dream blocks

if kpop positions were accurate
  • the hyung you thought was a maknae
  • the unofficial visual
  • the “not my bias, but is my bias”
  • the workout-aholic who basically lives in the gym and boy does it show
  • the walking, living, breathing meme
  • the one everyone has called “daddy” at some point
  • the ship that’s a hundred percent real and they know it
  • the short one that everyone is highkey afraid of
  • the one that takes every opportunity possible to be extra as hell aka the variety king
  • the motherly one that takes care of the rest of their members and occasionally reprimands
  • the 4D member that looks cute in a sexy comeback, and sexy in a cute one
  • the member who doesn’t have to worry about gravity bc they basically just flip everywhere
  • the extremely under appreciated one renjun
  • the one that finds pleasure in other members’ demise

“Hmm… I’m gaining weight and I don’t have real friends. I should stop eating too much and go out socializing more”
She said while opening a new bag of cookies and pressing play on her computer to watch various kpop groups on crack on youtube.

Just in case you weren't already informed;

February Comebacks;

  • Red Velvet- Feb. 1st 
  • Zion. T- Feb. 1st 
  • Mad Clown- Feb. 3rd 
  • Masc- Feb. 4th 
  • SF9- Feb. 6th 
  • Day6- Feb. 6th 
  • Block B- Feb. 6th 
  • Jung Joon-young- Feb. 7th 
  • Cross Gene- Feb. 8th 
  • NCT Dream- Feb. 9th 
  • Wonder Girls- Feb. 10th 
  • Beat Win- Feb. 10th 
  • BTS- Feb. 13th 
  • B.I.G- Feb. 13th 
  • BIGFLO- Feb. 14th
  • MELODY DAY- Feb. 15th
  • K.A.R.D- Feb. 16th
  • DEAN- Feb. 17th 
  • VAV- Feb. 18th 
  • Twice- Feb. 20th 
  • ASTRO- Feb. 22nd
  • 100%- Feb. 22nd 
  • April- Feb. 26th
  • Lovelyz- Feb. 26th
  • HIGH4- Feb. 27th
  • IMFACT- Feb. 27th
  • Gugudan- Feb. 27th

You think you are so lucky meeting your bias in a concert? You think you are lucky holding his hand on a showcase?
Meet ultimate fanboy P.O. freaking the hell out because he gets to live with his bias, Sandara, in the same house for a few days.
He is all of us.

Robert Small x Transboy!Reader + smut

- he lives to tease you
- especially in public
- getting pizza with the bros? Rob’s hand is slowly moving up your thigh before resting an inch away from where you need him
- going to the movies? He fingers you when the lights go down, forcing you to stay quiet
- at one of Joseph’s barbecues? He’s whispering all the things he wants to do with you
- you ended up desecrating Joseph’s good Christian bathroom with hot sex
- truck sex
- you riding him in the front seat while the sun sets behind you is his favorite view
- hickeys. Everywhere. On you and himself.
- beard burn on your thighs
- wearing his shirts afterwards
- when he learns that’s all you’re wearing, he immediately wants to go again
- he loves your hips, thighs, and ass
- he eats you out like a pro
- he praises you so much f u c k
- “You look so handsome under me, (Y/N).”
- if you’re shy or inexperienced or blush easily get ready for him being a total sweetheart about it
- he has his hand on the side of your face, his thumb lightly stroking your blushing cheek
- “You’re adorable like this, you know that right?”
- one time you forgot to close the door and Betsy was traumatized
- 10/10 aftercare
- he brings you something to drink and asks if you need anything else
- he’s surprisingly cuddly and loves to fall asleep with you