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Remember that one dream I had? Yup, this is the one really vivid part of it that I can remember. 

Rev was the DM, I played a flamboyant male Elf, Joel was a female human Barbarian , Vinny was a Dwarf and Imakuni (although not drawn here) was a male Tiefling.

I think this was a side-effect of binge-listening to The Adventure Zone before bed.

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There will be a campaign commemorating Hello, Happy World! winning the 1st Girls Band General Election back in June!

  • The song “YAPPY!SCHOOL CARNIVAL☆彡” will be added to the game on September 24 @ 17:00 JST.
  • The title screen has been updated to now feature the Hello, Happy World! girls!
  • Log in on September 24 @ 17:00 JST to receive 5 new “Memorial Collection Illustration” 2★ cards.
Dwarf Dangers

This occurs when we need to discredit a nobleman from his role running the town we’re in. Three of the players (the human rogue, human druid and dwarf fighter) talk him into playing cards and getting drunk enough to do something stupid. The teifling bard seduces a guard for access to the nobleman, using the excuse that if she gets my friends to the card game we can spend more time in the bedroom. It works and they are playing and getting drunk, the tiefling is about to find out how drunk.

The bard and NPC she has just seduced leave the room they were in. The dwarf fighter runs past absolutely naked below the waist, the afterglow is gone.

A slightly pudgy nobleman in his underwear comes running out after him and we then see the druid and Rogue chasing after them. The rogue passes the bard and yells “Get your mage hand ready we have to catch a pantsless dwarf!

DM: I had hopes and dreams for this campaign…..I no longer do.


Bandori has hit 3 million users, and has a new CM! In celebration, we’ll be having various campaigns!

  • 3 Million Players & CM Commemoration Login Campaign
    • Starting from Aug 10th @ 4AM JST, everyone who logs in will begin receiving “Precious Summer Sailor” costumes and stars!
    • Login for 20 days in order to receive 25 costumes, one for everyone, and 1000 stars!
  • Beginner Support! Sound Crystal Campaign
    • Starting Aug 10th @ 15PM JST, until Aug 30th @ 14:59PM JST, everyone will receive 30 sound crystals!
  • 3 Million Players & CM Commemoration Star Sale Campaign
    • From Aug 9th @ 15PM JST to Aug 27th @ 23:59PM JST, stars will be on sale.
    • Each star sale package will only be available once.

They are also planning other campaigns!

For more details on the campaigns, check the notice posted at the start of the campaign. Info about campaigns are subject to change without notice.


Writer Jason Ciaramella and illustrator Greg Murphy - the team behind C is for Cthulhu: The Lovecraft Alphabet Book - are back with another Lovecraftian tale for kids: Sweet Dreams Cthulhu.

A Kickstarter campaign has launched, which offers the eBook (due in June) for $10 and the board book (due in October) for $20, among other rewards - including an adorable plush Cthulhu.

Enjoy a preview of the 24-page children’s book above.

@dreamdaddygame you know you’ve made a fantastic game when you upload the game after getting an ending and you just start crying your eyes out because the story and the connection between the player and the dads was so well established, healthy, supportive, and genuinely everything someone like me wants in a relationship as a gay man. That you felt like you’d be doing a disservice to the character you created if you started anew.


As celebration for Pastel*Palette’s first single, “Shuwarin☆Dreaming”, there will be a campaign held! If the single manages to hit the Oricon Daily Ranking Top 10 between July 12th to 17th, we’ll receive 5 Live Costumes!

The costumes will only be given if the campaign goals are met. More info will be given in the future.

Single Information

  • Release: July 12th
  • Price: ¥1300

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_Dhani Harrison and/e Sidney Williams; United States/Estados Unidos; California/Califórnia; Ojai Valley; Oliver Peoples’ Advertising Campaign/Campanha publicitária da Oliver Peoples; Dreaming of Ojai; 2016.

_Photo/Foto: Lisa Eisner.

Real live Brave! The Disney Dream Portrait Series is a series of photographs taken for the Walt Disney Parks and Disney Cruise Line’s “Year of a Million Dreams” campaign by portrait photographer Annie Leibovitz. It features celebrities posing as various Disney characters.