dream catcher top

now ive started toning up, i just wanna get more buff

its nice to want to look after my body

i feel safely recovered from my anorexia and i havent self harmed in a year now

life is gooooood

Sorry, but this is going to be a little bit of information about myself;

Pretty much because I saw a divination post about age, so I thought might as well give a little bit of info on this blogger to eh?


I started to use my first tarot deck a couple months ago, I am 25. My science teacher in high school said the human mind is not fully developed until 25/26 years of age, so I ended up taking that to heart and missing out on a few things in my high school years because I did not want to do something I would regret. So I did not take part or do a lot of stuff until this year. I got two more piercings, I got my first tattoo, and got my first and second tarot deck. Am now in the process of taking up crochet, saving up money to get a second tattoo of my own design of a dream catcher on top of my hand or something with my family’s name.

I don’t want kids, and no, before anyone says anything like “Oh your young, you still have plenty of time to figure things out.” NO! I don’t want kids, if I did, I would adopt. I am 25 years old and have two younger brothers, and by younger, I mean the older of the two just turned five. So yeah, I don’t need kids.

I have lived on my own for pretty much the last five years, I am not taking into account that I had a roommate for three of them. Since she pretty much was only using me for room and bored.

I HAVE TWO CATS!!! I guess you can say their my kids, furbabies.

I like blue and green things. I love to write and draw (even tho I'm not that good, I try.)

I like Jazz music and have been trying to go on a diet and start the gym for the last two years, but like junk food and sleep too much to do so. Nah I work nights, so it makes it pretty hard to do anything.

I am also Pansexual, my younger cousin(who is 17) is the only person in my family who knows, and she just came out to her parents about her being Pan a couple months ago. 

I am Kind, I am Patient, I am Strong! And I am Wise for my age.

I never say I give good advice, but I do like to help people when they are down, but I know my limits. I remember when I need to take a step back. I use to be very shy and quiet, very introverted. Almost to the point where I had social anxiety. Being around a large group of people or just of people, in general, made me nervous and shake and feel sick to my stomach.

It was actually my coworker, who also happens to be one of my closest friends now that brought me out of my shell. Even tho she hate’s how her mom and myself are pretty much always right about the guys she dates.

       I feel toasty and warm and an overwhelming feeling to share; Sorry.

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