dream feuds


DREAM MATCH: Kevin Owens vs. Bray Wyatt in a destructive Wrestlemania match. Match Type: No-Holds Barred. 

We all know a match between these two men would be one of epic proportions! For the first time ever, someone seeks Bray Wyatt out, and that man is none other than Kevin Owens. He will be Bray Wyatt’s most difficult adversary yet. Owens is in no way intimidated by Wyatt, in fact, he doesn’t really understand the whole fear factor on the man. He claims that Bray Wyatt “tells fairytales to try and scare children away”, and he just doesn’t buy into the whole ‘God’ thing. Wyatt tells him that he “shouldn’t play with monsters” to which Owens replies with “I’m not afraid of monsters, because I am one." 

This feud would begin at Survivor Series and lead all the way to Wrestlemania–the match that will end their feud. For the time being.

Why a No-Holds Barred match?: These are two destructive machines. They would have wanted a match that wouldn’t have gotten in the way of them completely destroying each other. And no matter who wins, it’s going to be a bloody mess in the end.

p1stylxs  asked:

How much longer do you think you'll stay in NXT? And what would be your dream feud once you come up to the main roster?

By the end of the year or beginning of next year I think would be a good time. I like where I’m at now though.
I’d love to feud with Becky if I go to SD.
Or Ash, Merc, Or Raya if I go to Raw.