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talk to me about malec taking madzie to disneyworld 👀👀 she loves tiana bc she looks like her!!! which makes her super excited!!! and she gets all the photos with her!!! but also tangled is her fave and they buy her a lil pascal toy!! or smth idk u go from here

i spy #shaum references good this counts haha

  • okay so alec is no disney expert, and magnus is reasonably aware of the concept
  • it’s actually clary and simon who get madzie hooked on those films
  • magnus tends to improve things by using his magic to create real frogs or fireflies or fishes or whatever fits the movie/scene that’s on
  • madzie tries to copy him with varying levels of success, which is as adorable as it sounds
  • and so when it comes to alec’s big weekend off, magnus insists on taking madzie to disney world because it’s where dreams come true, alexander
  • (she’s young and she’s been through enough and she deserves some dreams)
  • alec ends up wearing a pair of mickey mouse ears all day, which magnus finds unbearably cute
  • they queue up like complete mundanes, and as they’re wandering around, madzie wants to know when she can meet the princess
  • and alec wants to cry because there are at least 8 princesses around, what do you mean the princess, how am i meant to work this out
  • but magnus, pro as always, just cruises them right over to tiana’s part of the park for when she arrives, and as soon as she gets on the scene madzie’s whole face just lights up
  • she bounces straight over there and starts chattering away, and alec just stands there with his arm around magnus and smiles because it’s so nice to see that little girl so happy
  • they take way too many photos and spend way too long there, but magnus thanks tiana very well, and madzie skips off looking happier than ever
  • they go on all these cute rides and spend the whole day exploring
  • magnus and alec are disgustingly couple-y which earns them a few looks from some people but they’re both extremely good at ignoring those by now
  • alec doesn’t always understand what’s going on, but part way through the day catarina takes madzie off to the castle leaving alec and magnus to their own devices
  • and all alec knows is magnus insists on going on all the ~dark and scary rides where they can sit a little too close and hold hands, and there’s something so lovely about having magnus in his arms when there’s all these people around, even if they can’t see
  • (there’s an incident on the pirates of the caribbean ride where alec thinks he sees a demon. it’s embarrassing for everyone, but they end up laughing so hard alec gets a stitch afterwards).
  • anyway eventually they hook up with madzie and cat again, and madzie is exhausted, so cat says she’s gonna portal her home.
  • magnus is all for going too until he spots a store window, when he promptly drags alec off there rather than going home
  • and magnus buys madzie this cute little pascal toy, because look, tangled is her second favourite disney movie ever
  • clary and simon are scandalised that the disney renaissance didn’t win that contest but whatever, they don’t get a say
  • and so they portal home, and magnus tucks madzie in with her lil toy, which she is overjoyed to find in the morning
  • the two of them go home, and magnus pulls his coat off thinking his work here is done
  • but then alec has this ring box in his hand, which he somehow managed to sneakily buy in the store when magnus wasn’t looking (how that was possible, magnus will never know)
  • “are you proposing, alexander?”
  • “no, not yet. just commemorating.”
  • it’s a really nice fuckin ring
  • but magnus is more hung up on the not yet than the ring
  • they kiss, and magnus wears that thing every chance he gets
  • and if anyone asks why one of his rings has mickey mouse on it, magnus just smiles and says a special someone gave it to them
  • jokes on you, it wasn’t walt disney

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andiee any muke headcanons please?? .xx i am desperate for muke content.

My favorite muke headcanon isn’t even made up it’s straight up literal canon. I live for them in high school. Both outcasts, both feeling stuck in their boring normal lives, both with dreams so enormous and impossible that they’re too scared to admit them out loud to anyone, because of how unlikely it is they’ll ever come true. They live in a poor suburb in Sydney and no one ever gets out. Hating each other at first because they were kids and kids are impulsive and have hard opinions on things they’ll change their minds about tomorrow. Michael was taller and older and Luke was jealous of him.  Luke was beachy blond and blue-eyed and Michael was worried girls would like him better. Michael has been playing guitar hero for years and then starts playing the real instrument, and it’s hard but Michael is the most stubborn person on the planet and he refuses to let it beat him. He practices until his fingers bleed and then practices some more. Secretly, Luke has been doing the same, and eventually he finally gets up the courage to start posting covers of songs on youtube, his demeanor timid and his voice untrained but dripping with potential. Michael sees them, and thinks holy shit, the kid I’ve been hating for a year has the same secret passion as I do, maybe I’ve been wrong about him. At some point, Michael goes to talk to him. Hey man, I saw your videos. Luke withdraws, expecting to be teased because Michael is always teasing him. Instead, Michael compliments him, and reveals he plays too, and they should play together some time. Luke is still suspicious but he agrees, and they meet the next afternoon at Michael’s house over their lunch hour while Michael’s parents are at work. Michael talks about how he likes All Time Low and wants to be Alex Gaskarth; Luke mentions Good Charlotte but says he knows ATL too. They toss around songs to try playing together and eventually settle on one, and it takes them a while to get the rhythm of playing with another person but when it finally clicks into place it’s like finding the other half of themselves that they never knew was missing. Before they know it, it’s 4pm and they never made it back to school. Suddenly they’re each other’s entire world. So much that Calum, Michael’s oldest friend, feels like he’s been replaced. Luke is suddenly every third word out of Michael’s mouth, and Luke’s family is exhausted of hearing about the older boy with the cool hair who is really good at guitar. They start sleeping over at each other’s houses, squishing two skinny teenage bodies into twin beds and grumbling at each other for stealing all the blankets. One day, one of them gets up the courage to admit the secret they’ve kept for years - the one about their biggest dream that they’ve never told anyone before. It’s probably Michael, he’s always been braver, but Luke lights up when Michael says it because he wants it too and has never been confident enough to tell anyone. “We should start a band,” Michael says. “I bet Calum could learn how to play the bass.” He says it so casually, like it isn’t a big deal at all, but it’s a huge deal and the way he’s buzzing with excitement betrays his attempt to be nonchalant. Luke has spent every night for nearly his entire life fantasizing about taking his guitar and his voice and getting out of Sydney, of seeing the world and staying in five star hotels and singing on a stage in front of thousands of screaming fans; his dreams so much bigger than anyone he knows. So big he never told anyone before Michael, because he knew they’d make fun of him, and he knew he’d have to face the fact that they would never come true. Once Michael says it, those dreams don’t seem so impossible anymore. “Let’s do it,” Luke agrees. He tries to pretend to be casual as well, always trying to be as cool as Michael is, but he fails like he always does. Michael never minds. He cuddles up to Luke and promises they’ll get out; promises they will take on the whole world, together. Luke believes him. Years later they sit together in a recording studio, trying out melodies for their third album, both taller and heavier and with scruffy blond beards on their faces, and Luke smiles and whispers, “we did it, Mikey.” 

Perfect Match >> Suho, You (Part 3)

 P| 1| 2

Sorry for being late guys, I hope you like this part. 

Hot water fell over his body. His muscles relaxed a little bit from all the tension of the day. He never knew it would be that hard. It was more tiresome than a company meeting day. Junmyeon let the water soaking him whole, melting his tiredness and his exhaustion.  

It still felt strange to him.

The ring in his index finger felt so strange. It was heavier than the one he shared with his girlfriend. Like it carried more responsibilities. Real responsibility. Touching it, twisting it around his finger, Junmyeon still couldn’t believe that he got married. It didn’t feel real.

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I just wanted to say that you're like, my hero, like you do all these awesome things in the fandom that a whole bunch of people participate in and it can't be easy yet you make it look effortless. I just think that you're the deffinition amazing and I really hope that all your dreams come true because God knows out everyone you deserve it. ❤❤❤❤

This is?? the?? sweetest??? thing ever?!?!

Just- oh my gosh this is the sweetest thing ever and i’m smiling so crazy big over it?? Just such genuine support of me and my dreams and the things i do thank you so much this is so sweet!!!

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(if my arm didnt hurt so much right now i’d draw you a thing, i might in a little you’re super nice!!!))

Harry Styles just sang with Stevie Nicks! He did that! He sang with the lady who inspired his album! He made his greatest fantasies come true!!! I’m so proud of him! Knowing that a little boy from England can come to America and in about a 6 to 7 year time span can be on stage singing with his idol gives me hope! I have huge dreams of my own and I know one day they will come true because I’m gonna make them come true! I’m gonna go to school, move to a big city, and be the journalist I’ve always wanted to be! I know I can make this happen! I can do it all while still remaining myself and remaining humble! I can’t wait to start my future life really soon! It’ll be lots of hard work, late nights, and not much sleep…but I’m gonna do whatever it takes to achieve my dreams! I feel inspired and ready! I’m done talking and I’m ready to put my plan into action! If Harry Styles can do it than so can I!

Maybe I should say goodbye to you

Pairing: Jason Todd x Reader
Warnings: Angst
Word Count: 2226
A/N: Again, sorry about the grammar. 

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Sometimes you laugh, others you cry.
Sometimes you wish to stay forever in some scenario, many other times you want to disappear.
You can actually hear the beating of your heart, but you don’t feel the blood running through your veins.
You know you’re warm, but you skin feels like ice.
Then time stops, you think it’s because something good is going to happen but then, you sense it.

There’s not bullet hole in any part of your body, you’re not falling, you don’t have poison in your blood, or a blade slicing your skin. Then what is it?

You can’t breathe that’s for sure and there’s not sound and everything is frozen.

You’re standing there, alone, holding into something that doesn’t exist anymore. You think that if you hold it tighter if may be true again, you don’t want to face reality, you simple can’t.

Suddenly you open your eyes. You see your face in the bathroom’s mirror, your skin is pale, mostly gray, your eyes don’t have that spark anymore, there’s no trail of a smile, actually, there’s no trail of any emotion, not even sadness. Your feet can sense the cold tiles but you don’t move from your spot.

“Why you again?” you say under your breath to your reflection.

You stare at yourself, waiting for an answer, no, you’re not crazy, you just want to know if you can find the reason why this is happening again.

Why you keep dreaming about him?, why those blue eyes always seams to find a way to enter your mind?, why do you remember every single thing about him?

There’s no aswer and it will never be to that questions. You wash your face once again, you dry it, you fake a sleepy smile on your face, and try so hard not to breake in the middle on the night, you mentally scold yourself when you see the tears forming in your eyes. You count from 20 to 1 and then you start your acting.

You enter your shared room with the smile on your face while you make your way back to bed. You don’t froze there when you see Aaron, your husband, sitting in a corner of the mattress, his head is in his hands, when he hears your bare feets he look at you.

“Are you okay?” he asks you, slowly making his way to you .

“Everything’s fine” you tell him without hesitation.

“Are you sure?, you need somethin’?” he asks you once again, his voice full of concerne.

You look at him, like if you can read his face. You search in those green eyes, you don’t know what but something tells you that he knows why you’re nightmares returned. You don’t find problem in there, you find the definition of caring in those olive eyes. He loves you, you know that, and you love him or at least you think you do.

Before he can find in your eyes that something’s wrong you look away. You look at his chest, his old Captain America t-shirt, you smile just a little, and you nod with your head about the previous question.

“I guess I just have to take my pills once again” you said with a chuckle.

Still, he doesn’t laugh with you, instead he gently grabs your chin for you to look at his eyes.

“Y/N I know you. I know what this means” he tolds you while drying your tear stain.

“Aaron, it was just a… nightmare, there’s nothing to worry about” you tell him. You grab his hand and press a kiss in his knuckles.

“I know theres nothing but someone to worry about, should I ask you who?” he tells you, not a demanding voice, instead you can feel how his heart broke into million pieces after that.

He loves you like crazy, he could even give his own life for you, he married you, he gave you a pair of children, a house, even a dog, he stayed there with you when you where in trouble and dark times, he promised you to protect you, and so far he is keeping his word, everything to make you happy.

Your own heart breaks, you know that the man infront of you is a treasure in all Gotham’s hell. You are so lucky to have him by yourside, thing is, you have always thought that he was to perfect to belong to you.

You close your eyes and a shaky breathe escapes your lips.

“Y/N, please, just, look at me, I always had known you never forget him, just tell me if it’s Jason the one in your dreams” he tells you with his voice breaking, you open your eyes and look at the tear that now escapes his eye.

“I never said goodbye to him, you know?” your own facade fell to the floor after that, there’s no way you can lie to this golden-retriever-persona.

There’s no force on Earth that can make you hold the tears you had kept since you where 15, since Jason died. You cry oceans there, infront of your husband tears that belongs to other man, you swear, he will walk away, but he wraps his arms around you, he let you cry on his chest, he tells you sweet nothings, he even sings to you, he tells you that everything is okay.

You sobs starts to die fifteen minuts after, you somehow wrapped your arms in his torso, both of you are sitting in the floor, your legs are wrapped in each side of his hips and your face is hidden between his shoulder and neck.

Aaron is caressing your hair, sometimes givin’ it sweet kisses, he keeps with the lullabies he used to sing to your sons when they couldn’t sleep.

“There, are you okay?” he asks you once more, his voice comes out like a whisper near your ear.

“I’m sorry” you say. Those words are the only ones running through your head in those moments.

You couldn’t believe yourself, you really didn’t, this man should be with another women, not you, still, he takes care of you while you cry for minutes for other man.

“What?” he asks you, he tries to look at your face.

“I’m sorry about, everything, you know, about all this mess I drag you through, I’m sorry ‘cause I’m weak, 'cause i’m so damaged and you don’t really deserve any of these” you tell him while pulling away and pointing at you with your left hand.

He grabs softly your hand.

“You know why I put a ring on you?” he asks you.

You now are frozen looking in his eyes, you really don’t know the answer to that, you may thing that its 'because I love you’, but his eyes don’t tells you the same.

“I never saw you as someone weak still I don’t see you that way… I know there’s no one without pressure on their shoulders, the thing is that they’re few people that can keep it together in trouble times, still, sometimes you have to take that pressure away, one way or another. Y/N, you are not weak because you have nightmares, not even because you cry in the middle of the nights, I put this shinning gold thing in your finger because I know, you’re strong, you may not realized before but, you not only had drag me away from my own darkness, have you seen your children? they’re well raised, they’re good children, just because of you, and so I am. I’m a better man just to have you by my side, there’s billions of reasons why I married you, but mostly because of that .” he tells you, he is smiling, he caress you cheek and press a kiss there.

You close your eyes, before you can say a word, there’s a soft knock on the door. The door opens slowly and you see your baby boy, asking if he can sleep with both because he had nightmares.

The three of you went back to bed, and before you close your eyes you say 'thank you’ to Aaron. 

You hate Gotham for a lot of reasons, one of them is that you can’t see the stars. In your free time you reach the rooftop of your building in hopes to see them. For your luck, today you can actually see them. You smile at yourseld.

You try to count them, but as always you get lost in them, you are so lost in the night sky that you don’t exactly know when he sits next to you.

“I tought that I have to die before I could see a starry night in Gotham” Jason said with a chuckle.

“I tought I will have to die before see you again” you said but you don’t chuckle, instead you look at him, his blue eyes looking at your soul.

“I miss you” he tells you, he grabs your hand and you can feel his warm skin on yours.

“I shouldn’t be here” you say while standing up.

“Y/N” he calls your name, but you turn around, you don’t want to see him.

“No, Jason, don’t make any of these harder” you tell him, you can feel your tears coming up.

“You are just going to walk away?” he asks you with a sad voice.

“Do you have any idea of how it was to wait for something that will never return?, do you have any idea of how it feels to lost someone you really love?, or do you even know how it feels that every single thing you wanted will never come true?” you ask him, you turn around to face him, your tears running through your cheeks.

“I- I know, hell I DO!!” he screams but he isn’t angry at least not with you.

“I dreamt about you Jason, every single night, I tried so hard to keep it together when you gone, but, but now-” “but now you’re married” he finish. 

“I wanted to forget you I will not lie to you. I wanted to start over again, so everything came in time, like Aaron. But when things scaleted I started dreaming about you, everynight I dreamt about doing all this things we talked about in the rooftops, get married, childs, a big house outside Gotham, having this old couch with this old brown dog. Those dreams felt damn real, I could felt you warm skin how your laugh made echos on your chest, I smelt the cigarettes, even I heard you sing this old songs, I hold on you for years dreaming about a day all of that will come true, and every single morning I wanted to die because i knew you only lived in my dreams Jason ” You are crying, once again like if there was no tomorrow, but you have to let it out.

Jason makes his way to you, he puts a hand in your cheek and you close your eyes.

“I wished for years for you to came back” you say in your breath.

“So I’m here now, we can go anywhere you want, make everything we talked about, just say it” he tells you, he press a kiss on your forehead.

“I can’t Jason, it’s too late” you say to him, still you hug him.

“You know I’ll always be here, right?” he wraps his arms around you.

“Before, you say something else, I- I wanted to tell you something, time is running out you know?, I wanted to came back to you, all the things we talked about those many years ago, they were real, I do really wanted everything with you, but, I guess, there’s no way I can make you come with me” he tells you, a tear is making his way down on his cheek.

You deny with your head, your hand wipes out his tear. Both of you look at each other, you know it’s the last time you are going to see him, so you don’t think twice to press a tender kiss on his lips, the way it makes you feel alive is amazing, you still can see the fireworks, you feel shivers in all your skin, you know he tastes like home, because Jason Todd is your home.

You pull away just in time to see the rising sun, all the stars have already vanised in the orange sky.

“I guess, this is when I finally say goodbye to you” you say with a sad smile and tears running down your cheeks.

“I guess so, but at least I have something to remember you” he tells you, he caress you lip and place a soft kiss there.

“Goodbye Jason” You say when you close your eyes.

“Mommy why are you crying” you heard your son asked you.

You slowly open your eyes, and smile when you saw Aaron still sleeping with you son in one of his arms.

And then you know, that was the last dream you saw those blue eyes, or hear his voice. As Aaron told you, you had to take that pressure away, you had to let Jason go.

Hi everyone! My name is Valencia and I’m new to the Studyblr community.

A little about me:

     -19 years young

     -College Sophomore

     -Elementary education Major

     -My hobbies include reading, photographing, and blogging.

     - I’m super shy at first  but talkative and loud when I get comfortable. :D

My dream job is to become elementary school teacher because “Teachers plant the seeds of knowledge that last a lifetime.”

I am going to work my little butt off for that dream to come true and I  will succeed. That’s how I came up with my blog name…TeeHee ;).

Okay more about why I decided to join the community LOL. So,  I struggled to get into the swing of things my freshman year of college,It was such a big change. The biggest challenge for me was my time management skills and my study habits. I would always be tired, doing assignments right before the due date, and only studying the day before an exam…..YIKES!!

I did manage to have a 3.4 GPA by the end of the year but, I was disappointed in myself because i knew i could do better.

My Goal for my Sophomore year is to make my college Deans list (3.5 GPA and above) And to fix everything I did wrong my freshman year in college. 

Just looking at all of the studyblr blogs make me want to sit and study for hours. ( And that’s saying something because I never want to do that lol)

I Know this community will be a great thing for me and I hope to make lots of new friends along the way. I hope to inspire some of you all like you are inspiring me, as well as anyone else thinking of joining the community. It will be a blast I’m so excited.

IF YOU’RE A STUDYBLR , REBLOG THIS SO I CAN FOLLOW YOU!!!! PRETTY PLEASE :) <3<3 (I will follow back ALL studyblr/similiar.)I need all the inspiration I can get lol.  

Thank you so much for reading :)



Disney Princess Bingo #2: Cinderella

So here’s what happened with Cinderella. I was 10000% unprepared for it.

She started off my complimenting my hair (the princesses all loved my hair) and asked if my mice friends had helped me braid it. I told her no, I don’t have mice friends, but I do have a cat friend – but a nice cat friend, not an evil one like Lucifer. And we chatted about how she’s let Elsa redecorate her castle for the winter, though it does mean some mopping up when the ice melts, and how Prince Charming is helpful around the house (moreso, I got the impression, than some of the other Princes).

And then, for some reason, I told her how much I’ve always liked her song, and how much it’s meant to me, because I’d been through some rough times, but “no matter how your heart is grieving” – and I started to get a little choked up. So she finished for me, “If you keep on believing, the dreams that you wish will come true.”

Then she gave me a big hug, pulled back, squeezed my hands and looked me right in the eyes and told me, “I’ve always said that if your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough. But you can do it. I know you can.”

And then I somehow managed to get through the posed pictures and around the corner before dissolving into tears entirely, because Cinderella believes in me and my dreams. It was just such a lovely moment – both as a bit of Disney magic and just as a shared bit of heart-to-heart with another human being.

tl;dr she was super-nice and I really appreciated it.

My goal in life is to be married to my husband while still dating my boyfriend. Before you jump to conclusions, let me explain this. My husband and my boyfriend will be the same man. Far too often do people get married and become so content in life they forget to still be in love with being in love. I love you’s slowly turn into quick love you’s and passionate kisses turn into quick smooches and mumbled goodbyes that you forget for a split second this person is the one person on Earth who made your world come to a crashing halt. I may be married to my husband one day, but I will act like I’m still trying to win him over to be my boyfriend. I will fall in love with the way he does simple daily tasks and watch his face scrunch up while he is confused, the way he messes up his hair when he’s nervous, the way his voice raises when he’s excited, and the way that when I say his name to people that they have no idea what each and every syllable means to me. I wanna fall in love with the way I can make his body shake after kinky sex one minute then go to the store and argue about what fruit to buy us, the next. Not only will he be my lover but he will be my best friend. We’ll camp out in sleeping bags in the living room in our first apartment on the first night and stay up all night deciding how we’re going to decorate it and if we should have pizza night on Fridays or Saturdays. We’ll make lists of every dream we’ve ever had and of every travel destination and cross them off as we go along- even if our dreams are not the same or his holds no interest to me, I will be right there as his biggest supporter no matter what. He will never have to worry about me entertaining another man or cheating, he is all I will desire and all my heart will ever need. He will never have to question what I am up to when not with him, it will be simple: netflix, video games, naps, eating, the gym, or work. There will be no shady business, no crazy drunken parties and clubs; just a simple life that I live with him. I promise to never make him an accessory. He will not be in my life to simply take up space because I’m lonely or to prove to others that I’m desirable and worthy of a relationship. No, I will show him off in the way that he is everything I could ever dream of having, that he’s the one who sets my heart on fire, sends shockwaves through my soul, and makes my blood rush through my veins. That he brings out the most, of everything in me, that I would follow him straight into hell just to keep getting my fix. I will do everything in my power to make his dreams come true, no matter how big or small, and I will never be disappointed in him, no matter what, whether he fails or flies in his career and his passions, at least he tried and that’s all I could ever ask of him and know that when he crawls in our bed at night I think he is the still the most amazing man in the world. I will always try my best to have patience with him and I vow to always try my best for him, so as long as he does the same and makes me feel like I matter, and that he sees my worth and appreciates what I do for him when others would have given up, because it’s easy to give up when things get hard. But life is one of the hardest things we will ever do, and life is not perfect but I’ll always remember what matters most and I’ll hold on to it and fight for it; if you got me, I got us. When I finally am his wife and become surprised with an unplanned little one, I will drop that bombshell by giving him two cupcakes, each with the names we love of a boy and girl and toast them to a happy healthy baby before we eat and cry tears of joy. The thought that my children will be half of me and also half of the person I love makes my heart happier than anything possible. When we have children, they will also become the loves of my life but I will not forget who is the most important one; him. He is who my fingers will crave to touch, and who my heart will long for during the day, and who my soul can never get enough of. I will love him not for the way he dances with my angels and makes me happy but for the way the sound of his name alone can silence my demons. He will be my husband, my boyfriend, my best friend, my other half, my person, my ride or die, my soul mate. I’ll love you more than I love myself. I’m going to fall in love with the way your smile dances across your face every time you see me, I’ll fall in love with the way you lose yourself in the things you love, I’ll fall in love with the way your voice fluctuates depending on how you’re feeling, I’ll fall in love with the way you say my name, and I’ll most definitely fall in love with how you view the world. I’ll study everything about you and remember the slightest details about you and your life. You’ll give me a reason to live again and for that alone, thank you I have been waiting for you my whole life.


One Piece Favorites: “Soul King” Brook - New World
“This is the story of a hero,
The story of a man who will become King.
In a war there are no "do-overs”, but he stands firm with the sandals on his bare feet.
Dreamers always struggle because sometimes, their dreams are out of reach.
It’s a big dream that seems like quite a handful, but when he mentioned it…
I could see it coming true.

I would just like to say that Porter Robinson is a huge fan of anime, and him being able to work with an actual anime studio to produce an original music video to a piece of music that he created is the pinnacle of making your dreams come true. I’ve been excited for this music video since its debut, and to hear that it was able to air on national television is so inspiring. I know he’s so happy that his work and production have been so well-received. I look to that as a prime example that you can always dream big because nothing is out of your reach! I’d love to be able to do something equally incredible with dreams of my own, and that’s why I always work hard to do the best I can! 

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Pharrell: So, tell me about your background.

Nigo: I have on older brother and my parents. My brother has a son now. That’s pretty much it for my immediate family.

P: What was your childhood like?

N: Until the first year of junior high I was top of my class. Then, in the summer of my freshman year, I started to get really interested in clothing, so I stopped studying and looked at all the Japanese fashion magazines instead. I got into looking at Levi’s and how different eras had different styles.

P: How did you get so interested in fashion?

N: From fashion magazines and from the clothes I saw people wearing. My freshman year I got into Run-D.M.C., so I bought the Adidas Superstar sneakers and took the laces out.

P: What were your inspirations growing up in Tokyo?

N: I was really into American and European culture. In Tokyo you could by pretty much anything from the West, whether it was records or clothing.

P: Speaking of records, how did you get into music?

N: I started to get into it the same time I started to get into fashion; I started to get into the Beatles when I was in school. In Japan some people get into Western things, and for others it just doesn’t infilitrate at all.

P: How did your clothing label, A Bathing Ape, get started?

N: I had a shop in Harajuku, with all these different kinds of fashion items. From there I started to design my own clothing for the store. That was in ‘93.

P: And what’s the philosophy behind your clothes?

N: It’s just clothing that I’d want to wear, more American than European in style.

P: Well, speaking of America, you just opened you first store there, in New York City’s SoHo.

N: Yeah,I wasn’t sure where to put it at first, but I’m happy with SoHo.

P: What are the differences between Japan and the USA?

N: You know, in America nobody ever used to line up to buy sneakers, but now it’s starting to happen. Both cultures are getting similar in that way.

P: From the times that I’ve gone to Japan, the thing that I noticed is that Japan is made up of connoisseurs who enjoy different cultures. That’s what I found so interesting. Anyway, let’s talk about the expansion of A Bathing Ape from teh clothing label into music, art, cafes, and the hair salon.

N: I was just basically trying to make my life easier-like, whatever I needed in my life, I’d just make. I needed a beauty salon, so I put one in my store.

P: I admire that. What are your interests outside of music and fashion?

N: I’m interested in everything from art to furniture - anything that would be considered lifestyle.

P: What other worlds would you like to conquer?

N: I’d like to build a hotel and to create an amusement park - like building a dentist’s office with a roller coaster on top of it.

P: That would be incredible!

N: I’m into airplanes, too.

P: Yes, we all are. [Nigo laughs] So, the BBC [Billionaire Boys Club, the line designed jointly by Pharrell Williams and Nigo for Reebok], how does it differ from Bathing Ape?

N: Bathing Ape is my thing, and BBC comes from your ideas. It’s a collaboration, so I can make things that I could never make otherwise.

P: Wow, such a compliment.

N: If I hadn’t met you, I would never have done the Ice Cream shoe company [another joint venture between Williams and Nigo for Reebok].

P: That means a lot. What do you feel is the secret of your success?

N: The theme of my life is, “Life is a game.” I’ve never really thought about success, about what I did in the past, or what might happen in the future. I’m just trying to make the moment exactly what I want it to be.

P: What do you want to say to bootleggers?

N: That if you have enough creativity or energy to be a bootlegger, why don’t you just make your own thing? But then it also shows my own status and how successful my line is, because nobody bothers to rip off what you do unless you’ve succeeded.

P: In other words, you’re saying, “Get off my d.ick!” [Nigo laughs] Anyway, man, I just want to say thank you from embracing me and helping to make my dream come true. Every time we make a new shoe, a new shirt, or a pair of jeans, it adds anothe chapter to my dream coming ture. It’s rags to riches. So, is it only going to be the big store here in the USA, or are you going to bring the gallery, the haircuttery, and all those other things here, too?

N: Maybe a cafe, but it might be hard.

P: Any palns on distributing the toys that you make over here or even bringing over the toy store?

N: Well, in the summer I want to try to do something different with the toy stuff, so I might not bring it over here quite yet.

P: You’ve got to make some grown-up-size furry bedroom slippers, like the ones you make for kids.

[Nigo shakes his head “no”]

P: I wear them! [laughs] Because, here’s the thing, I try to find Sponge Bob slippers all the time, and they never make them for grown-ups. I like wearing them around my crib with a girl - if you got them on, it lets her know you got a fun side to you, too. So, do you enjoy being an anonymous figure in Japan, but one with power and respect at the same time?

N: I guess I’ve never really though about it, but it’s a position that hasn’t really existed in the past.

P: I feel the same way. Like, before we had any sort of record sales or clothing sales, we were considered weird. There are definately more people like us, we’re two of a group of individuals who celebrate expression, and people are beginning to appreciate that now. 

-from the June 2005 issue of Interview Magazine

Big Brother: Second Chances

if kassting would come to her senses, then we would have a second chances big brother season too. and if my dreams would ever come true, this would be my dream cast…this list only includes hgs post-allstars and those who only played once and did not win.

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141025 Hoseok's Vlog Eng Trans

25/10, 2014, J-Hope’s vlog. It’s 12.43 in the morning. It’s passed midnight so it’s a new day. Today was our 500th day anniversary. The other members would probably do a vlog about this too but I’ll be sharing my stories as well. It’s already been 500 days. I posted on the fancafe just now but I still can’t believe that it’s already been 500 days. I came to Seoul without knowing anything and just came to the company, continued practicing and lived a survival life for the audition. In the end, I got to debut and now it’s a complete 500 days since the big debut. If you think about it again, it’s still amazing, to be able to go come this far. i’m really happy. Its just like what namjoon had said. During the concert, he asked the fans ‘Are you guys happy? If you’re pleased now, it means you’re happy. If you feel content, it’s happiness’. That was what he had said and I am happy. Truly happy with right now. It feels like I’m living the life. I am happy and I hope the people around me feels the same. It’s passing the 2 minute mark but I’ll still continue with another story.

I am worried these days. It isn’t that much but I’m just wondering what I should do. Rapping and dancing, in the specified parts that I have the skills for, I hope to major it with practice and show a better performance. In that perspective, I’m worried. Recently, though I’m not sure if you’re all anticipating it or not but to be honest, I’m in the middle of making a mixtape. Few tracks are made and I’m still on for more. It’s my first released mixtape and obviously to show profession I am working hard on producing it. What kind of song should I present or what kind of presence should I bring out and what kind of colour should I shine through. I am having such a big dilemma with that. After trying to finish a song, I reject it, feeling that the result is just isn’t it. Because of that, I am constantly sleeping on the work. I don’t know what I should do anymore. I want to release the mixtape as fast as I could for the fans and the people but I’m just feeding on dreams hoping to come true when it’s really just dreams.

Why do I look so fatigued? With my worries on our 500th day anniversary.. and it’s already been 5 minutes since I’ve talked about my thoughts. I will work extra hard. There’s no definite answer without a hard work. I’ll do my best and do the music that I want. Doing it is the answer isn’t it? After this vlog,it’s back to work. Do your best Hope~ You can get through it! Break a leg~ 25/10, 2014, bangtan’s 500th day anniversary vlog, end~ J-Hope’s worries vlog, end~


Happy Birthday to Winner’s Mat hyung, Kim Jinwoo! The last time you celebrated your birthday was the day Team A won their first battle in WIN. Now, a year later, here you are, standing aside the four other members on stage as WINNER. The boy from Imja-do who came to Seoul with big hopes and dreams. The boy who overcame his insecurities and uncertainty of being eliminated and replaced like the others. The boy who worked so hard for 3 years, who could now go back home to his father and say that his dreams has now come true with a big smile. We’ve all seen you shed tears of pain and frustration, but now I hope you can smile, laugh and cry tears of joy because you are deserve so much.


As a FAN of AMERICAN HORROR STORY I have to say THANK YOU STEVIE for give a time of your schedule, to go to a television stage and even when you’re not an actress and I know you were scared as hell of doing this, you learned your lines and gave the best of yourself for this special episode.

As a BIG FAN of MISTY DAY I have to say THANK YOU STEVIE because you decided to sign into the series THAT moment when you realized how much you mean to a character that sees you as her only friend and her HERO; that idolizes you and admire you so much; a character that is only a representation of tons of people that follow your celestial music. You came to make her Dream come true, OUR dream come true.

As a HUGE FAN of LILY RABE I have to say THANK YOU VERY, DEEPLY AND EXTREMELY FREAKIN’ MUCH STEVIE NICKS because I know she was incredibly excited to know you, she fell in love with your music and not only because of her character but because she saw herself in it, because she likes to calm down by playing ’Landslide’ on her guitar, because she knows and sings your songs very well, because she always tried to deny the very possibility of meet you only to not get too sad if that didn’t happen; and when she knew she would know you she felt how her mind just blew up. Thank you for being SO SPECIAL with our LILY, for understanding her, for take some time to be with her and talk, for giving her THAT SPECIAL GIFT you gave her, For talking so SPECIALY SPECIAL about her {what make us love her even MORE}, we all know she lost special people in her life so THANK YOU DEEPLY MUCH for wanting to be THERE for her as we do. I know you said “she’s really brought a lot of my music to a whole other generation… There’s not enough diamonds and pearls in the world that I could give her to show her how much that means to me..” well I say You made one Lily’s dream come true and there’s not enough words, money, diamonds and pearls in the world that I could give you to show you HOW MUCH THAT MEANS TO ME.

Having said this; once again Thank you Stevie.

With Love and gratitude: Me; And By ME I mean The Millions of AHS Coven viewers around the world, all Misty Day’s shippers {dedicated fans} and EVERY single LILY RABE’s FAN.

I got so emotional I started crying.
I watched him grow up from a bullied kid with big dreams trying to prove himself to a beautiful man who made his dreams come true. I watched him grow from a loud messy dork to a wise thoughtful man and I couldn’t be more proud. Minato and Kushina would’ve been very proud of him. And now my little baby has a family of his own. And the even makes me more emotional because he’d be the best dad ever, he would do everything in his powers to keep Bolt and Himawari happy because he doesn’t have that father figure in his life as a child, I think he’ll spoil them with affection and love. He’d never let anyone harm them. And even though Grandpa Minato and Grandma Kushina aren’t around, I’m sure they’re looking down on their grandchildren watching their idiotic beautiful son raise the two most beautiful children.

I’m just gonna go sob in the corner now..

👑 Sweet on fairytale sorority sayings! 👑

Greek life can be a fairytale! Express the MAGIC of your sorority on your big/little crafts, bid day tee shirts, gifts, decorations, banners, publicity and social events. Insert your sorority name in the place of the word ‘sorority’ for even more personalized chapter quotes. Dreams do come true with you join the fairest sorority of them all. xoxo ;)

👑   48 Enchanting Fairytale Sayings for Sorority Crafts & Tees: 👑

  • Once Upon a Time I Went _____
  • She Lives Life in Her Own Little Fairytale
  • Big/Little You Make Me Believe in Fairytales
  • Every Once in a While, in the Middle of an Ordinary Life, _____ Gives Us a Fairytale
  • Kappily Every After
  • Today Was a Fairytale
  • Having You as my Sister is a Fairytale Come True
  • Always Wear Your Invisible Crown
  • _____ Believe in Magic Because We Look For It
  • Sorority Life Itself is a Most Wonderful Fairytale
  • Like Glittering Dust on Fairy Wings, Sorority Dreams are Magical Things
  • Sisters Are the Fairytale of Life
  • Big/Little, We’ve Been Together Since Once Upon a Time, and We’ll Be Together Until Happily Ever After
  • We’re _____, We Believe in the Most Fantastic Things
  • I Wanted the Fairytale. I Went _____
  • _____ Gives Fairytale Endings
  • Come On, Make Your Own Fairytale Come True at _____
  • Making Fairytales Come True Since _____
  • One Life. One Story. Make it a Fairytale. 
  • Let’s Prove That Happy Endings Do Exist
  • Dreams Do Come True
  • The Magic of _____ Never Ends, It’s Greatest Gifts are Sisters and Friends
  • A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes
  • Princess At Heart
  • A True Sisterhood Story Never Ends
  • Live Like There’s No Midnight
  • Find the Key to Your Fairytale
  • A Little Magic Can Take You a Long Way
  • Yes Little, You’re the Fairest of Them All
  • Dont Be Afraid to Sparkle 
  • Once Upon a Time is Here and Now
  • Every Big/Little Story is Beautiful, But Ours is My Favorite
  • _____ Where the Magic Happens 
  • Happily Ever Begins Here  _____
  • Take Me to Neverland
  • _____  Reveal/Bid Day ~ A Storybook Beginning
  • Magic is Something You Make
  • Smile, Breath and Believe in _____
  • May You Touch the Stars and Dance With Fairies
  • All You Need is Faith & Trust and a Little Bit of Pixie Dust
  • Who Needs a Fairy Godmother When You Have a Big?
  • When You Wish Upon a Star, Your Dreams Come True
  • Pink Isn’t Just a Color, It’s an Attitude
  • I’m a Princess Cause My Big is the Queen
  • Only a Princess Little Could Get Away With as Much As I Do
  • _____ Aren’t Made, They’re Born
  • Big/Little, As Soon as I Saw You, I Knew an Adventure Was Going to Happen
  • Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful 

I just saw a letter written to a “group of piercers” online in which the person asked for advice on entering the industry…

They responded by telling the person they’ll be broke, work for free and pretty much be miserable and that they should come to terms with this before they become a piercer.

With absolutely zero respect I would like to label this as the largest pile of dog shit I’ve seen in a long time.  How dare you project your own failures in marketing, money management and/or life on someone who is at the start of a career they could thrive in and love intensely.

This is probably the same person who, when their child asks to learn guitar, tells the child “don’t bother, you’ll probably be shit at it plus we live in a post Napster world where there’s no money in the music industry even for the top 2% of musicians”.

I’m a body piercer… I’m not broke… actually I’m doing just great and that’s probably in part because I’m not part of the group you’re from.

Stay optimistic, follow your dreams, don’t give up for anything and never ever under any circumstances let anyone tell you your dreams aren’t valid.  The possibilities are limitless and I believe that anyone can make any dream come true as long as you put in enough hard work .

Dream big, take no shit and bitch slap often.