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OAC: Day 8: A Christmas Horror Story

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“Somewhere in the North, there’s a home. This home is also a fabric, filled with slaves who works every day to build things for the owner of the fabric. They had no choice in this, as they are born into it just by being the specie they are. The entire year, this owner, an old man, watches, and learns. He watches every child, human or monster, every day. To help he has small spies of the same species as the fabric workers. They’re too small for the eye to see, but they’re there. Always.”

“This man decides, by his own morals, whether these children are nice or naughty. Then, once a year, on the same day, he leaves his home. With a sleigh filled with the products of his minions’ slavery, he flies through every universe. Visits every home. No matter what you do to keep him out, he will get in, eat your cookies and drink your milk, and then he will leave something for the children in there. If they’ve been nice according his own, very narrow morals, then he will leave gifts. If they’ve been naughty, for example haven’t eaten their vegetables, then he’ll leave coal instead. Then he will leave, without a trace except for the cookie crumbs, gifts or coal, only for the same circle to repeat again next year. It doesn’t matter what you do. He will do this to everyone who celebrates Christmas, because he is Santa Claus and it is the whole reason for his existence. The End.”

Ink grinned widely at the kids sitting at his feet. Some of them had wide, frightened eyes, while some of them looked quite excited. One of the dog-monster girls jumped to her feet, panting and staring at him with wide eyes.

“Please tell us more, Mr Ink!” she begged, and his grin grew wider. In that very moment, a different kid began to sob loudly. Uncaring about the frightened expressions of some of the kids’ faces, Ink dragged in a deep breath and prepared himself to tell another story.

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I had a dream there was a fan made LazyTown calendar full of awesome sportarobbie fan art and pin up poses put together as a collaborative effort by multiple artists and it was gorgeous and even had dates marked throughout it with fun facts like actors/characters birthdays and I was so excited to order it.

When I woke up I tried searching online for anything like it but I was left broken hearted.

Who do I have to pay and bribe to make this a thing that actually exists?


the calendar // panic! at the disco

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Smile At The Stars --- Yoshino, Shikaku and their grandchildren

A/N1: … like a Yoshino&Shikaku!POV of Our Share of the World?

I mean, I guess I could try to come up with a plotty brainstorm of Yoshino&Shikaku with their grandchildren, but this just seems like a collection of five scenes of Y&S with their grandchildren.

Sorry this took so long, but since this isn’t really a fake fic title prompt, I just tried to fill it like a regular prompt. Enjoy!


Shikaku is the last to find out about his first grandchild, heading home after work to find his wife and daughter surrounded by piles of storage scrolls.

“This is archaic, Mum,” Shikako says, unsealing a scroll, glancing over the contents, then resealing them again. “Toddler clothes.”

“Oh, set those aside, dear, he’ll need them soon enough,” Yoshino instructs, going through her own set of scrolls–linens, hideous, but an heirloom of the clan head’s line–and putting them away.

“How are you supposed to find anything like this? I can make you a new set of sealing scrolls–or a custom Hammerspace!”

“These work just fine still, Shikako, it’d be a waste to get rid of them–ah! I think this is it.” From Yoshino’s scroll appears a crib, sturdy and steady and capable of withstanding a D-rank jutsu, the same one that carried all three of their children.

That seems like just yesterday, surely it’s not already time to pass it down?

“What’s going on here?”

He can’t possibly be that old already.

His wife and daughter both turn to him before glancing at each other, Yoshino’s expression clearly urging Shikako to explain.

“Well… Dad… um…”

His sons enter the hallway, Kinokawa making silly faces at the baby in Shikamaru’s arms. The red-haired baby in Shikamaru’s arms who reaches out towards Shikako upon spotting her.

He passes the baby over to his sister almost reluctantly and Kinokawa follows, adoringly.

“This is Kareru Uzumaki, he’s my son.” Shikako says, steeling herself unnecessarily; both of Shikaku’s sons take after him.


Shikako’s pregnancy is a frustrating, frightening time for all within her vicinity–nothing inspires crankiness and bizarre seals like consecutive nights of sleeplessness. Yoshino remembers being much the same during her own time with the twins, so she is patient.

Still, there comes a point when a mother is done indulging…

… which just so happens to be the same point as when said mother finds her pregnant daughter on the roof of the house in the middle of the night armed with buckets of paint and a brush.

It takes promises of hot cocoa and secrecy to coax her down, safely bundled in a blanket on the sofa, but Yoshino feels much better now that she’s on the ground.

“I’m so tired,” Shikako says, voice cracking with desperation, and so Yoshino tops up her mug.

“You can rest here, sweetheart, you’re safe.” She remembers the paranoia of her daughter’s earlier teen years, perhaps her hormones have kicked it into overdrive.

But Shikako just shakes her head. “I can’t, I can’t,” she repeats, “She needs me, she needs my chakra, I can’t go to sleep. She needs me.”

Yoshino feels a chill go down her spine.

“How does everyone else do this? I’m so tired.”

Pregnancy is supposed to be difficult, yes, but not like that. Not so consciously, actively, impossibly involved.

No more indulging, no more patience.

It takes more than hot cocoa to get Shikako to go to the hospital, but Yoshino knows best.


They do not often see their grandchildren from Sand, almost never altogether–that one trip to Wind Country aside, of course–and so it’s a pleasure to have the house full again.

Shikaku enjoys having extra sets of hand to feed the deer–especially ones that still find novelty in the chore, awed at the shy creatures and their forested homes–and Yoshino enjoys having victims to run through her morning stretches.

It’s unfortunate for them, of course, as they are not as flexible as their Konoha siblings and cousin, but they complain far less. Or perhaps are far quieter about it.

Shinki, at least, seems to take it as an opportunity to improve himself–never mind that his almost literal iron spine makes it more difficult–but Araya and Yodo spend more time trying to push each other over while Yoshino looks away.

Not that she isn’t aware of their little competition, but why not let them have their fun?

Shikaku is the one who rescues them and gives them a tour of the village, no better guide than the retired former Jounin Commander after all, before bringing them back to the Nara Clan compound where both their parents await them.

Which is still an odd thought–if anyone had told them that the Kazekage would one day be father to three of their grandchildren, well, the future is an interesting place, indeed.


A/N2: … so, um, it’s been a while everyone. Sorry about how long it took. Holidays then being ill and then three days of overtime which caused me to relapse… I’m not fully satisfied with this–much fonder of the original Shikadai’s POV, but hopefully it’s still nice.

Also, since December is approaching and I’ve got a few more prompts in the ask box, instead of sticking with the Ask Box Fake Fic Titles I might as well segue into the Ask Box Advent Calendar so send in those prompts! :D

Speaking of Hairu and Shirazu...

Since the majority are now anticipating Hairu and Shirazu’s revivals, the first thing that comes to mind is whether or not they’ll be wearing the same “Sith Lord” getup that Furuta, Ui and the Oggai are wearing.

Quite frankly I find that image hilarious as Hairu and Shirazu REALLY do not suit the Sith Lord getup XD

Sephiroth has a thing for thigh-high boots, everybody knows that. During the Calendar shoot, Genesis had scoffed upon seeing the man coming out of the dressing room with hardly anything on - he wasn’t even trying, was he? But then Sephiroth had stepped up on the stage nonchalantly and begun performing for the camera - and curiously enough, all Genesis could do was cross his arms and watch, struck dumb as he tried to stop the grin from curling on his mouth.

My Sephiroth, for the Calendar. (Also a treat for rp-sephiroth ! <3 Drawing music here and here. )

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Calendiles. The way you said "I love you" in awe, the first time you realised it; & you could ad in the same one: loud, so everyone can hear, n.n

Giles is helping Willow with research while Xander and Buffy playfully squabble over the last piece of pizza and Cordelia paints her nails. Jenny is on computer duty, as always, doing something that she explained but that Giles got confused by halfway through; Jenny’s explanation was then distilled to an amused smile and a brief, soft kiss, both of which Giles understood much more than the computer talk.

“Hey,” Jenny calls.

Every single time Giles is reminded of the fact that Jenny is in his life, he feels a strange, wonderful rush. It’s easy to forget, sometimes, getting lost in the routine of researching and patrolling and training, that there is someone in his life who kisses him softly and fiercely demands that he come home safe. It’s dizzying to remember again at the sound of her voice.

“Yes?” Giles turns, breathless and shy.

Jenny looks almost ready to say something teasing and pointed, but then her smile quirks and she bites her lip. “It’s kinda sexy when you’re all flustered,” she says, as casually as though she was discussing the weather, and goes back to her computer.

“Oh my god,” says Buffy. “Xander, you can have the pizza, I just lost my appetite.”

Giles blinks. He’s usually embarrassed, now, and he waits for the familiar blush and stammering response to come to him, but all he feels is–

“I love you,” he says suddenly, and it comes out awkward and a bit too loud but he’s too stunned by the revelation to really think his delivery through.

Jenny’s head snaps up from the computer, eyes wide. Her fingers freeze on the keys. The children are all staring, looking just as amazed as Giles feels.

And then, for the first time since Giles has known her, Jenny blushes. She looks down and away and she doesn’t seem to have any words, only a small, fluttery, beautifully nervous smile that answers all of Giles’s questions.

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sakako with the CUTE, ROUND, SQUISHY ROWLET AS HER PARTNER. UGHHHH THAT’S JUST TOO ADORABLE. and then someone laughs and gets a pounding KICK to the face courtesy of the rowlet (the anime shows them to have really strong legs). I know it’d be a lot of work, but do you think they’ll name their pokés? Or maybe, it’s unconventional, but Shikako does it anyway, and sakako catches on?

Heck yeah, Rowlet is so cute!

Some of them might have names? I’m not sure. If they were to be named, I was considering having them be named after certain jutsu/techniques/significant items? But then I thought that might be confusing distinguishing between the Pokemon and the things.

In world/game it makes sense for people to name their Pokemon–because otherwise it’s just like calling your cat and dog Cat and Dog (or, maybe, by their specific breed. Which is kinda what Kakashi does with his anyway?)–but outside of that, it would get pretty difficult as you said.


I love the idea that Sakako can see the Phantumps as the children they used to be! Like, there were a lot of post about Phantumps during Halloween (for good reason) but one of them was absolutely heartwarming and wrenching at the idea that the Phantumps try to go back to their family. And so it’s just kind of like… this used to be my older brother, but now he’s a Phantump. We still love him, and we’re glad he’s come back, but he isn’t the same (for obvious reasons).

I wonder if, maybe, Sakako being able to see who they used to be helps with that? Like, maybe not all, if any, Phantumps retain memories of their past lives and so there’s no real way to tell which Phantump used to be which kid. But Sakako can match up Phantump with missing children posters and reunite families…

… which sort of goes with the idea that Sakako is frightening to shinobi (she can CONTROL PHANTUMPS/TREVENANTS?!?!) but considered similar to a priest/priestess as a spiritual authority to civilians.


Skiddo is also absolutely adorable!

Unfortunately as another Grass ungulate, it is rather too close to Deerling/Sawsbuck, and thus kind of redundant…

Unless this is Nagaoka? And the Nara clan herds aren’t just Deerling/Sawsbuck. Or maybe Sembei-obaasan just has a lot of ungulate Pokemon and is sort of like a Professor in that she is the expert in training hoofed animals like this. So instead of Shikako signing the summoning scroll, she and her Deerling go do a training montage with Sembei-obaasan.