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So much better! Americans were united and the political parties were moderately conservative to moderately liberal, there wasn’t that much difference between them except on some policy matters. Then comes the Christian Right, Dixiecrats, the Koch Brothers, and the John Birch Society, all of them completely hijacked the Republican Party and now you have a country that is divided and in decline due to the reactionary politics of one major party. The present Republican Party espouses Ayn Rand objectivism and Old Testament theology. This Republican Party dreams of sending the country through a time warp to The Victorian Era and The Gilded Age; an anti-science, anti-environment, anti-immigrant, anti-women, and anti-poor mishmash of selfishness, hate, and corporate greed.


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Writing, Neil Gaiman, and Kon Satoshi

I almost gave up writing altogether after reading Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman.

I didn’t read it as it was coming out in comics, but later, when it was published in collected volumes.

It was too perfect. Too complete. It seemed like it had sprung fully-formed from Gaiman’s head, and he had to spend years waiting for artists to catch up.

It was overwhelming. Unattainable.

I wasn’t reading the book’s post-scripts, though, because I wanted to avoid potential spoilers. I wanted to experience the material, not the author dissecting it.

I did read them on a second pass. There’s a story on Dream Country, the third volume, about a writer keeping a muse captive so she can give him ideas. It’s a piece with characters that tie into Morpheus’ past and who will come up again, woven into the larger narrative. The book also contains a post-script on how the story came about, where Gaiman states it was at first about a succubus, before moving on to talk about his process for working with the artist.

My eyes kept moving forward, brain storing words from the original script, but my consciousness had taken a step back.

Wait, back up, what was that character again? 
Originally a succubus, replies brain, let me keep going here.

Yes, stupid me. I had assumed Sandman had been gestating inside Gaiman from the start, waiting for an opportunity for the entire story to burst out. He didn’t transcribe a long epic he had already come up with. He wasn’t born with the tale. He worked at it for years, sometimes throwing away material and replacing it with things that fit better. Like a normal human being.

I keep making the same mistake. I wrote about a similar mental bug when talking about Kon Satoshi and Dream Fossil.

We only see the finished product. We don’t see the author sitting down at the typewriter and bleeding.

It’s all work. Some people have more potential and have it easier, others have to work harder at it, but in the end it’s only work. If you want a chance to get better at it, you should treat it as such.

i just want renjun and chenle to know how brave and strong they are for deciding to follow their dreams and leave their home country at such a young and scary age to learn a language they don’t know and be so far from family and friends and have to start over again they deserve so much love for being strong amazing boys