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  • Hunter: Djura, why do you sound so tired? Does your past haunt you? Are you so devoted to this duty that you refuse to sleep? Do you not eat anything other than rats? Are you just fucking old-
  • Djura: Shhh. Listen. I'll tell you.
  • Hunter: ...Thank you.
  • Djura: Earlier this hunt, I saw a hunter that was completely green. His skin was green. He wore no shirt nor trousers, bore no hair, yet wore a bonnet similar to the one worn by the Doll of the Dream. He would not stop roaring at the beasts below. Eventually, he confronted me. I stood my ground, hunter, and I killed him. His dying words to me were, "so it was your swamp all along"
  • Hunter:
  • Djura:
  • Hunter:
  • Djura: This neverending night has been a fucking nightmare
Fairy tale asks

Little Red Riding Hood : favourite piece of clothing that you own?

Sleeping Beauty : best dream you’ve had?

Cinderella : ever lost something that was important to you?

Peter Pan : a trip you enjoyed?

Alice in Wonderland : ever done drugs?

Beauty and the Beast : favourite animal?

Hunchback of Notre Dame : any disabilities?

Pinocchio : biggest lie you’ve told?

Rumplestiltskin : what would you consider your one weakness?

Rapunzel : how do you usually wear your hair?

Snow white : do you consider yourself attractive?

Princess and the Frog : best sexual experience?

Three little pigs : what country are you from?

Little Mermaid : any talents?

Ice/Snow queen : is there anyone you would sacrifice anything for?

Jack and the Beanstalk : worst obstacle you’ve faced?

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Could you do 67 with steve rogers please?

clothes // steve rogers x reader
prompt: “my clothes look really good on you.” | previous prompts

By the time eleven o’clock morphs into twelve, you’ve already began to wonder why you even tried to sleep in the first place, especially when you already know that the nightmares keep it at bay, even with the exhaustion that’s hanging over you. The time trickles by, marked only by those changing glowing numerals on the clock sitting on the bedside table and your mind is blank as you stare at it; where there should be dreams, there is instead a heavy blackness and you find yourself growing frustrated with each second that passes.

Swinging your legs out of bed, you make your way across the room to grab one of Steve’s t-shirts out of his drawer. It sounds silly when you think about it, you know it does, but that doesn’t stop you from feeling comforted every time you slip one of his shirts on. It’s like his scent is a comforting essence around you, even though the shirt is always far too long on you, draping down over the tops of your thighs.


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Pleasurable Activities Exercise
  • Meditating or praying
  • Making plans for the future
  • Finishing something
  • Talking with a friend
  • Watching TV
  • Sitting/lying in the sun
  • Listening to others
  • Drawing
  • Playing an instrument
  • Looking outside
  • Watching people
  • Watching a movie
  • Meeting a friend
  • Repairing something
  • Wearing nice clothes
  • Taking care of plants
  • Going to a party
  • Thinking about buying things
  • Thinking “I’m a good person”
  • Writing a letter
  • Cooking
  • Sleeping
  • Fixing your hair and makeup
  • Day dreaming
  • Making a list of tasks/goals
  • Watching sports
  • Thinking about pleasant events
  • Writing in a diary
  • Reading a letter
  • Discussing books
  • Having lunch with a friend
  • Solving riddles/puzzles
  • Looking at/showing photos
  • Reflecting on how I’ve improved
  • Taking a warm bath
  • Paying bills
  • Playing a game
  • Remembering good times
  • Reading a book
  • Laughing out loud
  • Painting
  • Singing
  • Remembering beautiful scenery
  • Watching the birds
  • Gardening
  • Doodling
  • Exercising
  • Having a quiet evening
  • Arranging flowers
  • Drinking a favorite beverage
  • Going on a picnic
  • A day with nothing to do
  • Buying clothes
  • Going to the beauty parlor
  • Making a gift for someone
  • Having your picture taken
  • Listening to music
  • Taking a walk
  • Playing sports
  • Acting
  • Dancing
  • Cleaning
  • Having a political discussion
  • Shooting pool
  • Learning to play a new game
  • Talking on the phone
  • Helping a friend cope
  • Thinking I’m a person who can cope

markhyuck would be awful parents can you even imagine

mark: donghyuck help me put jisung to sleep

donghyuck: lol put me to sleep and then i’ll help

mark: ??? youll be asleep how do you help???

donghyuck: exactly ur own ur own fried egg failure

mark: go help chenle he says he needs something

donghyuck: ok he might need something but what if iiiiiiii need something

mark: then help yourself??


mark: look at our cute children hyuck

donghyuck: im cuter

mark: youre really not


mark: that’s not how you fold clothes 

donghyuck: dont tell me what to do

mark: but youre just bunching the clothes up and throwing them in the basket??



sm: sir do u know him

donghyuck: lol what friend i dont know who this thug ass canadian boi who cant fry eggs is

mark: HYUCK

donghyuck: lol bye

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I think i’ve already done this before but it was long ago so again :)

Nickname: Sarah
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Height: I actually checked now bc i never remember and I’m almost 5'4.
Last Thing You Googled: I wanted to check if Rolit was a known game, it’s similar to Reversi.
Favourite Music Artist: Phil Collins
Last Movie You Watched: Assassin’s Creed
What are you wearing right now: Warm clothes.
What do you post: scroll a little down, pretty much that.
Why did you choose your URL: Blame studio Pierrot.
Do you have any other blogs: Nope.
What did your past relationship teach you: what relationship?
Religious or spiritual: spiritual.
Fav color: Purple and Black
Average hours of sleep: it’s never the same anymore.
Lucky Number: 5
Fav character: This handsome 

How many blankets do you sleep with: 2
Dream job: Video games character designer.

Magickal Uses for Dog Rose

Planetary Association: Venus

Element: Water

Gender: Red: Feminine, White: Masculine

Deity Association: Aongas Óg and Brigit

Rose is the accepted love scent. Rose buds are added to bath water to conjure a lover. Place some in a red cloth bag and pin it under your clothes. Rose hips worn as beads attract love.

True rose essential oil (known as Otto) and rose absolute are expensive but worth it, one drop has powerful properties. DO NOT use synthetics. Rose oil is used in formulas designed to attract love, confer peace, stimulate sexual appetites, and enhance beauty.

Add red rose petals to healing formulas and spells.

A tea of rosebuds drunk before sleep induces prophetic dreams. Rose petal and hips are used in healing spells and mixtures. Rose petals sprinkled around the house calm personal stress and household upheavals. Roses planted in the garden attract fairies and are said to grow best when stolen.

Burn as incense for : Healing; Health; Love; Luck; Creativity; Balance; Anointing; Divination; Clairvoyance; Protection; Psychic Awareness.

A chaplet of roses or a single rose on the altar is powerful additions when performing love rituals. A tea made from the buds, which is drunk before bed will bring prophetic dreams. To answer the question, “which one”, take the green leaves from a rose. Inscribe the name of each of your lover on the leaves. The leaf that stays green the longest is the right one. Use in healing rituals.

A cloth soaked in rosewater and placed on the temples will relieve headaches. Add to mixtures and potions for luck to add speed. Carry or place in the home for protection, peace and to calm personal stress. Planted in the garden they attract fairies. It is also said that stolen rosebushes grow the best.

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Get To Know Me Tag

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Name: Cameron
Nicknames: Cammi, CamCam, Cam, Butterchild, Nemo
Gender: Female
Star sign: Cancer aka the best sign
Height: 5′7″ / 171cm
Age: 16
Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff
Favorite color(s): blue, pink and white
Time rn: 4:15pm
Hours of sleep: 6 or 7
Lucky number(s): 4, 9, 22 and 27
Last thing I googled: what are my lucky numbers
Favorite fictional character: Sherlock Holmes
Blankets I sleep with: 3
Favorite artists: maroon 5, fob, day6, vixx, shinee, red velvet
Dream trip: Seoul……i wanna buy clothes and meet my faves lmao
Dream job: Marine Biologist or just a vet

Follower count: 1, 336

Posts: 50,258
What do I post about: kpop

Most active followers: @oceanoruins @bluesmileeface @knkruinedmylife @kpop-freak88 

When did your blog reach it’s peak: prob when i posted hella scenarios 

Why did you make your blog: i made this sideblog cuz people irl follow my main so i was like nah we gotta put the kpop somewhere else
Do I get asks on a daily basis: i wish
Why did I choose my url: have y’all read my yuto bf au i love adachi yuto


Countries I’ve lived in: United States
Favorite fandom: bestfriends (boyfriend), aroha (astro), universe is that even official yet (pentagon)
Languages I speak: english is the only one i can speak fluently, the most basic spanish, v little tagalog and i can read korean lmao
Favorite film of 2016: miss peregrine’s home for peculiar children
Last article I read: the one about hwayoung from boys24
Last thing I bought online: my nct 127 limitless mini album and my pentagon can you feel it mini album
Last person I dreamt of: i haven’t had a dream in forever
A recurring dream: shopping with kpop idols I DON’T KNOW WHY
How would my friends describe me: tall, “goddess”, stylish, lazy
If I had $$$ to spend what would I buy first: CLOTHES

Shuffle your song library and list the first 3 songs that play:

1. It was Love (Taeil ver)- Block B

2.  너란 걸 (Magnetic) - Got7

3. Let U Go - Royal Pirates

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name: ren/ink

nicknames: inky/inky dink, kylo, sie

zodiac sign: virgo

height: Barely 5′4/163

orientation: bi

ethnicity: white. ancestors are german and spanish

favourite fruit: pineapple and honey dew melon

favourite season: autumn!

favourite book: blood red road by moira young

favourite flower: bleeding hearts!!

favourite scent: in spring right after it rains, the smell smoke leaves on clothes

favourite colour: orange

favourite animal: i really like snow leopards?? 

average sleep hours: anywhere from 5-12 lol

cat or dog person: cat

favourite fictional character: kaworu nagisa from nge

the number of blankets you sleep with: 2-4

dream trip: places i really want to visit are: tokyo, hong kong, quebec, london

blog created: idk like 2013

number of followers: 450 ish

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Head pounded even in sleep , swollen feet throbbed at the end of a warm bed back in their home of Alexandria . He’d collapsed as soon as he reached the bed , refusing to remove shoes or clothes before doing so , eyes closing immediately , as soon as heavy head hit the cool side of his pillow .

He’d been through a lot , as many one could tell by the scrapes and scratches covering not only Rick’s face , but the rest of his body , and even his mind . Aside from that , he was exhausted , felt as if he hadn’t seen asleep in years , though he knew that couldn’t be true . Sleep had fallen over him quickly , dreams and nightmares evading him longer than they had in some time , and though eyes fluttered at the sounds around him , Rick did not stir from slumber .

Mornings (Jungkook Fluff)

*A break from my smutty self*

Word Count: 1,229 words

He could feel himself slipping. The gap between her fingers so small but the distance felt so huge.

Don’t let me go.

Don’t let me.

Don’t let.


“Shit.” He woke up in a sweat, looking to his left to see you sleeping peacefully. He kept dreaming that you would slip away from him but he always wakes up to your loosely clothed back,

He pulled you closer, relaxing into your body and he held you. You were still asleep but he nuzzled his head into your neck.

“Kookie…” You softly mumble and he stops moving. The last thing he wanted to do was wake you up, you would try to suffocate him with a pillow.

Which usually ended with him on top of you, restraining your wrists and hearing you miserably admitting defeat.

“Kookie.. Kookie..”

“S-Stop it, not there…” He blushed, widening his eyes. What kind of dream were you having and what was he doing?

“D-Don’t say that.” He pokes your sides, you jolting awake. As much he didn’t want to wake you, he couldn’t handle what you were saying.


“You dream about me, huh?”

“W-Was I talking again?”

“’D-Don’t say that. N-Not there.’”

“Kookie, your ears are pink.”

“Shut up.”

“Hey, you liked it, didn’t you?” You playfully pinched his cheek to which he swatted your hand away and you hugged your pillow.

“Did I really say that?” You looked away shyly, his eyes on you. Are you actually getting embarrassed?

“Yes you did. What were you dreaming about, Y/N?” He moved closer to you, clearly teasing you and your face grew hotter. You covered your cheeks and noticed how close he was to your face.


“It’s bad to be this needy when it’s so early, Y/N.”

“I-I’m not!”


“J-Jungkook.” He got on top of you anyways, holding your wrists and you were squirming.

“Admit it.”

“I am not.”

“It’s easy if you just tell me. I could give you what you want.” He whispered dangerously close to your lips, you gulped in the realization of what his words meant.

“S-So what if I was?”

“Then I’ll help you.” He leaned in, his lips brushing against your neck before his tongue licked your face.

“Ew, JUNGKOOK.” He got off you, laughing and your face was red. He. Just. Licked. Your. Face.

What the hell?!

“It’s not funny!”

“Then why am I laughing?”

“I hate you. Hmph.”

“You know I love you, honey.” He reached to hold you and you pushed his arms away.

“Don’t touch me, you cat.” He tried to stifle laughter and you rolled your eyes.

“Did you just call me a cat?”

“Yeah. What?!”

“That’s the best you got, honey?”

“You licked my face. What the hell am I supposed to say? I love how your sloppy tongue touched my skin?

“But you liked it. Come on, you’re blushing.” You got off the bed, walking into the bathroom. He followed you, closing the door behind you both and you turned to him.

“What do you think you’re doing?”

“Taking a shower with my cute girlfriend.”

“Haha, get out.”

“As your faithful cat, I can’t leave you alone.”

“Cats listen to their master.”

“But who’s the real master here, honey?” He leaned in close to you again, your heart beating out of your chest. His eyes flickered between your eyes and your lips before he bit his own.

He’s such a goddamn tease.

“S-Stop teasing me.”

“You’re so cute, stuttering because of me.”

“Shut up. And why are you still here, get out.”

“Honey, I’m not leaving.”

“Then I’m not showering until you leave.”

“Oh well, I could do this all day honey.” He sat on the counter, waiting for you to crack. You like taking a shower before you ate and as if on cue, your stomach growled.

“Oh, look who’s hungry. You still want to play this game, honey?”

“Fine.” He smiled, curse how adorable he looked and you slipped off just your panties.



“I’m not stripping for you. Don’t just watch me.”

“Oh, I’m sure you want me to do other things.”

“Shut up and just get undressed.”

“Yes, ma'am.” He took off his shirt, your eyes lingering on his torso than you should. You could have sworn he winked at you before you both continued to take off clothing.

You slipped into the shower, letting the hot water wash you. He stood in front of you, having a stupid smug look on his face.


“Wash my back, please~ Honey~”

“Are you trying to be cute?”

“Depends, is it working?”


“Well then. Please wash my back, Y/N.” You scoffed, knowing he would continue to plead with you. You grabbed the sponge, putting a dollop of soap before mixing it with the water. You washed his back, him making weird noises.

“Jungkook, what are you doing?”

“You always make these sounds when I wash your back.”

“Did you literally come here to piss me off?

“No, I wanted you to wash my back. Your fingers can do wonders, honey.” You hit his back, hearing a weak “ow” off him and he kissed your wet head.

“Let me wash you.” He was precise, his hands cleaning every inch of your body. He didn’t linger, just cleaning and you meekly thanked him.

You stayed under a bit longer before exiting the shower.


“T-” He put a towel over your head, you hitting his chest.

“What was that for?”

“For being you.”

“But I’ll only ever be me. I’m golden.”

“Did you seriously just say that?”

“You’re the one who bought me a mug that says ‘Golden Maknae’ in case you’ve forgotten.”

“It was a joke.”

“Now, Y/N, how many times have I told you that you’re not funny?”

“Jerk.” He dried your hair before letting you dry his. Despite his attitude, he looked like a little fluff ball.

“Why can’t you be as fluffy as your hair?”

“Did you only date me for my hair?”

“No comment.” You dried yourself, changing into your underwear and his shirt. You knew he disliked sharing clothes but he loved the way his clothes were loose on your body.

He picked you up, you protesting profusely.

“J-Jungkook, put me down.”

“Okay.” He swung his arms low on the stairs, your gut reaction to cling onto his shirt and he laughed.

“Don’t do that, you scared me the shit out of me.”

“So you do feel fear.”

“Sometimes, I want to hit you.”

“You’d have to reach me first.” He let you down, you quickly getting away from him. The cup in question sat in front in the cupboard and you rubbed your temple.

He sat down at the table, watching you make breakfast. His favourite part was when you make him coffee, you would take so much time and care to make sure every drop was brewed perfectly.

He couldn’t imagine what it would be like without you. Sure, you two playfully bickered on a daily basis but he wouldn’t know what to do if he woke up and you weren’t there.

The thought of you ever leaving him scared him even more than anything else in the world.


“I love you.”


“I love you, Y/N.”

“I-I love you too.”

~Admin Blake

An Eremin headcanon;
(Based on the photo above)

It was midnight when Armin Arlert noticed he could not sleep. Although he tried again and again, it was impossible to Armin to sleep in a moment like that; when he, finally, had made his dream come true.
The idea of the ocean being just going down the hill, where The Survey Corps were staying in a campament, didn’t let him reconciling the dream.
Armin, a little tired and sleepy, started walking, getting away from the campament. He approached to the edge of the hill, but not enough to allow it fall down.
He was sitting down, messing his cloth with grass and soil, but he had not noticed; the waves of the ocean, and the movement they do, entertained him. At the same time, he felt strangely comfortable.
After a few moments, he noticed a sound, behind him. Before Armin could do a moviment, someone talked:
“Armin? Are you awake?”
Armin knew, in that exactly moment, who was; Eren Jeager.
Armin thought was another person, so that, when he heard the voice of Eren, he felt peaceful.
The blonde one began to rise, when Eren approached more, and said lowly:
“No, no. Stay” Armin did not say anything, and stayed on knees while Eren was sitting down, beside him.
“I couldn’t sleep” explained Armin, when Eren was beside him. He had felt that he needed to explain what happened to Eren.
“It’s okay… Don’t worry.”
Armin kept that words in his mind, analyzing everything.
Suddendly, he said:
“Wait, Eren, are you okay?” Eren looked at Armin, like the second one was crazy. Armin was just surprised.
“Yeah… Of course I am” said quickly. “And you?”
“I’m okay” said back Armin, while he rethought about Eren. “Couldn’t sleep?”
“Yeah” Eren were talking very quickly, although lowly, something that insterested Armin.
“Eren” said Armin, trying to be stiff. “You sleep like a log.”
Eren laughed, and Armin just looked at him; he was almost sure his friend was not okay, although he could not explain it.
Eren got serious, and said:
“Armin, I’m okay, you don’t have to worry.“ Eren tried to do his best smile, but he failed in the the corner of the lips.
And Armin could not take it anymore.
“Eren, you can tell whatever happens. I won’t jud”
“I know it!” Eren interrumped him and, in a jump, got up. Armin was speechless. “I know I can.”
Armin began to rise, thinking was a better idea to go back to the campament.
“Sorry…” started Armin, with a sadly voice. “I didn’t want to bother you.”
Now, Eren was the speechles one. Looked at his childhood friend, and he felt guilty for his reaction.
Everything he wanted was to protect Armin Arlert.
Armin decided to continue:
“I thought you felt bad, but I got carried away by my thoughts… I’m sorry, Er” Eren put his right hand on Armin’s cheek, stopping him.
Armin stared at him, very surprised. Quickly, he felt his cheeks burn.
Eren could not take away the look from Armin, his eyes looked very deep… and beautiful.
Armin closed his eyes, remembering the times he thought and dreamed about that moment; the moment when Eren and him see the ocean, together.
“What I said was true, right?” whispered, while both of they were getting closer and closer.
“What do you mean, Armin?” Eren closed his eyes too, and approached their fronts. He could feel the Armin’s hair near his eyes.
“About the ocean; the outside world” Armin’s voice began to get lowly, and he felt his eyes wet.
“Armin” replied Eren, softly. “You were right. You’re always right. And I always believed in you.”
Armin pressed his eyes, trying to not cry.
“Thank you” that was everything he could say, he was very thankful with Eren.
“Why? What did I do?” said Eren back, while he put his other hand in the left shoulder of Armin.
“You saved my life… a lot of times.”
“I was selfish” Armin ignored that.
“No, you almost died for me… And I haven’t ever done anything for you” the voice of Armin finally broke.
“Armin, I can’t live without you. I prefer to sacrifice my life instead of see you die, and I would do it one and more times if it’s necessary” and Eren finally whispered: “Believe me”.
Armin looked up, to Eren’s eyes. They seemed to shine, he was totally speechless again.
“When I see you” began Eren “in the ocean, making your dream come true, I knew the only thing I’ve ever wanted was your happiness. I don’t care if I’ve got to cross the ocean or the hills to get your freedom. I want you to be free.”
Eren felt as if a weight was being lifted of his shoulders; lying to Armin hurted him, and left some kind of mark.
Armin started crying. Tears and tears ran their cheeks. Eren felt even worse with that but his body didn’t respond.
When Eren’s body finally responded, after a few moments, he took out his hands from Armin. The second one froze, thinking he did something wrong. But letting Armin go was not in Eren’s plans.
Before Armin knew it, the two of them were hugging the each other. Armin Arlert could not feel more comfortable, and full of love.

Hi! So, that’s all :) Hope you liked it, I want to do a second part but I’m not sure… Idk yet.
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rules: answer the questions and tag 20 blogs you want to get to know better

name: hannah

family name: uh… let’s skip this one ?

gender: female

star sign: aries

height: 5’4” ?? 5’5” ???

age: fifteen in less than two months :)

favorite color: i don’t exactly have one by mostly all the clothes and stuff i own is black so… black?

time rn: 2:42

hours of sleep: seven ish? maybe six?

lucky number: 69

last thing you googled: lol why is neji killing all the medical ninja

favorite fictional character: uhm, either reyna avilo ramirez arellano or kiba inuzuka

blankets you sleep with: one, but sometimes two if my huge fluffy comforter isn’t enough

favorite artists: do you mean actual artists or like musicians?

dream trip: somewhere with people who are really chill about lgbt people (i stole this answer from @rcgersstevie but i mean c’mon it’s a good answer)

dream job: a book editor- you know one of those people who read your manuscript and decide whether to publish it or not. oh, and of course, an author

what you’re wearing right now: black skinny jeans and a hufflepuff sweatshirt

follower count: 38

posts: uh, sometimes i post mood boards (i think that’s what you call them) of hp and pjo otp’s and characters ?

what do you post about: harry potter, percy jackson, naruto, sasunaru (this gets its own category because i post more sasunaru than any of the other ones so), and some random mini fandoms of mine

most active followers: @trans-skeleton , @thattransguysam , and @cryingovercharactersdeaths

when did your blog reach its peak: hahahahaha you’re funny

why did you make this blog: i had to if i wanted to enjoy the site

do you get asks on a daily basis: i have never had an ask before so…. no

why did you choose your url: because i got pretty attached to pastel colors for a bit (read as obsessed for a day or two) and i don’t really wanna change it

countries you’ve lived in: U S A

favorite fandom: the hp fandom, i have NEVER had a problem with any of the people in that fandom

languages you speak: english, learning latin, and i can start a convo in spanish

favorite film: uh, for a while it was jurassic world, but now i think it’s 4-8 of the hp movies

last article you read: i can’t remember

last thing you bought online: uh, can’t remember that was like ages ago

last person you dreamt of: fictional or real life? because for fictional it was itachi uchiha because he was snapchatting me the answers to the algebra assignment, but a real person would have to be when i dreamed about myself being murdered and my friend was the one who did it

a recurring dream: itachi uchiha snapchatting me homework answers

phobias/fears: people (murderers) hiding in the shadows trying to kill me

how would your friends describe you: uh, i have no idea

if you had $$$ to spend what would you buy first: heart shaped pizzas, dr pepper, and naruto manga

shuffle your song library and list the first three songs that play: fairly local by twenty one pilots, beside you by five seconds of summer, and bohemian rhapsody by panic! at the disco (from suicide squad)

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Plagues-writing-drabbles: Thank you! I like all kinds of cuisine so I really don't mind where we go for lunch. Besides my love of history, adorable things and writing. I also like horror, reading and sleeping afternoons away sometimes, I find that I get my best story ideas after a good dream. Tell me more about yourself.

China: um, well there isn’t much to tell, since you can just search me up in Google or something. Hmmm… well, I love cute things~ Do you? What cute things do you like? I love cute softtoys, characters, children when they don’t cry or talk, art, clothing, and others too!

do you ever think about the amount of road trips mulder and scully have been on and the amount of times they sang songs at the top of their lungs and had long deep talks about their lives and their dreams. do you ever think about how they’d take turns driving and when the other one fell asleep they’d find it hard to watch the road because they wanted to watch the other sleep. 

and what about those times they accidentally got lost and had to stay in a random motel, most of the time ending up having to stay in the same room because there were no other vacancies. and bed sharing. think of the bed sharing.

other things that definitely happened on their road trips: 

  • scully having to change her clothes in the back seat because queequeg peed on her (and mulder sneaking a quick peek in the rearview mirror and feeling himself blush all over)
  • hand holding; lots of hand holding (especially on the drive back from an emotionally draining case)
  • scully feeding mulder sunflower seeds and giggling at the way his lips tickled her fingers, pretending it felt weird but continuing to do it anyway
  • road trips in season 7: car sex. lots and lots of car sex. in many forms.
  • pulling over when they were both exhausted and they couldn’t find a motel, pushing the seats back and lying down together. whispering in the darkness for no reason. confiding things to each other they’d never told anyone else before.
  • more sex
In the morning, my bones quaked
I felt loud ache and everyone could see it
It’s a funny thing how someone can take something from you and you’ll still feel as if you aren’t allowed to be upset
Find apologies dripping out of your mouth, stranded in unfamiliar houses, feeling at fault for the ways people hurt you
You kissed me with vomit on my breath and my lips stone-still, thrusted clothes on clothes, thrusted on my unmoving body, hand traveling into a sleeping girl’s pants never seemed wrong until you thought you may get caught
But I didn’t know what I was thinking, didn’t know what I was doing and that’s why it was alright that you wouldn’t stop
The roads back to my home should have felt safe, but when you’ve entered a dissociative state, it’s really hard for anything to feel like more than a dream
My anger lays dormant at the bottom of my stomach but it does still lay there
My rights to it will feel hazy from now on and finding reasons to blame myself for how I handled things wrong will plague me
But that’s always how it goes
The girl who stayed in her clothes will not be your queen tonight, three years difference does not mean ignorance and I am proud I found my fight or flight
I hope guilt eats your insides but I’m sure the drugs will do that for you
And I hope that when you’re feeling loneliest, everyone in the world ignores you
—  February 5th, 2017

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Name: monica

Middle name: don’t have one :(

Gender: female

Star sign: aquarius

Height: i like to think i’m 170cm, but i’m actually 167cm

Age: 18

Hogwarts house: no idea…

Favourite colour(s): red

Time rn: 00:05

Hours of sleep: 9+ (i like to sleep)

Lucky number(s): 4

Last thing i googled: best pancakes in london

Favorite fictional character: gloria delgado-pritchett

Blankets i sleep with: 1

Favourite artists: the weeknd, zayn malik, john legend

Dream trip: touring all the big cities of europe

Dream job: something to do with fashion

What i’m wearing rn: sweater and jeans

Posts: 11,032

What do i post about: clothes, scenery, people, basically anything that i find aesthetically pleasing or makes me happy

When did your blog reach it’s peak: i don’t think it has yet

Why did you make your blog: i was bored

Do you get asks on a daily basis: not really no

Why did you choose your url: every single idea i had was taken, so i tried to think of a synonym for luxury, and then kept experimenting until something was available

Countries you’ve lived in: luxembourg and uk

Favourite fandom: don’t really have one

Languages you speak: english, french, farsi, very very very very little german

Favourite film: i just watched la la land and fell in love, so i would have to say that for now

Last article you read: beyonce is pregnant with twins

Last thing i bought online: headphones

Last person i dreamt of: my boyfriend

A recurring dream: i keep finding myself in my old school with a bunch of people that i know from all over

Phobias/fears: the dark and the ocean, also bugs/insects

How would my friends describe me: weird but caring(?)

If i had $$$ to spend what would i buy first: a new phone, mine’s not working

Shuffle your song library and list the first 3 songs that play:

children - justin bieber

rockin’ - the weeknd

start a fire - john legend

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EXO reaction:when they realize that his girlfriend(you) sleeping naked.

SUHO:Come here, I will not bite.

SEHUN:*Sehun approves.*

KAI:Babe,You know how to provoke.

D.O:* creppy sexy face*


YEOL:(you are kai)omg,stop playing and get clothes ahhhh.~!!!

LAY:honey,and if a rapist enters the house, and then they kidnap you. better put on some clothes.



XIUMIN:I’m dreaming, or my dream came true.??

LUHAN:do you want to eat something ???. ohh you are naked.~!


I hope you like~
see ya~