dream casing

Basically, The Story of Warframe

Giant sentient space biorobot mom adopts hundreds of traumatised kids with strange powers, convinces them to slaughter their slave masters and go to bed for a few hundred years.

Cut to present day where we’ve been booted out of bed by the potato people empire and shot at by fridge-wearing bankers, space uncle Teshin helps save us from being body snatched by the elderly while Space zombie virus runs out of control because Salad V fucked up,

space mom is busy keeping us away from Grandpa “destroyer of worlds” Hunhow, who hates kids and our edgy amnesiac? brother keeps trying to kill us.

All while absentee Void Dad is now trying to reconnect with “it’s” estranged kids and make up for lost time and that unpaid child support.

Welcome to warframe

I can appreciate how the kids in Dream Daddy cul-de-sac are all around the same age with one another.
  • Val is 25, (and even though she doesn’t live in the neighborhood, she’s still a part of the kids.) 
  • Amanda is 18, she says so. 
  • Lucien is maybe 15-17, we don’t know, but he’s in high school, though he’s not as old as Amanda (probably, these are my assumptions guys)
  • Assumably Briar and Hazel are a little younger, possibly 13-15 (personally they look older than Daisy, but maybe around Carmensita’s age.) 
  • Carmensita, maybe 13-14, (at the graduation party, in one of the routes, Amanda tells us she’s about to go into high school and is giving her pointers.) 
  • Ernest is in eighth grade, so he’s 12-13. 
  • Daisy is 10, Brian says so. 
  • Chris looks younger than Daisy but older than his younger siblings, maybe 9, possibly a young looking 10 year old. 
  • Christian and Christie are maybe 7-8. 
  • Chrish is a toddler, Mary says so, so maybe 2-3. 
  • River is a baby, maybe just about one 1. 

They all have someone just a bit older to get along with, or friends that can give them advice. And since they all live in the same cul-de-sac, it’s easy to assume that they all interact with each other even a little. 

Even if it’s not completely accurate, it’s a fun headcanon to have. 

Some of my headcanons ideas are:

  • Lucien and Ernest are friends that take pot shots at each other. (I honestly kind of ship them too, but maybe after a few years when their both older.)
  • The Cahn twins and the Christiansen twins can test out twin theories, (y'know, if the Christiansen twins chill out every once in a while.) 
  • Daisy and Amanda already adopted each other into their own families. (Kind of not a headcanon?)
  • Carmensita and Ernest can have that distant friendship where they pretend not to know each other in school, but if something goes down with them or any of the younger kids, they have that, “You don’t mess with the cul-de-sac kids” kind of reaction. 
  • Lucien gets Chris into the punk goth culture, (just for a little while, it’s just not Chris’s thing [that’s just me though, have fun with it]). 
  • As they grow older Chrish and River become besties watching an imitating all the older kids in the neighborhood. (Chrish possibly helping to teach River how to walk would be adorable.) 
  • Val helps Amanda through school, gives her some of those LinkedIn connections. Maybe even helps Lucien when he gets into college if she even can. 
  • Maybe when they get older, they stay in the cul-de-sac and their kids also be friends too as well also maybe???

Fun stuff all around. If you guys agree, feel free to share some ideas too.


Season 4: Ep. 10  Paper Hearts - written by Vince Gilligan 

So you think that I’ve somehow had this information about a fourteenth victim all the time, and I’ve been processing it unconsciously? You said it yourself once. You said that a… a dream is an answer to a question we haven’t learned how to ask. 

Initial thoughts on DDADDS

At last, I have a copy of Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator to call my own! I’ve played for about 3 hours so far, and this game has already charmed the pants off of me. Here are some highlights:

  • The Dad creator is really cool, with a lot of different options to work with to make your own awesome Dadsona
  • But more importantly, when I was choosing what type of Dad bod I wanted, they had 3 body types that came wearing either a tank top or a chest binder. You guys, they have trans Dads, and it made me so incredibly happy to see that kind of inclusion, major kudos to the developers
  • You have an awesome daughter Amanda who helps guide you through your social life, but she’s more than just a host. She’s my daughter, we watch crappy tv together and talk through our problems together and I actually care about her
  • All the Dads are awesome! I was a little hesitant about some of the dads based off of their looks, but they’re all so unique and fleshed out, I really want to get to know all of them
  • Seriously, I’m playing this game just constantly giggling to myself
  • There’s a decent amount of My Chemical Romance jokes too, which I appreciate
  • Naruto/Sasuke slash fiction
  • The music is really enjoyable to listen to, certain games have me muting my laptop because the repetition is a killer, but the background music is pretty cool and not grating at all
  • Not only are the Dads cool, but their kids are cool too! They also have their own unique personalities and they are more than just props to move the story forward
  • The writing is fucking fantastic, it’s funny and heart-warming and makes me blush and cringe and laugh out loud

The wait was definitely worth it. Please go play DDADDS, you won’t regret it