dream eye center

The laser eye surgery went swimmingly! I don’t know why it was easier for me to decide to  to jump out of a plane strapped to a total stranger’s back last summer than commit to a ten-minute, painless surgery. Life’s funny that way. 

As the nurse put the numbing drops in my eyes and prepped me for the surgery, I started feeling a bit panicked. When they had me lie down on the surgery table and told me to stare at the green light (sounds ominous, right?) I blurted out, “My eyes are numb, right? They’re really numb?” The doctor laughed and assured me they were. Hey, a laser was about to burn off a layer of my corneas. You can’t be too careful. 

Interestingly enough, I could actually see the layer of my eye being peeled back after they made the incision. When the laser worked its magic (only ten seconds per eye) it smelled like burning hair. Yeah, that was the smell of my cornea being singed into oblivion. 

I clutched a heart-shaped pillow they had given me in one hand, and the nurse’s hand in the other throughout the ten minute surgery. It was all over before I knew it! And then “Congratulations and Celebrations” by Cliff Richard blared through a speaker somewhere and the staff clapped. Thanks for the extra touches, Korea.

I could immediately see very well, though things were a bit blurry. The pain and itchiness that I was warned about never came, and I just laid around at home listening to a book on tape and using my special eye drops made from my own plasma (some of my friends were horrified by this–but they feel so good!) 

The next day I went back in so they could remove the temporary contacts used to promote quick healing. I had 20/20 vision, though they expect it to become even better within the next several weeks! Amazing! I feel like everything is in high definition now. 

I can’t drink alcohol or wear eye makeup for a few weeks, but those seem like small sacrifices to make. I’ve also had to wear this night eye shield that resembles swimming goggles to prevent me from scratching my eyes in my sleep. Finnegan runs away when I put it on. 

Overall, I’m so, so glad I decided to do the surgery! Today is my first day back at work and my eyes aren’t nearly as tired as I thought they would be. I turned the brightness down on my computer monitor and everything’s going well.  I would highly recommend Dream Eye Center in Myeongdong. They have incredible service and really know what they’re doing.