dream database


By far one of the most detailed towns I’ve seen so far, Termina is based on Ocarina of Time from head to toe. The houses are all mirrors of actual scenery in the game, there are green, red, and blue “Rupees” everywhere, and you’re even given a complete Hero’s Outfit to change into as soon as you wake up. There was way too much of this town to upload in just one post, so expect an overflow post. I loved it.

Dream Address: 7100-3220-8666


Not sure if I posted this a while ago, but when I first got the Dream Suite, I visited the town of Culver. Though (somewhat regrettably) not 100% Harry Potter themed, the aspects that ARE Harry Potter themes are completely spot-on, down to Harry’s messy hair. The dormitory is my favorite ^.^

Dream Address: 4000-2146-3640

I secretly dream of a visual database of all the premades’ offsprings. Simmers would add pics of the sims born in their game. And then when you are like “I really wonder what kind of kids John Mole would spawn”, you could have a whole pics set of what everybody got… And then it would be like ships in fanfiction, with some sims very popular, and some that have never been bred… ;-)