dream activism

I am making all sorts of mistakes
for example
packing flesh like clay onto the skeletons of dreams
the fuller and more beautiful they are
the more painful it is
to remember that they are sculptures just the same
and that they will remain so
whether I carve prints into their fingers
or if I pop eyes into their heads
or tongues behind their lips
and that if they start to speak I am talking to myself
will someone please come teach me
how to build my desires into living functional bodies
so I can avoid growing any more attached
to all these fantasies turned mannequins
—  A.O.A.M. || Mannequins 

Sunfair // 7900 - 6760 - 5972

If you’ve been following me for a while you’d know that I resetted this town multiple times. Now that I can hack I’ve had the chance to do whatever I wanted with it so I can finally say that I’m 100% happy with it.

Sunfair is a small seaside town where everyone is very cheerful and it’s sunny most of the time  ✿ ✿ ✿ 

If you visit and take piectures please tag them as “mooncakecrossing”!

Interpreting Dreams by Activating the Third Eye

What we see while in our dream state in higher consciousness, often tend to be forgotten once focus returns to physical awakening. Everything you see is a message from your consciousness, and the key is to figure out how to decipher the message as it applies in the context given on a particular day.

Activating the Third Eye – Visualizing Colours

Let us begin with Lesson 1

Colors are very important as they are frequencies, bearing tones and overtones.


Find a quiet place free of distractions.

Get comfortable

Close your eyes.

Relax your mind and body.

Focus on your breathing.

Inhale slowly and deeply through your nose.

Retain the breath as long as is comfortable.

Exhale through the mouth slowly and completely.

Repeat for two more breaths … or as is comfortable.

Focus your mind to ‘view’ a screen just behind your forehead. Try this several times, for concentration. Your third eye will begin to open. One can begin by seeking a color today - any color. You may initially see 'black’ - but be patient. Keep watching the screen.

A color will manifest. It is often purple or indigo - the color of the third eye chakra.

Once you have experienced the color - stop for now.

Check out the meaning of the color. Try to connect something in your life with that color frequency.

By K.Nagori

So I have learned that migraines ain’t nothing to fuck with. Yesterday, I had to leave work after the pain made me violently ill. & I basically spent most of today suffering until my RA doc sent me to the ER. Apparently, developing migraines in your 30s is a concern so I wound up getting a CT (it’s clear, I’m just a confusion).

So my last couple of days have been super fun.

The checklist

Some advice I give when I teach deduction, is to ask yourself questions about the person or place you deduce. The answer I usually get back is “I do not know what questions I should ask myself?”, So I made a list of questions to ask yourself about a person. This list should be memorized if the reader wants simple questions to ask.

Dominant hand and personality comes first although personality according to many is a difficult deduction. This is because they’re building blocks for the later deductions. One might be need to know the dominant hand to properly deduce if the person is playing an instrument! Personality may be needed to figure out the person’s relationship with their family. Health and economical status is also building blocks for the later deductions. Here is the checklist.

  • Physical attributes.
  • Dominant hand.
  • Personality.
  • Physical and mental health.
  • Economical status.
  • Relationships.
  • Family.
  • Animals.
  • Education.
  • Occupation.
  • Background.
  • Hobbies.
  • Political views.
  • Past activities.
  • Dreams.
  • Musical taste.
  • Religion and ideologies.
  • Food and diets.
  • Musical instruments.
  • Sports.
  • Home.
  • Transportation.
  • Abroad.

There’s the checklist. Some of these items may be difficult to interpret, so that’s why I’ll explain what each item means.

  • “Physical attributes” means that you should observe the whole person then deduce, however, if you do not have a person to observe, you can observe the site you are on and come up with the probable physical attributes for the owner of that place.
  • “Dominant hand” means that you must deduce which of hands the person use the most.
  • “Personality” means simply that you should deduce the personality.
  • “Physical and mental health” means that you should find out whether the person has a disease, be it physical or psychological, or if the person just have a generally good health.
  • “Economical status” is how much money the person has access to.
  • “Relationships”, do the person have a partner or not? Does he have many friends and so on.
  • “Family” is the person in question only child, first born, middle born or last born? And, does the person have a close relationship to his family?
  • “Animals” means that you should deduce if the person owns a pet, and if so, which. You should also deduce if the person wants a pet and what it would be.
  • “Education” is simply what education the person has.
  • “Occupation” is what they do in the daytime.
  • “Background”, do they come from a wealthy family, a poor family and how has their childhood been?
  • “Hobbies” means that you should deduce their hobbies.
  • “Political views”, what would they vote for if they got the chance the day you see them?
  • “Past activities”, have they done something special before you see them, and if so, what?
  • “Dreams” means that you should deduce what they dream of or what they want to achieve.
  • “Musical taste”, what music do they listen to?
  • “Religion and ideologies”, do they believe in anything unexplainable?
  • “Food and diets”, deduce if they are vegetarians, vegans, or if they go on any diet.
  • “Musical instruments”, do they play an instrument or sing?
  • “Sports”, deduce if they train their body and if they play any sports and if so what sport?
  • “Home” does this person live in a big city or a small? Is the home an apartment or house?
  • “Transportation” driving license, aircraft license or something else? What vehicle do they own?
  • “Abroad”, they have been abroad recently, and where have they been? Where have they been in their life?

Try to memorize the checklist, it is incredibly useful.

And with that, I’ll see you my irregulars.

Clico Headcanons

Clovis x Nico in Blood of Olympus:

“Clovis’s eyes fluttered open. He turned and stared at Nico, though Nico knew this was simply part of Clovis’s own dreamscape. The actual Clovis would still be snoring in his armchair back at camp.

‘Oh, hi …’ Clovis yawned wide enough to swallow a minor god. ‘Sorry. Did I pull you off course again?’

Nico gritted his teeth. There was no point getting upset. The Hypnos cabin was like Grand Central Station for dream activity. You couldn’t travel anywhere without going through it once in a while.

‘As long as I’m here,’ Nico said, ‘pass along a message. Tell Chiron I’m on my way with a couple of friends. We’re bringing the Athena Parthenos.”

Because of these two lines in bold, we can assume Nico and Clovis have met a number of times before, and if you read the rest of this passage from Blood of Olympus, you’ll find their interactions to be almost friendly, which is saying a lot when it comes to Nico’s character at the time.

Clovis is a pretty chill dude, and I can’t help but feel like Nico would be drawn to someone with a relaxed vibe, someone he could be himself around. I’ve come up with a few headcanons about their relationship because I just find them so adorable together:

  • Nico and Clovis going to sleep in separate cabins, only to wake up again in each other’s dream to go on a date.
  • Clovis falling asleep so much it’s become the norm to see Nico carrying him around camp Bridal style.
  • Clovis always carrying a flask of warm milk because he knows Nico loves it.
  • Clovis helping Nico with his nightmares is hard at first. Clovis cant take them away, but he can see what Nico sees and it frightens him haft to death. Nico tries to block him after that, but Clovis can easily break through. They both just stand and watch, holding hands.
  • They normally hang out in the Hypnos cabin, with the soft-as-clouds pillows and endless supply of hot chocolate, but they also spend time in the Hades cabin as well.
  • Clovis offers to help Nico with his memory loss from his childhood in Italy, but Nico refuses saying he’d rather get them back when the time is right. His father had promised after all. 
  • Nico actually meets Hypnos before Clovis, since Hypnos lives in the underworld. He’s a very secluded God, and doesn’t take an active role in anything going on on Olympus. He doesn’t even know who Nico is, though he can sense his death aura.
  • Clovis secretly feels guilty about not doing more in the battle with Gaea, he feels like he could’ve been able to keep her asleep if he was more powerful. Nico sees it in a nightmare, and tells Clovis that it’s stupid to think that way, especially since it would go against the prophecy of the seven.
  • Nico calls Clovis ‘sleepy head’ which makes Clovis very happy. Clovis calls Nico his ‘dream boy’ because it makes him turn an alarming shade of red. Clovis finds this hilarious.
  • They don’t ever cuddle, mainly because they sleep in different buildings, but also because Nico isn’t ready for a relationships like that yet. Clovis is fine with that, having an army of stuffed toys to cuddle with already.

This is like,,,,, my new favorite ship because it’s so Soft™ and Pure™, so please feel free to add your own headcanons, or come and talk to me about them in my inbox because I will love you forever <3

Things I want to do with Her

1. Go and have ice cream. Doesn’t even need to be sunny out!🍦
2. Dance in the rain☔️☁️
3. Kiss under fireworks they have every few weeks in the summer.
4. Have an actual old school date where you dress nice and get picked up.💘
5. Have a picnic.
6. Go walk by the water in the village.
7. Go back to the park where she first held my hand.
8. Go for a drive downtown, park somewhere on the way home and makeout.
9. Watch a sunrise and a sunset together.🌄🌅
10. Find a series of random little cafes and try them out.☕️
11. Have a beer on a rooftop terrasse.🍻🍺
12. Go to a bar, pretend we don’t know each other and flirt the crap out of both of us.🍸
13. Have a photoshoot. 📷
14. Go to MTL pride ❤️💛💚💙💜
15. Graduate and have her there for me.
16. Get an equality tattoo.
17. Go to the beach and have a few drinks and tan.🏊🏼☀️🍹
18. Have camp fire outside in blankets with marshmallows and sausages.🔥
19. Fuck I hate running but I want to do the Color Run.🏃🏼
20. Explore something abandoned.
21. Go on a vacation somewhere warm, then on a vacation to a big city.
22. Pick wild flowers to give her as a bouquet.🌹🌷💐
23. Meet everyone she cares about.
24. Go on an epic shopping spree!
25. Go camping :).
26. Kiss her somewhere epic and memorable.
27. Prank the shit out of our old asshole boss.
28. Go to IKEA and dream about the perfect home.🏡
29. Spend a day at the zoo and/or the aquarium. Cuz it was awesome when we were 5 and we could make it awesome again.🐠🐴🐨
30. Go to a concert.🎤🎶
31. Go to a museum.
32. Build a snow fort. Then snowball fight.❄️❄️
33. Stargazinggg🔭
34. Quit smoking one day🚬
35. Be rich👜💸💰
And many more.


MC: You personally sang an OST [for your drama].  How was that?

Park Bo Gum: It’s fascinating to me even now.  When I search my name, the album cover comes up, which makes me really happy.  For a long time, it was something I had wanted to do, and finally, my wish has come true.

MC: Weren’t you preparing to be an idol in the past?

Park Bo Gum: I dreamed of being active as a singer before my debut, so I auditioned.  I like music so much.  However, there are a lot of people who are misinformed. I’ve never been a trainee.  I never lived as a trainee.

planetary aspect sleep sachet

a blend of herbs and gemstones for swift sleep and sweet dreams

I have an incredibly active dream life; sometimes my dreams are so lengthy and elaborate I wake up the next day completely drained and unable to keep my mind off the events of the previous night. I made this sachet to protect myself from the exhausting nightmarish parts of the dreams without losing the insight they’ve been giving me into my subconscious.

To figure out the ingredients I needed, I’ve been keeping track of which planets/planetary aspects give me the wildest dreams and chose some of their associated herbs and gemstones. If you’d like to make your own, you can replicate my ingredients, sub in your own for the same planets, or even figure out which planets are most affecting your dream life!

What You’ll Need:

  • Lemon balm for emotional balance, sound sleep, and the Moon
  • Thyme for courage, preventing nightmares, and Mars
  • Cloves for protection, psychic enhancement, and Uranus
  • Smoky quartz for protection, peaceful sleep, and Pluto
  • Lavender for restful sleep and calming dreams
  • Chamomile for restful sleep and prophetic dreams
  • Rosemary for remembering dreams
  • Amethyst for banishing nightmares, vivid dreams, and Neptune
  • Sandalwood to seal it all together
  • A sachet or a little bag to put everything in


Light some incense, a candle, or do anything you like to do to start off your spellwork. Add each of your ingredients to the sachet. As you add each ingredient, declare its intended use for your spell. When you’ve added everything, leave your sachet to charge in the moonlight, starlight, by a candle, or anywhere else you like to charge your magickal objects. Once it’s charged (overnight, a few hours, again - your preference) put it under your pillow and let the planets sing you to sleep.

I wonder if Beckendorf had lived, what kind of role model he might have been to Leo. Because I know we saw so little of Charles but what we did see was him putting the greater good above himself without hesitation and I can’t help but think having a brother like that might have impacted Leo in some way.