Sector 4: A settlement on a lonely sea rock » 6C00-0055-141E (wip)

Six months ago, a war vessel of the Holy Empire was destroyed en route, and all surviving soldiers took shelter on a sea rock. When the Holy Emperor received word of this, he decreed that the rock should be colonised by his subjects, so that it may forever light the way for the Holy Empire’s seabound vessels. Travellers beware: the Empire does not take kindly to outsiders and dissidents. You would be wise to disguise yourself, lest you draw the attention of the Eye.


Kodama | 5F00-000F-7BCA | 🌙🔮🌲

my spirit forest is mostly complete! just need to move a few more things around in the save editor, redecorate villager homes, etc. my let’s play series of this town will end this Saturday, but I’ll continue to post dream town tours every week and other new, fun Nintendo games!

please visit and tag me if you do! I’ve had so much fun building this town! (ôヮô)