dream catcher earring

Jewelry in OUaT

Has Costume Department  been always hinting us?

– Hauntings of a deleted tweet

I’ve noticed that Regina has worn the dream catcher set (necklace/earrings) in episodes where her interaction/tension with Emma is strongest. We all know the dream catcher has a very special meaning in Emma’s life because it connects her to her first love, Nealfire, and it symbolizes finding her “Tallahassee” aka True Love, so it’s quite curious that Regina has been given this piece of jewelry to wear on frequent occasions.

Then there’s Emma ring necklace that has a shape all too similar to Regina’s engagement ring to Daniel, her first love, and it’s equally as curious that it would be Emma the one to wear this piece that is seemingly insignificant (JMo I believe said it was just a piece of jewelry she chose for her Emma costume). 

Nothing on TV is chosen just because; it always has to symbolize something, and if Jennifer chose this when she was given options, I would think Costume Dept was told later to find an engagement ring for Regina/Daniel that looked resembled. I don’t believe in coincidences– not on TV/film. Anyone who has studied a little bit of it, knows you must have a meaning behind everything; color, position, perspective, shape, texture, light, symbolism (semiotics), etc.

Which leads me to the way it was chosen for Emma to wear her necklaces. Below is the swan chain  Neal gave her, and on top is the mysterious ring necklace; this to me signifies that the relationship from the first necklace (SF) is in the past, but it still is very close to the heart, and the one above (SQ) is something that might come ahead in the future.

Different jewelry as of late (S4).

Regina has worn these feather earrings as of late, in link to Røbin Høød. These earrings I think symbolize “hope” for love, but it’s curious that they chose a feather to symbolize this, since Emma is the “swan” in the story. I’m not sure if they based this on Lana’s feather of hope tattoo or it was their own idea, but either way for me it signifies that Robin is there to help her believe she can have a partner again, but he’s not the someone that will be the one.

Now, what made me go “whoa!” was the change in Emma’s jewelry during the finale, because she had always worn these (pic). Emma isn’t the kind of girl that owns a lot of jewelry and I think we haven’t seen her wear anything other than those 2 necklaces above, and this type of earrings, which is why they had to give her new jewelry in the Enchanted Forest.

They went for these earrings that resemble arrow-tips moving up. Why arrows? They make Emma linked to the archer, to the outlaw Røbin Høød, and the arrows moving up also make me think of the necklace that is higher up in Emma’s neck (see above pic). The story is moving forward and Emma and Regina are only getting drawn closer and closer together, and I think their jewelry speaks the words the writers are keeping quiet– but the hints are there.

We have two stories going on in OUaT; one which keeps vomiting the words “True Love” at their male LIs, and the other which is SHOWING us through action and clues that sometimes words mean nothing and you have to let action speak louder. 

Swan Queen is end game.