dream feuds

Dream feuds I'd like to see.

I’m not saying all of these will blow you away, but they are feuds that I would find interesting:

Dean Ambrose 2013 vs Raven 1996: Two deranged, cult leader like men with a hardcore backgrounds.

Regal 2002 vs Cesaro 2012: European Uppercuts. European uppercuts everywhere. Plus, both have a great styles that would mesh perfectly.

Kurt Angle 2006 vs Jack Swagger 2013: The two greatest amateur wrestlers the WWE has ever recruited. Add in Swagger’s new intensity and 2006’s Angle’s (Yeah!) intensity, and this would be insane.

Lance Storm 97 vs Daniel Bryan 2012: A young, in his prime, no nonsense Lance Storm vs the best technician the WWE currently has, during his mental breakdown.

Edge and Christian 2000 vs Miz and Morrison 2008: The innovators of the five second pose and all around entertaining as hell team of Edge and Christian vs the team that pioneered wrestler internet shows. The build up would be so damn fun to watch.

Legion of Doom 1986 vs The APA 2000: The most dominate tag team in wrestling history, LOD, taking on the most physical, blue collar, hard hitting team the WWE has had since LOD, the Acolyte Protection Agency.

Beth Phoenix 2008 vs Mighty Molly 2001: The monster heel vs the super hero, and quite simply two of the best women wrestlers of the last fifteen years.

Victoria 2002 vs AJ Lee 2012: Two psychotic, very talented women wrestlers.

CM Punk 2011 vs Brian Pillman 97: Punk during the year of the pipebomb against the original loose cannon. Two guys who were amazing at blurring the lines of reality and fantasy. I’d rather see this over Punk vs Stone Cold even.


DREAM MATCH: Kevin Owens vs. Bray Wyatt in a destructive Wrestlemania match. Match Type: No-Holds Barred. 

We all know a match between these two men would be one of epic proportions! For the first time ever, someone seeks Bray Wyatt out, and that man is none other than Kevin Owens. He will be Bray Wyatt’s most difficult adversary yet. Owens is in no way intimidated by Wyatt, in fact, he doesn’t really understand the whole fear factor on the man. He claims that Bray Wyatt “tells fairytales to try and scare children away”, and he just doesn’t buy into the whole ‘God’ thing. Wyatt tells him that he “shouldn’t play with monsters” to which Owens replies with “I’m not afraid of monsters, because I am one." 

This feud would begin at Survivor Series and lead all the way to Wrestlemania–the match that will end their feud. For the time being.

Why a No-Holds Barred match?: These are two destructive machines. They would have wanted a match that wouldn’t have gotten in the way of them completely destroying each other. And no matter who wins, it’s going to be a bloody mess in the end.