over a boy. So what do you do? You hold it in. Then your stuck hating the world and wishing your life would end. And then you become like your father. Selfish… Because you want to take your life away. Because nobody seems to listen. And nobody but your mother and sister seem to care. And just maybe, you feel empty inside because you never got to have that father daughter dance on your sweet 15 or you sweet 16. And just the thought of you not having it at your wedding hurts even more. Knowing that he’s alive and the only time he ever calls is when he’s drunk…. Yeah, I know people have it worse. But I have it bad too.

Things I miss about being in a relationship
  • The first time you talk and get to know each other.
  • The first time that you meet in person.
  • The first time they grab your hand to hold it.
  • First semi-awkward kiss.
  • Finding something in common during conversations.
  • When they are the last person you want to talk to before you go to bed.
  • Falling asleep on the phone with them not because you are bored with them but because, at the time, being tired doesn’t feel like a good enough reason to get off of the phone.
  • Having dreams about them.
  • The first time you share “I love yous”.
  • The conversation down the road about who said it first.
  • The period of time when seeing them makes your heart beat a little faster or get butterflies in your stomach.
  • Making scrapbook and videos for them.
  • Buying their favorite foods.
  • Spooning and cuddling.
  • Seeing them naked for the first time in a sexual way.
  • Seeing them naked for the first time in a casual way.
  • Traveling together.
  • Inside jokes
  • Tickle attacks
  • The perfect date that you planned and things went wrong but you ended up still being happy because you’re with the person you love. And it’s the effort that counts.
  • Sharing something that you are really passionate about that they don’t know anything about yet embrace it because it is important to you.
  • P.D.A.
  • Coming up behind them and putting your arms their waist.
  • Genuine compliments.
  • Can understand each other just by giving a look.
  • When you’re sick and they take care of you.
  • Needing a hug and knowing one is waiting for you
  • Your first stupid fight about stupid things.
  • The first time they apologize to you sincerely and not just to end the argument.
  • The first time you cried because of them.
  • Makeup sex
  • Cuddling when it’s cold.
  • Taking silly pictures together.
  • When they tell you a certain quality that you possess that they love that you didn’t realize you actually possessed.
  • Discovering great things about them and caught yourself falling inlove with them over and over again.
  • Discovering a new favorite thing (restaurant, movie, TV show, etc.) together.
  • When a song makes you think about them.
  • When you have a song as a couple.
  • Being physically apart long enough to remember what it’s like to miss them.
  • Thinking about them all the time.
  • Anniversaries
  • Getting a massage from them when you really had a bad day.
  • Getting drunk together and having drunk sex.
  • Casual conversations after sex.
  • Sending sweet text.
  • Doing embarrassing things just to make them laugh.
  • Making them feel better just by being there.
  • Resting your head on their shoulder, chest or lap.
  • Making heart-shaped pancakes for them.
  • When they encourage you to do something positive in your life that you probably wouldn’t have done without their emotional support.
  • Being inspired to write a thoughtful and sweet note in a card.
  • Saying “I love you” like thousand times a day.
  • Bullying each other.
  • Spending a lazy weekend in bed together.
  • Seeing their smile make you smile too.
  • The first time they fart in front of you and are forced to admit it.
  • Being in a loud gathering and having them whisper something sweet in your ear.
  • When they make you feel more attractive.
  • Doing something spontaneous together.
  • Jealousy
  • Sending flowers
  • Cute nicknames
  • Going to the movies together and holding hands.
  • Their laugh
  • The first time you sing for them.
  • Eating ice cream in the middle of the night.
  • When they put their bent pointer finger on the bottom of your chin to raise your head and plant one kiss or, if they are the shorter one, when they put their hand on the back of your head and pull you in for a kiss.
  • Getting turned on by them for some random thing they do that they don’t realize they are doing.
  • Waking up face to face and smiling.
  • When they do something special for your birthday.
  • Going through your dresser and finding old letters.
  • Dancing together
  • Having someone who knows every details about you.
  • Cooking and baking together.
  • Having someone who love the things yoy hate about yourself.
  • Making fun of other people together.
  • Being able to identify their scent and then getting so used to it.
  • Getting used to one of their more annoying qualities.
  • Watching TV together for hours.
  • Realizing how much you love them.
  • Feeling lucky about how much they love you.
  • Promise rings
  • Goodnight kisses.
  • Good morning kiss.
  • Forehead kisses.
  • Little kisses.
  • Shower sex.
  • Romance
  • Your first real relationship-threatening but ultimately relationship-affirming fight.
  • When you realize they are your best friend
  • When you catch them looking at you and smiling.
  • When you think to yourself, “I can’t believe we’re together”.
  • When they find your “spot” and casually exploit it.
  • Ass grabbing
  • Boob touching
  • When you tell them a story about something that’s really bothering you and they laugh and you don’t think it’s funny at all but you realize how silly you sound and you laugh too.
  • Having someone you can talk to about everything and they are willing to listen.
  • Feeling the magic of love.
  • Being on adventures together.
  • When they make you a better person.
  • When they promise to never leave you.
  • Having dogs together.
  • When you talk about your future together.

Sometimes I just really miss being inlove because it’s the most amazing feeling in the world. So, to my future girlfriend/wife, I promise to make you happy everyday and never leave you. I will tell you how beautiful you are all the time. I will love you with all of me. I will wait for you, no matter how long it would take.


Imagine Seb as the teacher and it’s just like a fic made into a movie  ;)

What I Know About Star vs the Forces of Evil

i’ve only seen a few episodes from season 1 and i see posts about it on IG and here on tumblr but i’m about to watch it properly and i figured i might as well

Star is the magical princess from another dimension that doesn’t have her powers in check and fucked up one too many times, so her parents flung her into Marco’s dimension to be a foreign exchange student. And she lives with Marco now somehow. They fight monsters together and have a lot of romantic tension damnit just kiss already. Also her magic wand is a plot point a lot. Also stop calling out your attack names it does nothing.

• manic pixie dream girl
• every single magical girl protagonist
• fucks up w/ her magic but she tries ok
• cutie patootie
• I’d say protect her but she can do it her damn self
• i still can’t believe her last name is Butterfly like what
• heart cheeks bc I love her

• he’s not cool he’s a nerd
• on his way to karate chop yo girl
• makes sure Star doesn’t fucking die
• his mom looks like me
• he’s actually precious though
• this one actually does need protecting

• Star’s ex-man
• a demon apparently
• might also have a thing for Marco according to the fan base
• seriously how do you lose a girl like Star my dude she’s adorable

• Marco’s asshole friend
• definitely a Slytherin
• fandom loves her
• I love her too and i’ve seen less than five minutes of her screentime

• Marco’s crush
• cool girl
• ocean aesthetic or something like that

• superiority issues regarding his height
• looks like a baby bird that got dropped on his head too many times
• ugly fucker
• isn’t even that threatening

• every conspiracy theorist’s dream come true
• the ACTUAL villain of the show
• but does he even like toffee flavored stuff
• lizard man
• Got fucked over by Moon at one point get rekted loser

• Star’s mom
• kinda uptight
• a cutie when she was Star’s age
• Gave Toffee the smackdown yass queen
• her face tattoos aren’t even moons they’re diamonds c'mon man

• Star’s dad
• where Star gets her monster ass-kicking from
• beautiful golden beard yass king work it

• he’s not important but i care about him
• Star had a crush on him at one point
• local slacker bad boy that isn’t that cool actually
• that’s pretty much it he has no relevance to the story

• one of the new villains
• likes chocolate
• likes monsters
• has her priorities in order actually
• Star’s ancestor??
• I like her design

me: looking for exo-ls who hate fan wars 

Low key just want to kiss a girl on top of a Ferris wheel
—  thoughts when the Fair is in town and something I’m patiently waiting to do leighannelovestolaugh
The Signs as Beyoncé Songs

Aries: Listen
Taurus: Irreplaceable
Gemini: Crazy in love
Cancer: Halo
Leo: 7/11
Virgo: Run the world (girls)
Libra: Party
Scorpio: Single ladies (put a ring on it)
Sagittarius: 1+1
Capricorn: Drunk in love
Aquarius: If I were a boy
Pisces: Sweet dreams

I will...
  • hold doors open for you
  • call you mine
  • hug you and hold your hand
  • watch your favorite movies
  • never lie to you
  • buy you chocolates and roses
  • kiss you on the forehead
  • pull out your chair for you
  • watch the sunset with you and stay up to watch the sunrise
  • hold your bags when you want to go shopping
  • flatter you whenever possible
  • make you laugh
  • write you poetry
  • share my food with you
  • sit next to you when you’re not feeling well
  • tickle your feet and give you massages
  • just chill if that’s all you want to do
  • call you beautiful on your worst of days
  • listen to you when you want to talk about stuff
  • make you my everything