dream dossier

Hairy and harrowing these hauntings are!/But malicious and miserly indeed/are those they do mar.

The Reverend Shiloh from @alexasharpe-art’s webcomic Dream Dossier, currently in preproduction! It’s Alexa’s birthday today: she’s the sweetest and funniest apartment-mate a girl could ask for, so I figured I ought to draw a Desperate Edwardian Man ™ for her!

Happy Birthday, Alexa! Thanks for putting up with me the eraser shavings all over the floor. You’re the best. 


So I’m creating a historical fashion doll maker this semester- I did a little mock-up game with my webcomic characters! It’s a very simple one just for me to test programming, therefore it’s not available to play. But I made lots of costumes for it that I wanted to show~