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W.I.T.C.H Fan Cast

Okay, so I’ve finally made up my mind about the ideal cast that I would like for the main girls of W.I.T.C.H. 

As it’s a Disney franchise, I thought it would be interesting to pick some of the Disney’s new generation of actresses that could definitely rock the part of each of our favorite magical girls. I also tried to pick not too old women for this, as all of them are in their 20′s (so they could still be playing teenagers, but probably not as ‘teen’ as in the beginning of the comics)

Disclaimer : It’s my vision of the girls and anyone can have is own, or disagree with mine. I just been wanting to make a actual fan cast for a very longtime so here it is.

First off : Will Vandom // Sofia Carson

I’ve always pictured Will as biracial because of her mother, and I discovered that many of you in here think the same way. I have this headcanon that Susan was actually from a (fictional??) Latino American country. So, there I chose Sofia who is Colombian. I know that she’s not a red head, but hey hair dye exists (and then again it’s my vision of things). Other than that I think some of their features actually look alike. [eye color; smile :D]

Next up : Irma Lair // Ryan Newman

I just think these two look alike so much. I’ve discovered Ryan as she played in a Disney XD TV show I watched when I was younger, as she played ‘the evil little sister’ in a way. I think she has this touch of mischief and playfulness in her eyes that is so significant of Irma. 

In third place, my favorite : Taranee Cook // China Anne McClain

I’m in love with China ever since she starred in Jonas. Her personality is just so bubbly and adorable but at the same time she’s very educated and woke in general. I think this description fit Taranee as well, as the is very study oriented but also very nice and gentle. AND, Taranee loves photography and dancing, and China is an amazing dancer!!! A WOMAN.

Then comes : Cornelia Hale // Olivia Holt

THE BEAUTY IS THE BONE STRUCTURE OF THESE GIRLS’ FACES. (Also I know they eyes don’t match but, hey contacts exists :D)

Last but not least : Hay Lin // Leah Lewis

Leah is a Chinese descent, which was super important for me to find for my fan cast because P.O.C are not interchangeable. Hay Lin’s Chinese heritage is something very essential in the comics (and the cartoon) so it was crucial to not overlook that in order to choose a potential actress. 


So I was talking to @orchidsandsparrows about live action Disney remakes, and it got me thinking about who my dream cast would be in a live action remake of Pocahontas.

Ashley Callingbull as Pocahontas
Chris Hemsworth as John Smith
Gil Birmingham as Powhatan
Tim Curry as Governor Ratcliffe
Q'orianka Kilcher as Nakoma
Daniel Radcliffe as Thomas
Martin Sensmeier as Kocoum
DJ Qualls as Wiggins
Saginaw Grant as Kekata
Gerard Butler as Ben
Tantoo Cardinal as Grandmother Willow
David Wenham as Lon


Lupita Nyong’o & Oscar Isaac → Princess Tiana & Prince Naveen

- You just kissed yourself a princess.
- And… I’m about to do it again.


Cartoon Movies Live Action Fan Cast: “BIG HERO 6”

Yuta Koseki as Hiro Hamada, Donald Faison as Wasabi, Amanda Seyfried as Honey Lemon, Aaron Paul as Fred, Rinko Kikuchi as GoGo Tomago, Show Lo as Tadashi Hamada, Lauren Graham as Aunt Cass, Charles Dance as Callaghan/Yokai, Lena Headey as Abigail Callaghan and Daniel Craig as Alistair Krei.