dream for the dead

It somehow makes me sad to realize that if you want to truly want to win the game, you have to follow Joseph’s route to have a happy ending, but if you choose other happy endings (except Robert’s who makes a final decision in order to protect you because youve basically became his Kadan) you will technically earn a bad ending because Joseph will end up killing you, or your Love Interest?
And that even if you smartass Joseph and win in the true ending, it is hinted that you end up dating another man who never shows up until the epilogue of the True Ending, which means that all the dating and dad choices arent technically valid?
I dunno.

I am just one of many who feel personally attacked by this character and his design :I;;;;  enjoyed adorable Dream Daddy, and I have always been incredibly awed & inspired by Shanen/epsee’s artwork, so this is that put together ^-^


“Hey there, Juliet.” OMG. Jughead climbing into Betty’s room through her window on a step ladder like Romeo in new promo clip during Lili’s interview!…….  and just like Leonardo Dicaprio! Cole is the new Leo confirmed. xD yeah…we’re all going crazy.

there is nothing more beautiful to me than a relationship portrayed on tv as something rooted purely in friendship and understanding and just a mutual respect of one another. Something where two people can always rely on each other, can make each other laugh, can be their best and worse selves around each other and not feel ashamed. Something healthy and realistic and honest and not depicted as an “epic true love” that is toxic and harmful and only ever requires sacrifice. there is absolutely nothing more beautiful than watching healthy relationships develop and grow and become even better.