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~ Come chill at Minnow resort! ~ 7F00-0068-A004  ꒰♡ˊ͈ ु꒳ ूˋ͈꒱.⑅*♡

Already on summer holidays? Or need a break from exams? Well minnow is a perfect town to visit! Come to the tropical Minnow Resort, where you can relax and enjoy your stay ~ (❁´◡`❁) however.. if you dare go out into the jungle, be careful as there are many magical places around the resort!  So bring your beach gear and lets have some fun!! 

please enjoy yourself i hope ya’ll like it!! if you take pictures and stuff please tag  @redbeanjean or #redbeanjean, either is fine!! i’d love you forever (ꈍᴗꈍ)♡ i hope to see you there~~!

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Sooooo… peeeopleee…
Seems like we can’t escape the endless void of Au and we slipped in another big project that we call “The Marvelous McOxton Brothers” (the Kirin Hanzo au). It’s a story about monster hunters and creatures that walk, in disguise, among humans  👌
We and @airaly decided to open a side blog about it so, if you are in the Au void like us, you’re welcome! ;P

[HERE] is the link to the McOxton sideblog!

The portal

(A/N): I am so mcfucking mad at my tumblr right now 

Request: Weird request, but it came out of a dream. While Banner and Stark are experimenting, they inadvertently open up a portal from our universe (as in ours where they are fictional and everything) causing the reader to fall through and get stuck there. Not a ship (unless you want to) but they probably feel kind of guilty and have to figure out what to do with you since you technically don’t exist there, meaning none of your info exists or belong to someone else like phone number, bank accounts, etc.

Warnings: some swearing

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   Bruce had warned Tony, he knew something bad was going to happen and he didn’t listen and now suddenly there was a bawling kid on their floor, one that had seemingly appeared out of nowhere. 

   Tony had been experimenting with portals to other dimensions and such, Bruce had told him time and time again that it was dangerous but he never listened. He kept on experimenting until he had results, the portal was weak, just barely there but Tony had done it, he had successfully made a portal.

    The trials continued on for months until Tony had a strong enough signal that he could actually walk through the portal and back. The testing continued normally- until today. Today the portal broke down, it released a blinding white light and a horrible sizzling smell and then suddenly (Y/N)- the bawling kid- was on the floor, looking around confusedly. Of course both parties freaked out immediately (aka tony screamed like a little girl while (Y/N) began to cry which they were still doing), (Y/N) had no idea where they were, Bruce and Tony had no idea who or what (Y/N) was or where they came from. And ever since falling through the hole (Y/N) had been crying, sitting on the lab floor and bawling. 

   Tony had tried to comfort them once or twice but it never worked, they’d always cry harder, maybe even lash out. Now it was Bruce’s turn to try.

    “Hey,” Bruce crouches down beside them, trying to be as close a s possible without invading their personal space. His voice was soft, caring, as though he were talking to a injured bird. “I’m Bruce Banner, can you tell me your name?" 

   ”(Y/N),“ (Y/N) sobs softly, their face buried in their hands as tears easiy slide down their cheeks. "M-my name’s (Y/N) (Y/L/N),” Bruce smiles gently, nearly sighing in relief as he does. He was finally getting them to open up, even if it was as something as simple as a name.

    “It’s nice to meet you (Y/N), even under the strange circumstances,” Bruce gives them a gentle smile as they wipe at their nose, sniffling softly. “I’m guessing you’re pretty scared and confused right now, huh?” (Y/N) nods, looking at Bruce like an injured puppy. “Don’t worry,” Bruce reaches out, placing a hand on (Y/N)’s knee, giving it a gentle yet reassuring squeeze. “I promise we’re gonna figure this out,” Bruce smiles at them, his eyes crinkling at the corner.

    “Really?” (Y/N) asks, their voice quivering slightly as they do. 


    It had been two weeks since (Y/N) fell through the portal. At first it had been strange having another person in the tower but everyone quickly adapted and grew to love (Y/N), now it was like no one could even remember a time when (Y/N) wasn’t at the tower.  

   At this point Bruce and Tony were almost reluctant to try and figure out a way to get them home but alas they knew it was the right thing to do. Hours day and night they worked tirelessly in the labs, trying to figure out what they had done wrong, where the portal had broken bu it seemed everytime they searched they just fell further and further away from the answer. Both boys were slowly giving up hope but they couldn’t give up, (Y/N) deserved to be at home with their family and friends, in a familiar world, a world where they actually existed as a person. Or at least that’s what the boys thought (Y/N) would want that’s why when one early morning when (Y/N) came meandering into the lab to tell Bruce and Tony they wanted to stay the boys were more than dumbfounded. 

   "Wait- so you want to stay?” Tony asks, nearly guffawing at the thought.       “(Y/N), technically you don’t even exist here-" 

   "I know,” (Y/N) sighs, hanging their head in shame. “I don’t want to leave though. This place has felt more like home in the last two weeks than any other place back on my home planet,” Bruce can’t help but smile softly, looking to tony with a rather hopeful expression. Everyone loved having (Y/N) at the tower, it wouldn’t hurt anyone to let them stay. “If it’s not too much trouble or anything-” (Y/N) adds quietly, staring at the floor rather intently. 

   "No, it’s not too much trouble,“ Bruce chimes in, looking at (Y/N) seriously. "And citizenship is no problem, Nat’s created thousands of fake identities, It wouldn’t be hard to make one for you,”

    “What about bank accounts? Doctors visits? Personal security?" 

   "I’m Sure fury wouldn’t mind helping,” Bruce smiles, looking at Tony hopefully. “Plus, he’s always looking for new recruits,” Tony nods, pursing his lips in thought. Finally he smiles widely, nodding rather excitedly.

    “We can work this out- we can create accounts-" 

   "Fake records-” Bruce adds in, nodding as well. “I know some of the worlds most elite hackers, making you citizen should be a piece if cake,” (Y/N) smiles widely as they rush forward, hugging both boys tightly. 

   "Thank you so much!“ (Y/N) presses a kiss to their cheeks, smiling so damn wide they were surprised they didn’t shatter their mouth. "You guys are the best!” Both boys wrapped an arm around (Y/N) smiling widely themselves. Well- maybe the portal had been such a fucked up idea after all… 

 ~Extended Ending~ 

   "(Y/N)-“ Tony called out in a singsongish tone, smiling So widely it hurt his mouth. "I have something for you,” (Y/N), who was reading on their couch about WWII and red skull, hydra and such things, perked up, looking at Tony with a curious expression.

    “What?” Tony skips over to the couch, a document clasped behind his back. He was so excited he was nearly trembling with delight as he handed the piece of paper to (Y/N), expectantly waiting for their reaction. 

   "Congratulations (Y/N),“ Tony smiles as they gasp, covering their mouth with a hand. "You’re officially a citizen of this world,”


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misfits-den  asked:

Feel free to ignore this: Tony, Thor and Bruce for #2 and #3 (or B and C). I know it's two prompts, so do just one if you want, I just have a feeling those quotes may make a funny scene together

Haha I imagine Thor and Bruce returning from gallivanting around on Asgard in Thor: Ragnarok with tons of funny battle stories and Tony’s just like “WTF?”


Inception/Avengers crossover

“Seriously, I’m not Bruce Banner!” raged Arthur looking down at his purple shirt. “I’m not a mild mannered scientist by day and a green monster by night.”

Eames grinned widely, “Darling, you know how you get angry? You might want to be more zen while we’re dreaming today! I wouldn’t want to see you turn into  the Hulk.”

Arthur tried to breathe calmly even though he’s getting more frustrated by the moment. He can’t turn into the Incredible Hulk. Not when Eames is a hot, eccentric, billionaire playboy running Stark Industries. Also not when….

“Cobb! You are not Captain America. Wake up right now. I know this is your dream.” 

Arthur pushed Cobb against the counter, hoping that he doesn’t change into the Incredible Hulk before waking up Cobb.

Eames leaned against the opposite counter eating blueberries. “Pet, before you kill Cobb and waking us up, please turn into a raging hulk monster. I want to see you split open your clothes in a murderous rampage.”

Arthur turned his head to glare at Eames. He could feel his temper flaring up and his skin was starting to turn slightly green… oh my god… 

Wake up now, Cobb!