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Do you have any headcanons about Chloe?

Do I have headcanons about Chloe? of course I do

  • once upon a time, Chloe used to be a very nice and sweet girl
  • but then she discovered the power of black mail and she’s changed her ways
  • Chloe is a huge weeb (the girl cosplays, but her cosplay closet is a different story)
  • Besides Ladybug, Sailor Moon is her favorite super hero
  • her two favorite genres are magical girls and yaoi
  • Chloe is naturally smart–like she could be top of the class smart, but she’s very lazy and wonders how far she can push the envelope. 
  • so far, it’s pretty far
  • While Alya tries to disagree with Chloe, Marinette is really the only person to tell Chloe no
  • Hence why Marinette is such an interesting person in Chloe’s life
  • but not like she’d ever say that
  • When only and only Chloe and Adrien hang out, it is very chill
  • they watch movies and she likes to throw popcorn at him
  • she also doesn’t wear makeup and they have pajama days together
  • both Chloe and Adrien are aware that she doesn’t really like him, but Chloe is possessive because Adrien is the only person who really sees her for her
  • part of her downward spiral of black mail started with her mother, she supposes, because she caught her mom having an affair with a businessman
  • that really messes you up when you’re ten
  • Chloe actually has wonderful and beautiful designs
  • a lot of her designs are based off insects and it’s why she feels so drawn to Ladybug
  • her biggest dream is design wedding dresses
  • Chloe is addicted to playing the Sims
  • her proudest accomplishment is that she’s had one sim household through nine generations 
  • Chloe does care for Sabrina, but there’s a part of her that hopes that one day, Sabrina will grow a backbone
  • but at the same time, she likes Sabrina the way she is because she can get what she wants
  • the reason that Chloe looks up to Ladybug is because that’s the person she knows she can be, but change is hard and black mailing is much easier than saving the day